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War and Peace

War and Peace

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Published by Me

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Published by: Me on Dec 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4 out of 5children die of malnutrition
2 in 3 people are affected by wars
95% of all these people are either homeless, refugees, or are orphansWe need world peace. Conflicts are never peaceful; neither are theimpacts they cause to society.War injures humanity not only by physical affliction but also by financialinstability. War causes a major loss in money to provide for weaponry,shelter and medicinal equipment. The UN states, that a neighbour of anycountry at war should open their borders to let in refugees or victims of war. However, this could affect the economical development of the saidcountry, as the country has to provide medicine, shelter and food for theserefugees. This uses a large amount of their economy of the country; thiscould reduce or even stop the development of the said county.Furthermore, when a less economically developed country is beingbombarded by these immigrants, they can never escape the economicloop of being a poor nation; a relapse no country is willing to experience.World peace should be attained for the well-being and survival of mankind.I believe that one in five wars is a direct result of corrupt leaders, for example, most of the eastern countries like Egypt, Libya and Syria. Out of 22 Arab Countries, five have had uprisings, one has had major clashesfollowed by a severe and ongoing conflict, where as others have had smallencounters with their rulers and been successful in overthrowing their dictators. Whilst the citizens of the country are rebelling against their socalled ‘leaders’, they are just trying to get their voices heard. Throughoutthis year despite all the corruptions only two countries have got rid of their leaders: Egypt and Tunisia. Other leaders, regardless of the rebelling andthe media interference, are still in control of their country. War comesdown to the decisions of superiors or rulers, members of the government.It comes down to that one person that causes all this suffering, corruptionand injustice.Is war a necessary evil? In a perfect world, there would be no war. So whyit is that war occurs? No one wins in war because the results are catastrophic.There are many reasons why war occurs in many places. of the world theymay be all suffering from injustice or discrimination, they could be either dueto:-Religious differences-Society disagreements-Racism-Revenge-Inequality in societies-For land useThere are endless amounts of reasons why wars occur but all of them haveno result other than death, suffering, and grieving. Through this blindness how

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