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Cooking 1

Cooking 1



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Published by thegreatman

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Published by: thegreatman on Nov 02, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cooking for consciousness
 A Book Book 
spiritually minded vegetarians
Recipe creation and testing: joy McClure Written by Kendall Layne, with some help from jody Wright and joy McClure illustrated byAndrea Carmen Lay-out and production by jody Wright Edited by Kendall LayneAnanda Marga Publications 854 Pearl Street Denver, CO 80203 U. S. A.The entire humankind of this universe constitutes one singular people. The whole humanity is bound in fraternity. Those who are aptto remain oblivious of this very simple truth ... those who are apt to distort it ... are the deadliest enemies of humanity. Today'shumanity should identify these foes fully well and build up a healthy human society totally neglecting all obstacles and difficulties.It must be borne in mind that so long as a magnificent, healthy and universalistic human society is not well established, humanity'sentire culture and civilization, our sacrifice, service and spiritual endeavor (sadhana) shall not be able to carry any worth whatsoever.Shrii Shrii AnandamurtiJoy McClure and Kendall Layne, 1976. All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. With theexception of brief excerpts contained in reviews, parts of this book can be reproduced only with the prior written consent of the author or publisher.Fourth printing: 5000 copiesPrinted in the United States of America.ISBN 0-88476-008-1Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 76-12831Those interested in learning more about Ananda Marga, its service work or meditation teachings may contact Ananda Marga, 854Pearl Street, Denver, Colorado 80203, U.S.A.2page2b.tif-a,b,c
Table of Contents
This book is the result of a team effort. You can help us in our constant attempts to improve the book by sending us your feedback. Mail may be sent in care of the publisher.We also want to express our heartfelt appreciation of the many people who have already contributed in some way to the production of Cooking for Consciousness.
Special thanks to:Anneshvari (Andrea Carmen), who used her creative talent to illustrate this book;lody Wright (Devi Nistha), our second wind, for super-human efforts, including taking responsibility for the layout and production;Laurie Ann Raspberry (Syama), for the inspiration and the long hours at the layout table, which made it possible to meet our deadline;Terry Twombly, who helped us with typing, recipe testing and moral support during the middle years of the project;Michael Beeson, who prodded us along in the beginning and helped write it section or two;Our son Joshua, for being an angel and giving us space to finish this incredible undertaking;Kate, for all the help with testing recipes;The beautiful person who kept the only copy of the original manuscript for two months (after we lost it hitchhiking) and finally figured out who we were andreturned it to us;Dr. Anthony Fink, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at UCSC, who read the second-to-the-last draft of the Nutrition section and pointed out the errors in it.,Kamala, who was supportive when we needed it most, and read. and criticized the entire manuscript;Jinaneshvarand Mahesh, who also read and commented on the manuscript;Evelyn, who spent long hours typesetting;Dianaii, who provided a crucial bit of last-minute inspiration;Terry of Book People for his advice;The staff of Ananda Marga PublicationPrakash, Malati, Priya Devi, Gomati, Tapasvini, Larry Mills, Mike, layantha Kumar, Shakti Deva, Jane and Arun, who all helped in their own ways.Thanks also to everyone who helped test recipes, and to all our friends who, for four long years, believed in us (or at least didn't laugh too loudly at us) while westruggled to produce this book.Lastly, but most important of all, our humble thanks to Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiii and his hard-working helpers, especially Acarya Yatiishvarananda Avadhutaji,Acarya Jagedevaji, and Virnalananclaji for guiding us on the path of meditation, helping us learn to love unconditionally, and inspiring us to let our energies beutilized in the creation of this book. joy and Kendall (Ghanashyam)
Preparing good tasting, nutritious natural food is easy and fun. All that's necessary are a few basic skills, the right ingredients, and alittle bit of time. In order to help you discover your own unique way of cooking and living, we have gathered together some of therecipes and techniques which have evolved in our kitchens, and compiled information about food, nutrition, diet systems, herbs andmany other topics.Cooking for Consciousness
is based on the practical experience of several natural food cooks. It is designed to introduce thebeginning cook to the joy of natural food cookery as well as to provide the experienced cook with new and interesting approaches tothe preparation of healthful, delicious foods.An attempt has been made to present both the recipes and the general information in a form that encourages and assists explorationand experimentation. We have also provided
