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Compliance Basics

Compliance Basics

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Published by anon-82584

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Published by: anon-82584 on Nov 03, 2008
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The Basics
The Right Thing
At Mark Reed Health Care District, we need to earn the trust of ourpatients and the respect of the communities we serve. To help us dothat, Mark Reed has a Compliance Program and Code of Conduct. Thisinformation sheet provides the main things you need to know aboutcompliance at Mark Reed.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is compliance?
Compliance just means following the rules. It means weunderstand and comply with all the laws and policies that applyto Mark Reed.
Who is responsible for compliance?
Everyone. This includes every employee, board member,administrator, physician and volunteer, as well as those withwhom we do business (third-party consultants and vendors).
How do I know which rules to follow?
 The Code of Conduct gives an overview of all the laws and ruleswe are expected to follow in patient care, business, research, andeducation. It tells us what is “the right thing to do” in somecommon situations.
How can I get a copy of the Code of Conduct?
New employees receive their own copy of the Code of Conduct atorientation. At that time, the Compliance Officer will explain theCode of Conduct and give examples of how it applies in real life.All other employees may call the Compliance Officer if they havenot received a copy.
What if I think a law or policy is being broken?
If you suspect that someone is doing anything that violates theCode of Conduct, you must report it (harassing a co-worker,using the wrong codes to for patient care).
How to Report Compliance Violations
Report violations to your supervisor. If you feel uncomfortabletalking with your supervisor, contact other managers up thechain of command (your supervisor’s supervisor).
Or, contact the Compliance Officer.
If your problem is not resolved, or, if you want to report aviolation anonymously, call the
Compliance Hotline:(866)513-2909
What will happen if I report a compliance violation?
When you report a compliance violation- either to a supervisor,to the Compliance Officer, or through the Compliance Hotline- itwill be investigated. For results of an investigation, you may usethe same channel through which it was reported.Mark Reed has a compliance reporting policy to make sure noone will be adversely affected due to reporting what he or shehonestly believes is a compliance violation.
However, people who purposely make up or distort a report of wrongdoing will not be protected under this policy.
What is the Compliance Hotline?
 The Compliance Hotline is a telephone hotline open 24 hours aday, 365 days a year. The hotline is operated by a call center. You may call the hotline to report a compliance violation withoutgiving your name. Your call will not be traced. If you want toleave your name to help answer questions about the situation,your confidentiality will be protected to the extent the law allows.
What kind of situations does the Code of Conduct cover?
 The Code of Conduct does not specifically address everysituation, but gives you general guidelines for compliance inareas such as:
Relationships within Mark Reed
---We do the right thing whenwe treat patients, employees, students, and co-workers withrespect- in both large and small ways.
Relationships outside Mark Reed
---We want to make sure ourrelationships with people, businesses, and agencies outside of Mark Reed are conducted with honesty and integrity.

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