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NAVMC 3500.10

NAVMC 3500.10

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Published by DoxCak3

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Published by: DoxCak3 on Jan 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 NAVMC 3500.10C 46924 Jul 07NAVMC 3500.10From: Commandant of the Marine CorpsTo: Distribution ListSubj: MILITARY POLICE AND CORRECTIONS TRAINING AND READINESS MANUAL, (SHORTTITLE: MP/CORR T&R MANUAL)Ref: (a) MCO P3500.72A(b) MCO 1553.3A(c) MCO 3400.3F(d) MCO 3500.27B W/Erratum(e) MCRP 3-0A(f) MCRP 3-0B(g) MCO 1553.2A1. Purpose. Per reference (a), this T&R Manual establishes Core CapabilityMission Essential Tasks (MET) for readiness reporting and required events forstandardization training of Marine Corps Military Police. Additionally, itprovides tasking for formal schools preparing personnel for service in theMilitary Police and Corrections Occupational Field. This NAVMC supersedesMCO 1510.86B, Individual Training Standards for Military Police andCorrections.2. Scopea. The Core Capability Mission Essential Task List (METL) in this manualis used in Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) by all Military Policeorganizations for the assessment and reporting of unit readiness. Unitsachieve training readiness for reporting in DRRS by gaining and sustainingproficiency in the training events in this manual at both collective (unit)and individual levels.b. Per reference (b), commanders will conduct an internal assessment ofthe unit’s ability to execute each MET, and develop long-, mid-, and short-range training plans to sustain proficiency in each MET. Training plans willincorporate these events to standardize training and provide objectiveassessment of progress toward attaining combat readiness. Commanders willkeep records at the unit and individual levels to record trainingachievements, identify training gaps, and document objective assessments ofreadiness associated with training Marines. Commanders will use reference(c) to incorporate nuclear, biological, and chemical defense training intotraining plans and reference (d) to integrate operational risk management.References (e) and (f) provide amplifying information for effective planningand management of training within the unit.DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release; distribution isunlimited.
 NAVMC 3500.10JUL 24 2007c. Formal school and training detachment commanders will use references(a) and (g) to ensure programs of instruction meet skill trainingrequirements established in this manual, and provide career-progressiontraining in the events designated for initial training in the formal schoolenvironment.3. Information. CG, TECOM will update this T&R Manual as necessary toprovide current and relevant training standards to commanders, and to ensurea current Core Capabilities METL is available for use in DRRS by all MarineCorps Military Police organizations. All questions pertaining to the MarineCorps Ground T&R Program and Unit Training Management should be directed to:Commanding General, TECOM (Ground Training Branch C 469), 1019 Elliot Road,Quantico, VA 22134.4. Command. This Directive is applicable to the Marine Corps Total Force.5. Certification. Reviewed and approved this date.GEORGE J. FLYNNBy directionDistribution: PCN 10033194600Copy to: 7000260 (2)8145001 (1)2
 NAVMC 3500.1024 Jul 07LOCATOR SHEETSubj: MILITARY POLICE AND CORRECTIONS TRAINING AND READINESS MANUAL, (SHORTTITLE: MP/CORR T&R MANUAL)Location: ____________________________________________________________(Indicate location(s) of copy(ies) of this Manual.)i

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