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Published by: Wm. Anthony Connolly on Jan 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By J.J. Cross
Final Report: Descendant Jairus ESK 
Spoken and Composed simultaneously with the Sacred Pencil
Submitted by Dr. Rev. Aloysius Parnell St. Michael
Most Holy Father
 Descendant ESK was identified early, through no fault of her own. Our preferenceis for complete anonymity, but if I might editorialize ever so briefly that is a standardharder and harder to meet in our contemporary society. Lives are so much more publicnow, more so than in any moment of our and the world’s recorded history. Hers has beena storied and much publicized life, in accordance to her time, regrettably so. Only sixwhen she died of a broken neck in a car accident, ESK came relatively early to her gift. Itwas this accident that brought ESK to our, belated, attention. But not theirs. ESK’smother, the driver, was killed in the accident, and the father, holding ESK in his lap,recovered, but was subsequently imprisoned. He shot the mother while she was driving.He himself had a gunshot wound to his left thigh. ESK was thrown through the frontwindshield, travelled one hundred yards or so and hit a tree before coming to rest on thehighway, dead. Her neck had been broken, a paramedic shouted as they triaged theaccident. The paramedic left the baby where it was on the highway, covering it with his jacket. As on-sight emergency crews were obtaining a gurney to collect the baby,something happened. It was so quick. Thankfully, it was one of ours. A man in a brown
3suit, with white hair and barefoot, was seen tiptoeing through the broken field of glass,kneeling beside ESK, gently touching the baby and what exactly was performed is hardto say, touching ESK and then that ESK began to cry. Everything stopped. Thecommotion came to an utter halt. The baby cried. The man rose, took the same path back,and disappeared never to be seen again. A photographer across the street took a picture of a stunned medic holding the now wailing baby up in his arms, close to his chest. The paramedic opened up his jacket and slide the baby inside. The next day on the front pageof the daily newspaper the headline was “Baby Back” and the cutline under the picturesaid what happened was “inconceivably true.” That was our Singularity some twentyyears ago now. Other earlier incidents were kept out of the media’s reach. So, it was pertinent that we acted then, and acted as early as we did, which is highly unusual, weagree, but this final report should shed light on this early and prolong interventions on our  part. The immediate circumstances that night took care of many of our initial concerns.The mother was dead. The father was incarcerated. The child was temporarily and then permanently installed as a ward of the state and a foster father was acquired through thedemands of ESK’s biological father, in a deal with the DA’s Office. ESK was providedwith a new name and home; the media attention soon waned, and fell off entirely. Butwe kept our vigil, as per Protocol 24b of the
 Descendants Standards and Protocols,Vatican II 
, “Surveillance and Chronicle Directives.” Weekly, and monthly reports have been composed and filed for the past two decades, which Bishop Buechner has beenapprised of and discussed with me; this final report includes information from those briefs, and also brings the present matter to your holiness today.

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