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IT Essentials- PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.1) Chapter 1-10 Keys

IT Essentials- PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.1) Chapter 1-10 Keys

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Published by Viliam Staurovský

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Published by: Viliam Staurovský on Jan 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1
How many FireWire devices can be supported by a single FireWireport?63Which three devices are considered output devices? (Choose three.) Headphones 3- monitor 2-1- printerWhich type of ROM can be reprogrammed with software while it isstill physically installed in the computer?EEPROMWhich important feature is offered by the USB standard? It can supply power fromthe computer to devicesWhich IEEE standard defines the FireWire technology? 1394Which two devices are considered input devices? (Choose two.) 1- biometric authenticationdevice2- digital cameraWhich two form factors are commonly used to build a newcomputer? (Choose two.)ATX, BTXWhat are the two connector types for the 1394a interface? (Choosetwo.)4-pin
6-pinWhich three system resources are commonly used for communicationbetween the CPU or memory and other components in thecomputer? (Choose three.)IRQ 1-2- DMA3- I/O addressWhich technology would be best to use for drive redundancy anddata protection?RAIDA technician receives a complaint of poor image quality after the userchanges the native resolution. While investigating the complaint, thetechnician discovers there is a mismatch between native mode andthe native resolution of the peripheral. Which item is configuredincorrectly?LCDRefer to the exhibit. Based on the advertisement that is shown, whatis the native resolution of this computer system?1280 x 800Which memory module has a front side bus speed of 200 MHz? DDR-400Which type of computer resources are direct lines to the processorand are used by computer components to request attention from theCPU?IRQsA student has passed the CompTIA A+ certification exam. Based onthis passing score, for which job is the student now qualified?PC hardware and softwaretechnicianWhat is a function of the operating system in a computer? It instructs the computerhow to process informationWhat is the function of a fan on top of a heat sink? to move the heat awayfrom the CPUWhat are two factors that must be considered when choosing acomputer case? (Choose two.)1- the number of externalor internal drive locations2- the size of themotherboard and thepower supplyA technician creates a simple circuit that has a 9 V light bulb attachedto a 9 V battery. The power output of the light bulb is 100 W. Whichequation should be used to calculate how much current in amps isrequired to achieve the full 100 W output from the 9 V bulb?
= P/V = 100W/9V =11.11A
 What is a function of a KVM switch? provides capability to sharea keyboard, a mouse, USBdevices, and speakers withmultiple computers
Chapter 2
 Which two tools are recommended for cleaning a PC? (Choose two.) 1- compressed air2- soft clothWhich tool should be used if a user needs to optimize space on a harddrive?DefragWhich two types of tools can help protect a computer from maliciousattacks? (Choose two.)1- Antivirus software2- Spyware RemoverWhich tool in Windows XP gives a technician access to initialize disksand create partitions?Disk ManagementRefer to the exhibit. Which type of tool is presented in the graphic? Phillips-head screwdriverHow does a technician discharge static buildup? touching an unpainted partof the computer caseWhich Windows XP command-line utility scans the critical files of theoperating system and replaces any files that have been corrupted?System File CheckerThe performance of a computer is reduced after it has been using theInternet. Which three tools could be run to try to improve theperformance of the computer? (Choose three.)1- Spyware Remover2- Defrag3- Disk CleanupRefer to the exhibit. Which type of tool is shown in the graphic? digital multimeterWhich condition refers to a sudden and dramatic increase in voltage,which is usually caused by lightning?spikeWhich step should be performed first when servicing computerequipment?Turn off and remove thepower source.Which two tools can help protect against ESD? (Choose two.) 1- antistatic wrist strap2- antistatic matWhich two devices commonly affect wireless LANs? (Choose two.) 1- wireless phones2- microwavesWhat are two significant sources of EMI? (Choose two.) 1- electrical storms2- power linesWhy should an antistatic wrist strap be worn when working onelectronic equipment?to equalize the electricalcharge between a personand the equipmentWhy is documentation of all services and repairs an importantorganizational tool for a technician?It provides referencematerial for similarproblems when suchproblems are encounteredin the futureWhich three computer components contain hazardous materials andrequire special handling for disposal? (Choose three.)1- batteries2- monitors3- printer toner cartridgesWhich precaution should be taken when working around electronicdevices?Avoid using magnetizedtools.A technician has a room of computers which are running very hot.The technician discovers that the heat sinks in the computers are verydusty. What should the technician use to clean the heat sinks?compressed airWhich computer components must a technician never try to work onwhen wearing an antistatic wrist strap?CRT monitor
Chapter 3
A technician is installing a new power supply in a computer. Whichtype of power connector should be used to connect to an ATXmotherboard?20-pin connectorWhen installing a CPU in a ZIF socket, how should the technician alignthe pins to avoid damage?Pin 1 on the CPU is alignedwithPin 1 on the ZIF socket.When building a computer, which two components are normallyinstalled in 3.5-inch drive bays? (Choose two.)1- hard drive2- floppy driveWhich two connectors are used to connect external peripherals?(Choose two.)1- PS/22- USBA field technician has been asked to install a wireless 802.11g NIC in acomputer, but is unsure about the expansion slots available. Whichtwo types of wireless NICs should the technician have available?(Choose two.)1- PCIe2- PCIAfter a technician has assembled a new computer, it is necessary toconfigure the BIOS. At which point must a key be pressed to start theBIOS setup program?during the POSTA technician has just finished assembling a new computer. When thecomputer is powered up for the first time, the POST discovers aproblem. How does the POST indicate the error?It issues a number of shortbeeps.Which action is recommended to prevent the motherboard fromcontacting the metal base of the case?Use standoffs to keep themotherboard above themetal base.What is a convenient way that a technician can tell whether a ribboncable is for an IDE hard drive or a floppy drive?The floppy cable has a twistin the cable.Which type of drive is installed in a 5.25-inch bay? optical driveWhat is the most reliable way for users to buy the correct RAM toupgrade a computer?Check the motherboardmanual or manufacturer'swebsite.What is a function of the BIOS? performs a check on allinternal componentsWhat should be the next installation step after all the internalcomponents of a PC have been installed and connected toReattach the side panels tothe case.Refer to the exhibit. Which should be the last step when connectingexternal cables to a computer?Step 2What is a function of a video adapter card? provides an interfacebetween a computer and adisplay monitorWhat is a function of the adapter cards that are installed in acomputer?to provide functionality forexternal components to beconnected to the computerWhich two connections should be provided to a floppy disk driveduring installation? (Choose two.)1- a floppy data cable toconnect the FDD to themotherboard2- a cable from the powersupply to the Berg powerconnector on the FDD

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