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Success Your Birthday Right Part 1

Success Your Birthday Right Part 1

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Published by: Adetokunbo David Odunaiya on Nov 01, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligentlyunto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do all  his commandments which I command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will SET THEE ON HIGH ABOVE ALL nations of the earth:
The LORD shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and  thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.
 And the LORD shall MAKE THEE THE HEAD, and not the tail; and thou shalt be ABOVE ONLY, and thou shalt not be beneath…” 
 Deut 28:1; 12-13
By destiny you have been created as a creature of success. God’s plan foryour life is nothing short of outstanding success. To die a failure is to bea
disappointment to destiny.
God created you and loaded you with enough potential to accomplishoutstanding feats on the earth. Your past may be a catalogue of failures, but thetruth is that, many of the successful people that ever walked the surface of thisearth , were men who had a large part of their past plagued with all sortsof failures. Men like Abraham Lincoln; Thomas Edison; Major Sanders (KFC); just to mention a few. It was their thirst for success that kept them going on inspite of being confronted by the
After Thomas Edison’s 700th failed experiment while trying to invent theelectric bulb. He was asked about his failed attempts. He had this to say.
“I have not
 failed, I have only just discovered 700 ways by which the bulb cannotwork”.
It was this conquerors mentality that gave Edison a breakthrough on his10,000th attempt. Today we have the electric bulb, because a man refused togive up, and decided to live his destiny in spite of all obstacles.
My friend, failure is not a destination; rather it is a state of mind. No man wasborn to fail. Every failure today, chose to be one of his own accord. Not evenyour past or background is powerful enough to make you a failure.
 Going back to the opening scripture, it is so clear that God has no place for youat the bottom of the ladder. He says that if you will walk in obedience toHis word, He will personally place you on top. You will not need to struggle orlobby around any man. God Himself will lift you above the nations. Hewill make you an enviable personality on the earth. He will make you
 a sign and a wonder
to your generation.
God’s desire to see you succeed in life is far stronger than your own desire tosucceed. Success is not something that God expects you to struggle to obtain.Success is your birthright as a child of God!
A puppy does not need to struggle in order to bark, it is its heritage. It is part of its nature. Just as it is natural for a dog to bark without any form of struggle, solikewise God has programmed success to be with you. Success is God’s nature,He cannot fail. And neither can you if you embrace His law – His word.
Let’s take a look at this profound statement from the mouth of Jesus our brotherand Lord: “
Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill  cannot be hid “-
Mathew 5:14.
This scriptures means, that you have been created to be a
to yourgeneration. You have been destined to outshine your contemporaries in everyendeavours of life. The kind of success that God has ordained for you cannot gounnoticed – “…
 cannot be hid” 
It is the kind of success that makes you stand outof the crowd.
No devil can hinder your success. You are only one who can hinder yoursuccess. Satan is too small to stop you. If he couldn’t stop Jesus, then he cannotstop you
 Because greater is He that is you than he (the devil) that is the world  – 1 John 4:4
No Man Succeeds By Accident”
Just like you don’t find gold on the streets, you cannot just wake up intosuccess. Succeed requires that you take conscious and practical steps.
Every genuine successful man today, had to do something to be where he istoday. Although I like to strike a balance here, that the GRACE OF GOD is themajor ingredient of every kingdom success. But it is your “doing something”
that makes that
produce in your life. The grace Of God is not for lazypeople.
In God’s agenda for your life, you are not even permitted to be a middle classcitizen of the earth.
You cannot be a child of the most High God, and be the most low personality on the earth”.
When you ask people how they are doing, they respond by saying, “we aresurviving” or “we are managing”. God did not create you to be a manager or asurvivor. You were created to rule – dominate and subdue - the earth. You wereborn to possess the wealth of the earth. You were not born to be avictim of circumstances, neither were you born to be a loser. God’s will for youis to be a winner all the time!
“Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us toTRIUMPH Christ , and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place”-
 2 Cor 2:14.
You were created to win always and in every place, in spite of the devil!

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