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GESI Fundraising Toolkit

GESI Fundraising Toolkit

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Published by Cge NU

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Published by: Cge NU on Jan 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Global Engagement Studies Institutec/o Center for Global EngagementNorthwestern University
Dear Student,We have seen this program make a substantial impact on students and communities and hopeto help make it possible for you. Many past GESI participants have successfully fundraised tocover all or part of the program costs.This fundraising toolkit was created to help youin these fundraising goals. Fundraising is a lot of work, but don’t be daunted. With a solid planand a little persistence, your fundraising goal canbe accomplished! Good luck and please let usknow how we can help!
-The GESI Team
GESI Fundraising Checklist:
Read fundraising tips (page 2)Set goals (page 3)Develop a list of potential donors (page 4)Write a fundraising letter (page 5)Explore corporate matching programs (page 6)Contact your university for funding (page 6)Apply for scholarships/fellowships (pages 7-9)Create an online fundraising site (page 10)Host a fundraising event (page 10)
620 Library PlaceEvanston, IL 60208Phone: 847.491.5932Email: gesi@northwestern.edu
Fundraising Toolkit
Tips & Fundraising Advice:
Start early.
Starting early gives you more time to fundraise, and it also gives you as much time aspossible to figure out which fundraising strategies will work best for you.
It’s normal to feel uncomfortable (at first).
If you worry about putting pressure on people, remindyourself that your potential donors always have the option to turn you down. Think of it not onlyas an opportunity to ask for money, but also as a chance to tell relatives, family friends, andothers about your summer plans and about something you’re passionate about. Regardless of whether or not people donate, keep in touch with them about your summer by sharing your blog,photos of your experience, etc.
Think through your motivations.
If you’ve already applied toGESI, revisit your applicationand think about what motivatesyou to participate in theprogram. Maybe it is yourlifelong dream to visit Uganda.Perhaps you are interested inglobal health and want theopportunity to do field work.Maybe you’re interested inexploring internationaldevelopment as a career.Whatever your personalmotivations, be prepared todiscuss and write about yourreasons for doing the program tomake your fundraising effortsmore compelling (and moresuccessful).
Appeal to your audiences
. Make a list of all your relatives, family friends, and any peers youthink might be willing and able to donate. List them in separate categories and decide whichtypes of letters to write for each, how you are going to approach them, and what you want to say.
Make it personal.
If you’re writing fundraising letters, find ways to incorporate your picture intothe letter, and hand-address the envelopes to make the letters look less sterile. You might alsoconsider writing or printing the letter on interesting stationary (maybe something related to thecountry where you’ll be visiting).
Getting Started
Information for Donors:
As part of Northwestern University, GESI is a 501(c)3 non- profit organization which meansdonations are
. In order to receive forms for taxes, your donor must give the moneydirectly to GESI. In this situation .07% would be deducted from the donation. They can either:
Write a Check to ‘Northwestern University’, specify in the memo line:
GESI, Gift for: (Student Name), Student ID*
Donate online (http://nualumni.org/donate). In ‘My Designation’ the donor should mark:
GESI, Gift for: (Student Name), Student ID*
For Northwestern students, this number can be found on your Wildcard. Non-Northwestern students will be given aNorthwestern ID upon enrolling in the program--just ask, and we can provide you with this number.
GESI Cost Breakdown:
The cost of GESI is $7,500
Fees include:
•Tuition for two Northwestern courses•Lodging and three meals per day in Chicago and in-country•Country programming, orientation, homestay, language instruction, and work transportationstipend•Access to International SOS, the world’s leading international healthcare, medical assistance,and security services company•24/7 on-the-ground support for health, safety, and other issues
Fees DO NOT include:
•Travel to and from Chicago and host country•HTH Health Insurance (required; approximately $70 for the entire program duration)
Setting Fundraising Goals:
Set a goal for how much money you want to raise, and create a fundraising spreadsheet so thatyou can track progress toward your goals along with upcoming deadlines.Here is an example of one such spreadsheet:
FundraisingEvent An0cipatedOutcome ActualOutcomeSoFar
Le#erWri(ngCampaign $1000 $550Grant $1500 $1500
Getting Started

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