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JROTC News Letter

JROTC News Letter

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Published by cbowler5070

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Published by: cbowler5070 on Jan 03, 2012
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Quarterbacks of Life 2Give Us Credit 2Spotlight on JROTC 3 Tng & Ops-Transition 3 Tng & Ops-
 What’s New 
3 Tng & Ops-Expectations 4CyberPatriot IV 4
rifle, JCLC, raider chal-lenge) are the hallmark of 
JROTC. Let’s make sure
our Cadets get the fullexperience of the program.I look forward to seeing each of you on the highground.By the time you receive this newsletter School Year 2011-2012 will havebeen in session for wellover two months. Thatsaid, I am a little late con-gratulating you for a suc-cessful 2010-2011 School Year. I joined the teamduring the middle of theschool year and was im-mediately impressed with the level of commitment Iobserved by the Instruc- tors and Cadets during myinitial travels to the field. Ihad the opportunity to visitseveral high schools in 2
and 6
Brigades. TheCadets and Cadre I metduring those visits wereabsolutely phenomenaland set the bar pretty highfor future visits. I have nodoubt however, that fol-low-on visits to future highschools will be equallyimpressive. My first ninemonths as the Directorwere fast paced and ac- tion packed, but one thing came across LOUD andCLEAR during thosemonths - there is no better
 team than you “To Moti-
vate Young People to be
Better Citizens.”
As we execute our mission this school year, I ask thatyou apply the same levelof commitment to ourCadets and program asyou did last year. The key to successfully preparing 
our Cadets to meet life’s
future challenges is toensure we execute a bal-anced program. Both aca-demics (curriculum) andextra-curricular activity(i.e., drill competitions, airCMv2 Patch 4 and Patch 5are now available fordownload! Patch 4 installs the ability to print PersonalSkills Maps (PSMs) afterstudents have taken theSuccess Profiler with their
clickers. Now it’s as easy
as going to the Reportsmodule and in just a fewclicks you can print yourentire class of PSMs andreprint anytime you need to.Other improvements in-clude the Question DeliveryPreferences, you can nowcheck a box to Auto Ad-vance the questions during a test. Games played withCPS have been updated torecognize different versionsof the USB IR CPS clickers.Clicking the Clear Processbutton now closes opensessions of CM, CPS, andContinued on page 2
First round of JLABbegins TODAY, Octo-ber 4th; www.cofcontests.com CM can be updatedon any computer withan internet connec-tion; no plug-ins or updates neededCM Patch 6 isplanned for Friday,October 7thBasic Instructor  Training Class seatshave been increasedfor FY 2012
JROTC Matters
October/November/December 2011
 Volume 1, Issue 1
COL Hubert E Bagley  JROTC Director 
Quarterbacks of Life(QBOL) teaches Cadets that success in school andlife is attained most oftenby people who havedreams, high self-esteem,are responsible decision-makers, accept team sup-port, and have a positivemental attitude. Essential to QBOL are true heroes
who have overcome life’s
adversities to succeedwhether in their originaldream or a new dream.Quarterbacks includeAdam Taliaferro; an in- jured football player givena 3% chance of walking again, Rocky Bleier; a pro-football player who lost hisfoot in the Vietnam warand returned to profes-sional football, and Beth-any Hamilton. She is aprofessional surfer whoseleft arm was bitten off by ashark. She was deter-mined to surf profession-ally again. The movie
“Soulsurfer” released this
summer is about her story.QBOL is integrated into theJROTC curriculum accord-
ing to Dr. Steven Dunn’s
four phase lesson planwith lesson plans, studentlearning plans and learn-ing activities in six lessonswith an introductory lesson to the QBOL concept andfive lessons according toeach of the five stepping stones. Videos of theQuarterbacks can befound in Global Resources> Videos 1 in each lessonon the CM. Lessons forQBOL are: U3C1L5,U2C3L2, U3C1L1,U3C4L3, U2C4L4, andU2C1L5.cuting Reports from theMenu button, taking atten-dance, et al.Unfortunately, there was aproblem with test resultswhen clickers above num-ber 33 were used; when the results were retrieved
 the students’ names were
not associated with theirPowerPoint. Additionally,Appendix C for printing Personal Skills Map re-sults was added to the
