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Stanfill Family Newsletter 2011

Stanfill Family Newsletter 2011

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Published by: Vanessa Ann Stanfill on Dec 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Philosophical f/Stop
Stanfill Family Newsletter 2011******
As the end of 2011 approaches, our house overflows with a happy squealing children, songs of  joy, tasty treats, and dear friends and family. Here's what's new in the Stanfill Family!Early on this year, Michael made a mad career leap of faith and became a Corporate Auditor at Vectren. Now we have books like"Accounting for Regulated Utilities" strewn about the house, which mixedin with the Cognitive Engineering textbooks required for his master'sdegree makes him look very, very smart. Which he is. And hardworking,too, holding down a full time job, managing a very busy side business in photography, organizing conferences and activities for our Stake youth,finishing a degree, and keeping track of a houseful of hooligans at home.Even with numerous minor calamities over the course of the year, includingreplacing our entire heating and air conditioning system and buying a newcar, he provides for our family very well and we always have sufficient for our needs and even a few wants besides.Meanwhile, I'm living the high life goofing off with the hooligans here athome. Jed, now a tall, lanky 4 years old, has learned to read, ride a bike,and put his head under water at the swimming pool. He follows in hisdaddy's footsteps and has become quite the insatiable little artist, fillingevery surface in our home with pictures and contraptions of everyimaginable variety, all of which he comes up with on his own. A fewweeks ago, he emerged from his daily "quiet time" with a handmadeviolin, most astonishingly constructed from an egg carton, tape, markers,and a sock (sacrificed, he assured me, to the worthy cause of fine art.)But don't worry, he's also a real Hoosier man-child and relishes vehiclesof all sorts (he can pick out a Chevy from a mile away), heavymachinery, meat, and monster trucks. He sings off key but with gusto.He's also quite the ladies man, with a string of young girlies over the course of the year with whom heholds hands, exchanges languishing, meaningful glances, bestows handmade cards and gifts, andhovers protectively over at all social occasions. And here I thought I'd have another 12 years before Icaught my son hiding with a girl, canoodling in the corner. Should have known better when I married aStanfill Man--Jed is definitely heir to the lady-killer heritage.Zoe turned two in July and she's a real humdinger. Stubborn, sweet, cute as a bug's ear, andsmart as a whip, she owns the universe and she knows it. We spent much of the long, hot summer atthe pool, and she keeps up with her brother handily--I just have to keep an eye out for her launchingherself, giggling and spread-eagled, into the deep end even when no one is watching. That pretty muchsums up her philosophy in life. Late this year, she finally started talking more than a few demandingwords, and it is a hoot hearing what's going on in that little head of hers. She wraps up her babiescarefully and rocks them gently in her arms. Every time musiccomes on, even during a commercial or at the grocery store,she launches into a seductive little be-donk-a-donk shimmy.She sleeps buried under a mountain of animals and dollies that protect her from "der buggies." Her feet are bigger than manygirls twice her age. She sings sweetly and, surprisingly, righton key. At this very moment, she gently coos "Away in der mahnger, no kib for da bed! Da little boy Je-hus way downhis sweet head!" She has wrapped all related men around both

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