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Published by DoxCak3

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Published by: DoxCak3 on Jan 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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    1 .    N    S    F  -   s   p   o   n   s   o   r   e    d   s    t   u    d   y ,    M   a   r   c    h    1    9    9    7   ;    2   a   n    d    3 .    S   o   u   r   c   e   s   :    T    h   e   s   o   u   r   c   e   s   o    f    t    h    i   s    d   a    t   a    i   n   c    l   u    d   e   a   v   a   r    i   e    t   y   o    f    f   e    d   e   r   a    l   g   o   v   e   r   n   m   e   n    t   a   g   e   n   c    i   e   s ,    i   n   c    l   u    d    i   n   g    t    h   e    U .    S .    O    f       c   e   o    f    M   a   n   a   g   e   m   e   n    t    &    B   u    d   g   e    t   a   n    d    t    h   e    N   a    t    i   o   n   a    l    S   c    i   e   n   c   e    F   o   u   n    d   a    t    i   o   n .
Key Reports and On-line Resource
• The
Science-Engineering-Technology Working Group (SETWG)
sponsorsthe annual Congressional Visits Day Program See
Science & Engineering Indicators 2010,
published by the National Science
Board, provides a broad base of quantitative information on the U.S. and interna
-tional science and engineering enterprise. It is created biennially by the NationalScience Foundation’s Division of Science Resources Statistics (SRS)See
More than fty years of experience shows that a strongfederal commitment to scientic research is key to buildinga better America.
Discovery and innovation are provenfuels for economic growth and job creation.
And they arevital elements for achieving energy security and sustainingAmerica’s global leadership in science. We must begin toreduce the decit and begin to live within our means. Butwe must be smart about how we go about it.
Federalsupport for science will spur economic growth and help
restore a rm scal foundation for our nation.
A National Science Foundation (NSF) study found that 73%of the science papers cited in industry patents were fundedby taxpayers through the federal government, especiallyuniversity research operations.
New Jersey received $1.495 billion in federal prime awardR&D contracts in FY 2010, with approximately 2,070transactions taking place.
Information and charts on thispage demonstrate the importance of federal investment inR&D to New Jersey’s economy, and its future in the globalmarketplace.
The 2010 CVD State R&D Sheet State Series are made possible by
American Chemical Societywww.acs.org;IEEE-USAwww.ieee-usa.org; and SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineeringwww.spie.org
Top 5 Federally-Funded R&D Contract Product or Service Types Spent in New Jersey FY 2010 
Top 5 Recipients of Federal R&D Contracts (not Grants)
 Performed in New Jersey FY 2010* 
* Note: R&D contract & grant amounts do not include management and administrative fees for 
the operation of Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated (GOCO) facilities under OMB denitions.
Top 5 Contracting Agencies for New Jersey R&DInvestments During FY 2010 
© 2011 ASTRA, The Alliance for Science & Technology Research in America.www.usinnovation.organdwww.aboutastra.org
Federal R&D Expenditures as Percentage of GDP Compared to Strategic Competitors 1996 - 2007 
Science & Engineering R&D Fuels U.S. Economic Growth & New Jobs
National Science Foundation (NSF)New Jersey Investments During FY 2010
Fueling New Jersey’s 21st Century Workforce:Federal R&D Expenditures at New Jersey Universities & Colleges FY 2008 
New Jersey’s colleges and universities received $876.7 million infederal R&D spending in FY 2008, making it 19th in the nation.
New Jersey R&D 2011
For more information and explanations of the summary data sets presented on this page, ASTRA Members can contact ASTRA with specic requests. Contact 
for details.
1.LOCKHEED MARTIN$731,644,015(49%)2.DEFENSE SUPPORTSERVICES LLC$132,858,440(9%)3.BERGER GROUP$102,907,632(7%)4.LOCKHEED MARTIN$70,091,254(5%)5.L-3 COMMUNICATIONS$45,188,843(3%)1.Missile Defen. Agency$425,192,904(28%)2.NAVY $269,253,238(18%)3.Federal AviationAdmin.$165,582,630(11%)4.ARMY
(except Corps of Engineers Civil ProgramFinancing)
$128,742,382(9%)5.U.S. Customs Service$116,403,546(8%)1.Defense Miss. & SpaceSyst. R&D$322,169,844(22%)2.Services Mgmt. R&D$141,294,023(9%)3.Services — Op. Syst. R&D$120,469,399(8%)4.Defense Miss. & SpaceOp. Syst. R&D$103,776,738(7%)5.Construction — Mgmt. &Suppt. (R&D)$97,619,302(7%)

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