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Forensic Investigation Obama Birth Certificate

Forensic Investigation Obama Birth Certificate

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Published by Jack and friend

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Published by: Jack and friend on Nov 03, 2008
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Perhaps theoutspoken Israeli  press corps will beable to do what their fawning Americancounterparts havefailed to do so far.Obama's visit thisweek to Israel will be an opportunity to begin askingthe toughquestions --however unpolitically correct -- about his apparently forged birthcertificate and what that meansfor his citizenship status and Constitutional fitness to be thenext leader of thefree world.
Document forensics expert: Obama "birth certificate" a"horrible forgery"
By Israel Insider staff July 20, 2008
Barack Obama may be on a world tour surrounded by a fawning media, butSunday an expert in electronic document forensics released a detailed reporton the purported birth certificate -- actually a "Certification of Live Birth" orCOLB -- claimed as genuine by his campaign. The expert concludes with 100%certainty that it is a crudely forged fake: "a horribly forgery," according to the
published on the popular right-wing Atlas Shrugs blog.The purported birth certificate was published by the left wing Daily Kos blogon June 12 in response to unconfirmed reports that Obama was not in factborn in the United States (Canada and Kenya were suggested as the possiblelocations of his actual birth). Since he would in that case not be a natural bornUS citizen (his mother was not present in the US sufficiently long as an adultto pass American citizenship on to him automatically), he would not be eligibleto be president. Israel Insider has followed the story in five previous articles(the previous one
) and uncovered evidence, most recently, of admittedforgery among Daily Kos bloggers, tolerance of electronic forgeries on the blogsite, as well as efforts by a blog administrator to conceal the admission of forgery.The latest examinaton of the purported documents is by far the most detailedand technically sophisticated to date.Atlas Shrugs publisher Pamela Geller reports that the expert analyst, who goesby the screen name "Techdude", is "an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, American College of Forensic Examiners, TheInternational Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, InternationalInformation Systems Forensics Association -- the list goes on. He also a boardcertified as a forensic computer examiner, a certificated legal investigator, anda licensed private investigator. He has been performing computer-basedforensic investigations since 1993 (although back then it did not even have aformal name yet) and he has performed countless investigations since then."The pseudonym was apparently inadequate to preventTechdude's identity from being exposed. He reports thatlast week one or more persons "decided to track medown and vandalize my car and hang a dead mutilatedrabbit from my front door in a lame attempt to intimidateme from proceeding with releasing any details of myanalysis. They did succeed in delaying the report by afew days but instead of deterring me they just reallypissed me off. To their credit, if I had not taken a fewdays off from the analysis I would have missed the mostdamning piece of evidence -- the remnants of theprevious security border."Techdude's detailed report, which runs more than 3000words and 20 pages with extensive magnified illustrationsand comparisons, reaches the following conclusion aboutthe documented that was first published on the Daily Kosextreme left-wing blog and subsequently publiclyendorsed by the Obama campaign, both in statements byofficial spokesmen, and featured on its "Fight theSmears" website. Here are some of conclusions:"The (Daily) KOS image security border pattern does notmatch any known specimen from any known year. It doesnot match the pre-2006 nor does it match the post-2006certificate patterns. The placement of the text in all of thepre-2006 and post-2006 certificates are almost identicalpixel location matches while the image?s text placementdoes not match any known specimen from any known
