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Red Dawn McCain Stabs Palin in the Back

Red Dawn McCain Stabs Palin in the Back

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Published by Jack and friend

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Published by: Jack and friend on Nov 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Red Dawn
: McCain Stabs Palin in the Back
A number of McCain's top cohorts are pro-Obama communistinfiltrators. (They will be named after the election.) Those traitorshave advised McCain to adopt all sorts of stupid tactics which willcause him to lose. For example, he vetoed any Swift Boat’ typerevelations about Obama. He refused to discuss Obama's lack ofcitizenship, and he let his handlers sabotage VP candidate Palin. When
McCain's insiders decided to bring in Palin as VP candidate, they wereconfident that she would be the coffin nail in McCain's campaign. Theywere then shocked at how well she was received. Her beauty, presence,charisma, and speaking skills far eclipsed those of Obama or McCain.McCain insiders realized that properly handled, she could have won theelection single-handedly. Such an option was against their self-defeating plan. They decided to make Palin into an object of ridicule inthe hope that she would be forever nullified. Instead of seasoning herwith several positive or right wing interviews, they decided to throwher to the Marxist running dog Katie Couric, without any training orpre-interview briefing. They allowed Couric to tape the interview sothat she could edit it into a smear of Palin. The interview should havebeen live, but instead they let Couric maul Palin. Afterwards, instead ofaccusing Couric of her very real bias, while simultaneously sending Palinto a number of pro-Palin interviewers to strengthen Palin's confidence,while hacking away at media pro-communist bigotry, they did nothing.For a week the leftist media paraded Palin's humiliation by Couric, and
the McCain insiders left her hanging in the wind. The traitors insideMcCain's HQ made sure no competing tapes of Palin being interviewedfairly were allowed to surface. In that way McCain and his leftistRepublican cronies were able to start Palin off in the hole. She had torally on her own. Because of her courage she has become stronger. Yetthe McCain handlers have constantly refused to let her "take thegloves off" in attacking Obama. She has been repeatedly sabotagedbecause the game is fixed; a fixed election to bring in a communistpresident. It’s been done so many times before in other countries.My own 19 year old nephew predicted it when McCain, the back-stabber, was put up for President. Genius is not required to predictgangster democrat behavior, only a clear mind is required.The election has been lost not because Obama has been superioror ran a legal campaign. His front group Accorn bought votes, inflatedvoter registration rolls with people who were not registered, andcommitted a number of serious felonies on a massive scale. They willnever be punished for their crimes either. The whole objective was to

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