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Published by seicmu

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Published by: seicmu on Jan 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ActivityProduct OwnerScrum MasterTeamTime LimitProduct Planning
Create Product Backlog Product Owner is required tomake prioritization decisionsacross the entirespectrum, representing theinterest of stakeholders andinfluenced by the team.XXXCreate Release Backlog1. Identify Items2. Identify definition of "Done"2. Prioritize each itemYesxxxTeam Provide Estimate for each item in backlogxxYesAssign Business Estimate Value to each item(Use other factors like Risk, ROI etc.)YesHelp ProductOwner to identifyestimates, risksetc.xxPrioritize Item in BacklogYesHelp ProductOwner to identifyestimates, risksetc.XX
Sprint Planning - Part One
Sprint Planning Part OneProduct Owner and Team review the high-priority items in the Product BacklogYesXYesxThe Product Owner and Team also review theDefinition of DoneYes
Sprint Planning - Part Two8 Hrs for 4WeekSprint
Identify Capacity of each team member DailyWorking Time4-6 Hrs PerdayIdentify Product Backlog Item that can becompleted with in this time frameBreakdown selected items and Create SprintBacklog Items with estimate HoursThe Team decides how muchwork (item) it will commit to complete,xxYesxIdentify Items which can be completed withinthis sprint (if any)
aily Scrum15 MinEvery
In the Daily Scrum, one by one, each member of the Team reportsthree (and only three) things to the othermembers of the Team:xxYesCreate List of BlocksYes (AnyassignedTeamMember)Do Follow-up meeting after Scrum
Update Sprint Backlog
aily5 MinEvery
Enter estimate of amount of hrs remaining tocomplete their current taskYes (All TeamMember)Generate Sprtint Burndown ChartTeam can decide to reduce scope of sprint
Product Backlog Refinement After Every Sprint5%-10% oeach SprintOR4 Hrs for30
Refine Product Backlog items for future SprintsThis includes detailed requirements analysis,splitting large items into smaller ones,estimation of new items, and re-estimation of existing items.YesYes
End of Sprint
Conduct a demo of the product finsihed tillnow.30Min MaxConduct Sprint Review Meeting.in-depth conversation between the Team andProduct Owner to learn thesituation, to get advice, and so forth.Repriotize items which do not fall into "Done"categoryYesxItems that are not done go back to the ProductBacklog and will be re-prioritized by theProduct Owner.
Sprint Retrospective
Draw two columns on a whiteboard, labeledWhats Working Welland What Could Work BetterXYY
Go around the room, with each person addingone or more items to either list.As items are repeated, check marks are addednext to them, so the common items becomeclear.
ext Sprint
In case of some remaining work, such as finalproduction environment integration testing,and so there will be the need for a ReleaseSprint to handle this remaining work.

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