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The Christ

The Christ

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Dec 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE MENTAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THELORD JESUS CHRIST." The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ,the Son of God," are the words with which St.Mark opens the book in which he gives us hismemoir of the Saviour. On each page of eachseparate Gospel there rests the glory of the Divinemajesty of Christ. It is not that the Evangelists,with the exception perhaps of St. John, wrotewith the express design of showing that Jesus of Nazareth was indeed the Son of God, but that theDivine effulgence of the Godhead is ever piercingthrough the veil of the humanity which Christhad adopted. There is scarcely a recorded actionof the Lord, which, all unconsciously as it were,is not impressed with the divinity which dweltwithin Him. Formal proof, indeed, of Christ'seternal Godhead is there. It can be gathered\ '2 MENTAL CHARACTERISTICS OF CHRIST.from the pages of the Synoptists with as cleardistinctness as from the words of St. John, orfrom the utterances of the Apostles in theirepistles. But it is not the formal proof whichcarries conviction home to the heart of the reader.It is the unconscious testimony which carries thegreater weight. It is that the portrait presentedis greater, nobler, more divine, than that of anymortal man could be. Plato has swayed theworld of thought more than any other man, unless
it be his rival Aristotle ; but there is nothingsuperhuman in the writings of Plato, nor isSocrates presented to us in a godlike form.Mohammed stands almost alone in the powerwhich a man has exercised over the religiousconvictions of the world ; but there is nothingdivine about the prophet of Arabia. He whomore than others approaches to Christ in hisdevotion and self-sacrifice, and who, like Christ,appeals to our affections as none other ever hasdone, is Gautama, the founder of Buddhism ; buteven the Buddha, incarnation of Deity as hisfollowers regard him, has not the stamp of divinityabout him which rests upon the brow of Christ.The Lord Jesus Christ stands alone. He isunique in history. No one can be compared toHim. The very sceptics veil their faces before aTHE CHRIST. 3Divine glory, which, while they refuse to recognise,they cannot prevent themselves from feeling.It is on the Godhead of Christ that Christianityrests as on its sure foundation. Not because Heis the greatest Teacher the world has ever heard ;not because Pie was inspired with an " enthusiasmof humanity " which no other had ever felt ; norbecause He propounded a system of morals suchas before Him men had never dreamed of; notbecause He showed an utter devotion such asnever has been paralleled ; not because Hecounted not His life dear to Him, and in Hisself-sacrificing love offered it freely for mankind ;not for reasons such as these, noble though theybe, has the doctrine of Christ become the religionof the world ; but because, as the Son of God, Heis " God of God, Light of Light, very God of veryGod," have churches been built to His praise, and
cathedrals been reared to His honour, and do wethis day call ourselves Christians.It is not on the Divine nature of Christ thatour attention is to be fixed ; it is not with theglory of the eternal Godhead that our thoughtsare to be occupied. The subject of these Essaysis the Human Nature of the Son of Man. Weare to look upon the Christ who emptied Himself of His glory, and took upon Him the form of a4 MENTAL CHARACTERISTICS OF CHRIST.servant, and was found in fashion as a man. andhumbled Himself, becoming obedient unto death,even the death of the cross ; but whom, for Hisvery humility, God hath highly exalted, and givenunto Him a name which is above every name,that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,of things in heaven, and things on earth, andthings under the earth, and that every tongueshould confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to theglory of God the Father. As before Him angelsveil their faces, as before His throne saints casttheir crowns in lowly adoration, so in profoundesthumility would we exalt and worship Him who isabove all thrones, and principalities, and powers,ere we venture to turn our gaze upon the otheraspect of our dear Saviour, and contemplate Himin the form which for our sake He was willing tobecome — the Man Christ Jesus.The divinity of Christ is all important to thebeliever ; but the humanity of Christ is, if possible,even more precious. Because Christ is God, wecan rely upon His power ; because Christ is man,we can rest upon His sympathy. None but theLord Jesus Christ — the Son of God — could havemade the atonement for man's sin ; the Son of God alone could by His one oblation of Himself 

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