year. The shape and kerning of the fonts used in the2006 through 2008 certificates are identical while theshape and kerning of the fonts used in the image does not match any knownspecimen. The KOS image shows clear signs of tampering such as themismatch in RGB and error levels, visible indications of the previous location of the erased security border, easily detectable patterns of repeating flawsaround the new security border, EXIF data that says the image was last savedwith Photoshop CS3 for Macintosh, and finally a technician from Hawaii whoconfirms it just looks wrong."The evidence, he says, allows for two possible scenarios by which thedocument was fabricated:"There are two obvious scenarios used to create the image that can beascertained from evidence. Either a real COLB was scanned into Photoshopand digitally edited or a real COLB was first scanned to obtain the graphiclayout then blanked by soaking the document in solvent to remove the toner.After rescanning the blank page to a separate image the graphics from thepreviously obtained scan could then be easily applied to the blank scan aftersome editing and rebuilding. It would also explain why date stamp bleedsthrough the paper and the various bits of toner located around the image aswell as the remnants of the previous location of a security border."The purported birth certificate was published by the Daily Kos on June 12 inresponse to unconfirmed reports that Obama was not in fact born in theUnited States (Canada and Kenya were suggested as the possible locations of his actual birth). Since he would in that case not be a natural born US citizen(his mother was not present in the US sufficiently long as an adult to passAmerican citizenship on to him automatically), he would not be eligible to bepresident.After more than a month of controversy and demands that the Obamacampaign produce a paper birth certificate for analysis, this damning newevidence raises the stakes for the democratic party and its front-runner.Will Obama and his people continue to stonewall in the facing of the mountingevidence of forgery, and provide paper proof of an authentic, original birthcertificate or even a genuine secondary Certificate of Live Birth? And will themass media and mainstream pundits -- which so far have hesitated to touchthe hot potato -- finally address the loaded issue of his possible unfitness tomeet the basic Constitutional requirement for a President?Perhaps the outspoken Israeli press corps will be able to do what their fawningAmerican counterparts have failed to do so far. Obama's visit this week toIsrael will be an opportunity to begin asking the tough questions -- howeverunpolitically correct -- about his apparently forged birth certificate and whatthat means for his citizenship status and Constitutional fitness to be the nextleader of the free world.
This is the sixth of a series on the purported Obama birth certificate. Here'swhere you can find Part 
 , and 
.Other articles about Barack Obama are linked on the upper left of this article.
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"I can confirm that that is Sen.Obama's birthcertificate." 
Ben LaBolt, anObama campaign 
Obama campaign claims suspect "birth certificate" as genuineitem
By Reuven Koret June 21, 2008
In response to mounting media questions about the failure of the BarackObama presidential campaign to produce the presumptive Democraticnominee's birth certificate, an official spokesman of the campaign hasendorsed as genuine the image of a document purporting to be his "birthcertificate." But some who have examined that image in high resolution claiminconsistencies and irregularities which suggest that the purported document isa forgery. Its high profile use by the campaign, they claim, suggests anattempt to conceal the truth of Obama's birth circumstances and citizenshipqualifications from the American people.The campaign has
only a low-resolution image of that document,which it claims is his "birth certificate," on its "Fight the Smears" website,along with purported proof of why the claim that Obama may not qualify as a"natural born citizen" is false:---
 Obama Is Not a Natural Born Citizen
 Senator Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, after it became a state on August21st, 1959. Obama became a citizen at birth under the first section of the14th Amendment"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State whereinthey reside...."---Contrary to the campaign's claims, the issue of when Hawaii became a stateand the wording of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, are not atissue.Rather it is Article Two, Section One of the Constitution which requires thatthe President be a "natural born citizen" and not simply a naturalized citizen.The issue is whether there is proof that Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961,the legal status of his mother at the time, and what exactly is written on theoriginal birth certificate -- if it in fact such a certificate exists.Some bloggers have claimed that the purported official State of Hawaiidocument, originally published by the radical left
Daily Kos blog
, is a fake,and a poorly executed one at that.Examination of the higher resolution of the image indicates irregularities whichsuggest to some that the purported "certificate" may be a forgery produced ormodified by Photoshop or another image-editing software, and not a genuineitem.The evidence, presented in greatest detail by the
blogger Polarik at TownHall
, includes:1. Use of a second generation reproduction of the seal of the State of Hawaii at the top2. Blacking out of the Certificate number in an attempt toprevent it from being traced3. Absence of any official signature or seal which typically

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