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Marx, Karl - Grundrisse

Marx, Karl - Grundrisse

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Published by Marciel D'Seixs

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Published by: Marciel D'Seixs on Nov 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Karl Marx's 
arx wrote this huge manuscript as part of his preparation for what would becomeAContribution to the Critique of PoliticalEconomy(published in 1859) andCapital(published 1867).Soviet Marxologists released severalnever-before-seen Marx/Engels works in the1930s. Most were early works -- like theEconomic and Philosophical Manuscripts--but the
stood alone as issuingforth from the most intense period of Marx's decade-long, in-depth study of economics. It is an extremelyrich and thought-provoking work, showing signs of humanism and the influence of Hegelian dialecticmethod. Do note, though, Marx did not intend it for publication as is, so it can be stylistically very roughin places.ONLINE VERSION: The numerous research notebooks were collected and released in Russian between1939-41. A German translation was published in Berlin in 1953. The online edition has been transcribedfor MEIA from the Penguin edition, transl. Martin Nicolaus, 1973, based on volume 13 of 
 Marx EngelsWerke
, 1968. Used by permission of the translator. Transcribed and marked-up by Tim Delaney. 
Analytical Contents List
Grundrissehttp://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1857-gru/index.htm (1 of 11) [23/08/2000 17:00:00]
(Notebooks I and II, pp. 1-7)113-238Darimons theory of crises115Gold export and crises125Convertibility and note circulation130Value and price136Transformation of the commodity into exchange value; money140Contradictions in the money relation147(1) Contradiction between commodity as product and commodity asexchange value147(2) Contradiction between purchase and sale148(3) Contradiction between exchange for the sake of exchange andexchange for the sake of commodities148(Aphorisms)149(4) Contradiction between money as particular commodity and money asgeneral commodity150(The
and the
 Morning Star 
on money)151Attempts to overcome the contradictions by the issue of time-chits153Exchange value as mediation of private interests156Exchange value (money) as social bond156Social relations which create an undeveloped system of exchange163Product becomes a commodity; the commodity becomes exchange value;the exchange value of the commodity becomes money165Money as measure166Money as objectification of general labour time168(Incidental remark on gold and silver)169Distinction between particular labour time and general labour time171Distinction between planned distribution of labour time and measurementof exchange values by labour time172(Strabo on money among the Albanians)173The precious metals as subjects of the money relation173(a) Gold and silver in relation to the other metals174(b) Fluctuations in the value-relations between the different metals180(c) and (d) (headings only): Sources of gold and silver; money as coin185Circulation of money and opposite circulation of commodities186General concept of circulation187(a) Circulation circulates exchange values in the form of prices187(Distinction between real money and accounting money)190(b) Money as the medium of exchange193(What determines the quantity of money required for circulation)194(Comment on (a))195Commodity circulation requires appropriation through alienation196Circulation as an endlessly repeated process197
Grundrissehttp://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1857-gru/index.htm (2 of 11) [23/08/2000 17:00:00]
The price as external to and independent of the commodity198Creation of general medium of exchange199Exchange as a special business200Double motion of circulation: C-M; M-C, and M-C; C-M201Three contradictory functions of money(1) Money as general material of contracts, as measuring unit of exchange values203(2) Money as medium of exchange and realizer of prices208(Money, as representative of price, allows commodities to be exchangedat equivalent prices)211(An example of confusion between the contradictory functions of money)(Money as particular commodity and money as general commodity)213(3) Money as money: as material representative of wealth (accumulationof money)215(Dissolution of ancient communities through money)223(Money, unlike coin, has a universal character)226(Money in its third function is the negation (negative unity) of itscharacter as medium of circulation and measure)228(Money in its metallic being; accumulation of gold and silver)229(Headings on money, to be elaborated later)237
(Notebooks II pp. 8-28, III, IV, V, VI and VII239-777The Chapter on Money as Capital239-250Difficulty in grasping money in its fully developed character as money239Simple exchange: relations between the exchangers240(Critique of socialists and harmonizers: Bastiat, Proudhon)247
250-401Nothing is expressed when capital is characterized merely as a sum of values251Landed property and capital252Capital comes from circulation; its content is exchange value; merchantcapital, money capital, and money interest253Circulation presupposes another process; motion between presupposedextremes254Transition from circulation to capitalist production256Capital is accumulated labour (etc.)257Capital is a sum of values used for the production of values258Circulation, and exchange value deriving from circulation, thepresupposition of capital259Exchange value emerging from circulation, a presupposition of circulation, preserving and multiplying itself in it by means of labour262
Grundrissehttp://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1857-gru/index.htm (3 of 11) [23/08/2000 17:00:00]

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