comprehensive treatment of many specific points which are of importance to everyonewho is interested in learning how to purchase, prepare and enjoy natural foods.In the discussions of nutrition, digestion, cooking techniques and other subjects, we have tried to limit ourselves to providinginformation that can be used by each individual in his or her personal decisions about food. However, the general focus and tone of the book do reflect the attitudes and beliefs of the authors. Pure and simple natural foods, love, and nutritionally sound methods of preparation are emphasized throughout the book.2page3.tif Here are some notes on the organization and contents of the book:- The recipes are organized into sections according to the main ingredients (FRUITS, GRAINS AND CEREALS, MILK PRODUCTS)
The arrangement of recipe sections tends to go from the simple and essential foods (FRUITS and VEGETABLES)
to the morecomplex (SAUCES AND GRAVIES and DESSERTS),
comprehensive INDEX
is located in the very back of the book.
Each section begins with a detailed Table of Contents
to help make the finding of a favorite recipe as easy as possible.
- Ingredients which are in Bold Face
are the titles of recipes which can be found elsewhere in the book (example: Spaghetti Sauce).Check the INDEX for their location.
Chapters on basic foods (FRUITS, VEGETABLES, MILK PRODUCTS, etc.) begin with m ini-encyclopedias on the purchasing,storage, and preparation of foods in that category.
of the recipes in this book have been thoroughly tested. Many of the recipes include suggestions for substitutions or variationswhich the authors like but which have not been as thoroughly tested as the recipes themselves.-The HERBS AND SPICES
section includes herb blend recipes that are called for throughout the book.-The KITCHEN WAYS section discusses various aspects of establishing and working in a natural foods kitchen.- The CONVERSIONS AND EQUIVALENTS section contains
tables of equivalent measures and instructions for converting Americanmeasures to metrics and other systems of measurement. The abbreviations used in the recipes are also explained.All the good food in the world is not enough to make even a single person truly healthy and happy. Health and the sense of well-beingwhich accompanies it is the result of attuning oneself to natural laws and living by the prin~ ciples these laws make clear. Thisharmonizing of one's life is spiritual in nature. The goal of Cooking for Consciousness
is to help us all to become more in tune withthese natural precepts and begin to relate them to our eating habits. The information and recipes included here are intended as an aidto spiritual growth. They are a guide to the establishment of eating habits which will build a healthy body and create and strengthenthe calm mental vibration needed for meditation.In the pages that follog, you will find recipes for a wide assortment of dishes (some old favorites, and some new treats) which supply,in an appetising and easily digestible form, all the nutrients known to be beneficial. When these nutrients are provided, together withadequate amounts of sunshine, fresh air, and pure water, the body can grow, do work, resist disease, repair itself, and carry on themultitude of activities necessary to provide a home for that mysterious thing we call consciousness. Physical health and emotionaland mental well-being are the foundations of a satisfying and beautiful life. Spiritual growthand service to humanity are the culmination of that life, and the fullest expression of human potential. We offer this book in the hopethat it will help each person establish the harmonious base of health and happiness from which selfless service can flow.All of us who worked on this book would like to extend our most heartfelt Namaskar to each of you. Namaskar means: 1 respect andlove the divinity within you with all of my mind and all of my heart.2page4.tif 
meditation fod and consciousnessmeditation
"There is in the living being a thirst for limitessness."Shrii Shrii AnandamurtiIt is the inborn desire of all human beings to seek an identity beyond our limited selves,
to try t
o find our place in the universe, and
to experience the harmonious unity of creation. This search is basic to our humanity, and although worldly activities take upmuch of our time they can never really satisfy our innermost desires.Everyone has experienced the uncertainty of this life, the loneliness and pain which are part of not knowing where one is going. Wefeel a certain restlessness inside of ourselves, a kind of emptiness, if we do not know why we are here on this earth.A few years ago, under the direction of a teacher trained in India by an organization called Ananda Marga, the authors of this bookbegan to follow the systematic program of spiritual practices developed by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii. Through meditation andsupportive practices we have begun to realize that the Infinite Divinity (which transcends our limited selves) is to be found at the coreof our own beings. Making an effort, stretching and unfolding every part of our being and striving to get in touch with that fountain of love that is within us has been the most
wonderful and exhilarating experience of our lives. This journey, despite all the conflicts it hasinvolved, has repaid us innumerable times over for the trouble we took to establish a regular pattern of twice-daily meditation in our life. We have started to realize why we have been born on this earth and our inner longings are beginning to be filled.2page5.tif 

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