User’s Manual and Help
Videos were added for:adding a URL, changing  the selected period, delet-ing resources, printing Personal Skills Maps, exe- test results and the clickernumbers were 32 off.Patch 5 fixes the test re-sults for tests taken withclickers numbered above33; now the reports can beretrieved and the correctclicker number and stu-dent name will be indi-cated.
 tomize the content andsubmit the course syllabi through the CollegeBoard's "AP Central" page to gain approval. The Col-lege Board awards APcredit when students re-ceive a passing grade on the exam. AP courses andexams are available forpublic review on the web-site as well. For moredetails visitwww.collegeboard.com and click on the "AP" tab.JROTC will also begin de-veloping syllabi by LETlevel that align with theInternational Baccalaure-ate (IB) program stan-dards. Our Cadets are up to the challenge...and soare we!
A growing number of in-structors are seeking tosupport their principal'smission by providing Ad-vanced Placement (AP)credit opportunities.JROTC will develop APsyllabi for U.S. History andGovernment courses. Thenall the instructor needs todo is work with theirschool leadership to cus-
Page 2
 A JROTC Cadet at JCLCcrosses the one-ropebridge with encourage-ment from her team-mates AnnaSophia Robbportrays Bethany Hamilton in
 The College Boardawards AP credit when studentsreceive a passing grade on the [AP]exam.
be mission essential to our transition and on-going work in the Training &Operations, InstructorManagement & Pay, andEducation and Curriculumdivisions. Additionally,JROTC added 43 newschool units for the School Year 11-12 ExpansionProgram, bringing the totalnumber of funded units to1731. Supporting thisexpansion and the bri-Several new personnelhave joined our division,and we will have a fewmore adjustments tomake as we settle in andget down to business forFY12. For the near-term,we actually have ActiveDuty Soldiers assisting uswith the mission. They arefulfilling a number of valu-able jobs within the Direc- torate, and have proven togades entrusted with spon-soring and managing  these units has been a tremendous learning ex-perience considering the70% turn-over in staff dur-ing the transition to FortKnox.
Page 3
 JROTC Cadetstake part in thePresentation of Colors on 9/11 JROTC Cadetsduring the 9/11ceremony at RedBank HS, RedBank TN
“...no matter what
it takes, thiscountry will stillbe up and running as you left it for us, and we willleave it for our 
children as well”
Hundreds of students atRed Bank High School inRed Bank, Tennesseehonored those who lost their lives on September11th, 2001. Members of  the Army JROTC held aceremony in the gym on the tenth anniversary.Glenda Evitt was in secondgrade when she witnessed two 767 planes slam into the Twin Towers. Sheattributes that day to whyshe joined the Army JROTCprogram and took part in the Presentation of Colorsalong with hundreds of other students. Now, Ca-det Colonel Evitt, the sen-ior officer for her battalion
reflects back that “a lot of 
us are really interested in the Army and protecting  the community...I wish Icould have [helped] pro- tect the community in that
way,” said Evitt, the Colo-
nel Cadet of Red BankHigh School JROTC.
One cadet says he’s learn-
ing how fragile our countryis and what it takes to
protect it. “…no matter
what it takes, this countrywill still be up and running as you left it for us, and wewill leave it for our children
as well,” said Mark Coo-
bret, the Battalion Com-mander for Red Bank HighSchool JROTC.The ceremony was broad-cast throughout the schoolso other students couldshare the experience.
mation technology andsystems management team, a logistics and sup-ply team, and a budgetmanagement team. Inconjunction with the restof the Command, we havecompleted our transitionfrom Fort Monroe, VA to a temporary building at FortKnox, KY, and finally intoour own our permanentlocation in building 6573,Libbey Hall. We are look-ing forward to conducting classes, workshops, andother learning sessions in
our own innovative, “high
 tech” classroom.
The Training and Opera- tions Division of US Army
Cadet Command’s Junior
ROTC Directorate is just
one of the Directorate’s
assets that conducts theJROTC mission of motivat-ing young people to bebetter citizens. This divi-sion includes training andoperations teams, an auto-

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