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Contoh Modul LKS IPA

Contoh Modul LKS IPA

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Published by asep_mulyana_4

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Published by: asep_mulyana_4 on Dec 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Work is done whenever a force makes something move. The greater the force and the greater thedistance moved, the more work is done.Common characteristics:Force is exerted on the objectMotion is the direction of the forceA woman is pushingthe trolleyA fisherman is pullingthe boatA farmer is lifting up asack of riceThe rocketsengine producesan upward thrust.
DefineWorkWork done is the product of an appliedforce and the displacement of an object inthe direction of the applied force
W = Fs
W = work, F = the forces = the displacementThe SI unit of work is the joule, J1 joule of work is done when a force of 1 Nmoves an object 1 m in the direction of theforce
Calculation of WorkThe displacement, s of the object is in the direction of the force, FThe displacement , s of the object isnot in the direction of the force, FW = FsW = F s
W = (F cos θ) s
Example 1A boy pushing his bicycle witha force of 25 N through adistance of 3 m. Calculate thework done by the boy.Example 2A girl is lifting up a 3 kg flowerpot steadily to a height of 0.4 m.What is the work done by thegirl?Example 3A man is pulling a crate of fish alongthe floor with a force of 40 N througha distance of 6 m. What is the workdone in pulling the crate?Example 4A workman is pushing up a load onto a lorry using asmooth inclined plane at an angle of 30°with the ground.The height of the inclined plane from the ground is 1.5 m.How much work is being done by the man?No work is done when:The object is stationaryA student carrying his bagwhile waiting at the bus stopThe direction of motion of theobject is perpendicular to that ofthe applied force.A waiter is carrying a tray offood and walkingNo force is applied on theobject in the direction ofdisplacement (the objectmoves because of its owninertia)A satellite orbiting in space.There is no friction in space.No force is acting in thedirection of movement of thesatellite.
Mastery Questions 11. How much work is done by the force F = 80 N?2. Ali pushes a big rock by applying a force of 200 N.How much work has he done?3. A man is pulling up a load using an inclined plane. The height ofthe inclined plane is 80 cm. How much is being done the man tolift the load?4. How much work is done by Raju to lift the load through thedisplacement of 4 m?5. A force of F = 25 N is used to lift a bag. Encik Rahim walks adistance of 20 m holding the bag. How much work is being doneby Encik Rahim? Explain your answer.
1. Choose the figure which shows the man doing the maximum work.

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