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Rancangan Pengajaran Tahunan Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 2 KSSR, 2012

Rancangan Pengajaran Tahunan Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 2 KSSR, 2012

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Published by: شمسو دين محمد روسلي on Jan 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Year 2 English Yearly Scheme Of Work 2012 (Semester 1) 
/DateTheme /TopicContent StandardLearning StandardEvidence
1, 2, 34.1.2012To20.1.2012World ofKnowledgeUnit 1 :Back ToSchoolPupils will be able to :1.1Pronounce words and speak confidently withthe correct stress, rhythm and intonation.1
.2Listen and respond appropriately in formalinformal situations for a variety of purposes.1.3Understand and respond to oral texts in avariety of contexts.2.1Apply knowledge of sounds letters torecognise words in linear and non-linear texts.2.2Demonstrate understanding of a variety oflinear and non-linear texts in the form ofprint and non-print materials using a range ofstrategies to construct meaning.3.1Form letters and words in neat legible printincluding cursive writing.4.1Enjoy and appreciate rhymes, poems and songs,through performance.Pupils will be able to :1.1.4Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance.1.2.2Able to listen to and follow(a) simple instructions in the classroom(b) simple directions to places in the school.1.3.1
a)Able to listen to and demonstrate understandingf oral texts by answering simple Wh-Questions.2.1.1(a)Able to recognise and articulate initial, medialand the final sounds in single syllable wordswithin given context./
?/ (ch)2.1.2Able to blend two to four phonemes intorecognizable words and read them aloud.2.1.3Able to segment words into phonemes to spell.2.2.2Able to read and understand phrases in linear andon-linear texts with guidance.2.2.3Able to read and understand simple sentences inlinear and non-linear texts with guidance.2.2.4Able to read and understand a paragraph of 3-5simple sentences with guidance.3

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