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The Responsibility and Mission of Maitreya Youths in the 21st Century

The Responsibility and Mission of Maitreya Youths in the 21st Century

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Published by Deepu P.Thomas

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Published by: Deepu P.Thomas on Nov 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Responsibility and Mission of Maitreya(Laughing Buddha) Youths
In this stressful wave of the global economy, the rich get richer, the poor become poorer; those who are powerful  survive, and those who are weak are destroyed. The brutal reality is: the superior succeed and the inferior fail.This reality creates a lot of human tragedies. Is this a blessing or a curse? Is mankind heading towards a path of   progress and civilization, or a path of regress and self-destruction? At the present moment, the genome project is a hot topic. If we recommend this type of advanced technology, we are in fact cloning or trying to reconstruct a new race: without sickness, the ability to live longer, a strong physique, and high IQ, etc. If we do become successful in this project, will this bring us prosperity or disaster? Will this lead mankind to a new civilization or extinction? While we sped into the 21st century, the 20th century became an age of technological advancement, the inundation of materialism; and rampant profiteering, with mankind at the crossroads between satisfying selfish desires and human rights. When mankind was still pursuing for fames, profits, riches, eminences, comforts, and  amusements; fighting for status, position, power, influence, and wealth; indulging in alcoholism, eroticism,mammonism, and hegemonism, a sudden terrorist attack in New York City on 11th September 2001 shocked the world. From television screens, we watched the twin towers of World Trade Center in New York City fell to be a pile of rubble and rubbish; and the Pentagon (The American Defense Department) suffered from an airplane crashing into it. Did this incident awaken mankind from delusion? Or did it represent an alarm bell, ringing to tell us of our destruction? A sudden attack can even severely damage such global landmarks within a superpower country. No wonder the ultimate truth says:
All visible forms are destructible and all illusiveimages are non-lasting!
  At this incident, have we woken up to realize something? The rich don’t always get richer, the strong don’t always become stronger! At last it is not much difference (maybe a difference of a thin string) between the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, honor and dishonor, success and failure. Why should we insistently cling on one side? The giant claw of technology has grasped the entire planet. The wave of worldly knowledge has taken up and  swallowed the world. Mankind have deluded their conscience and are heading towards the “Superficial and  Material” way of life, fighting ceaselessly, becoming cold and calculating, blindly leading themselves to further their worldly desires. From ancient times to nowadays, this ceaseless pursuit has become a regular but unnatural habit that: The 
values of life
have etched upon the ability in possessions of status, position, power,influence, and wealth; the 
aim in life
has settled upon the gains for fames, profits, riches, eminences, comforts,and amusements; the 
achievements of life
have built on the performances of scholarship, knowledge, capability,skill, intelligence, and wit; and the 
meaning of survival
, as many people think, is determined by the enjoyments of dainties, liquors, lusts, and gambles or alcoholism, eroticism, mammonism, and hegemonism. For the sake of   personal possessions, gains, achievements and enjoyments, humans ceaselessly keep on fight, count, and pursuit.This leads to immense greed and selfishness as a way of life. They harm or even kill each other, by hook or by crook, to fulfill their objects. Thus the value of life has been stepped upon and destroyed. We no longer value the lives of other people. Actually, mankind has always lived in an illusive world. Why do we name it an “ 
illusive world
”? In fact, all   possessions (status, position, power, influence, and wealth); or gains (fames, profits, riches, eminences, comforts,and amusements); or achievements (scholarship, knowledge, capability, skill, intelligence, and wit) are subject to 
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causality, unreal. Further, all enjoyments (dainties, liquors, lusts, and gambles; or alcoholism, eroticism,mammonism, and hegemonism) are as transient as dreams. Hence we should realize that, no matter how great or how much, possessions, gains, achievements, and enjoyments are just temporary, not everlasting. Facts show us that, we can’t always keep up relation with possessions, gains, achievements, nor can we always live in ease and comfort.When we cling upon possession, people superficially respect us; but when we lose such possession, others stop respecting us. We become happy and arrogant when we gain; but when we lose, where is the happiness? When we succeed, people give us praises and compliments; when we fail, or others become more successful, wherein lie the praises and compliments? In addition, when we indulge ourselves in worldly enjoyment, we feel joyful; but when we cease indulging ourselves (usually because we have run out of money), wherein lies our joy or happiness? Therefore, human life is dominated by illusion. Every moment throughout our lives we are subject to causality, we dream about and live in such illusive dreams. They include: the ceaseless pursuit, fight, argument and desire for worldly possessions, gains, achievements, and enjoyments. Unfortunately, we don’t take rest from these dreams until our very last breath. The harsh blow of reality to every human being is death. After we breathe our last breath, we finally come to realize that in fact, we cannot take anything with us. Not our  possessions, gains, achievements, and enjoyments; not even our own physical body. None of these can stay with us forever and we must abandon them. Whether a person is rich or poor, once he breathes his last breath, he becomes ash! Such is life. And it is unfortunate if we do not awaken ourselves from this illusive world! The encounters of life are honor and dishonor, gain and loss, praise and ridicule, fame and defame, fortune and  misfortune, weal and woe, prosperity and adversity, success and failure. The fates of life are the rich and the  poor, the highbred and the lowbred, the clever and the stupid, the pretty and the ugly. These encounters and   fates are the processes of our lifelong journey and not the means nor the purpose of life. Unfortunately we have deluded our conscience by taking what should be the process of life as the aim of life. Once we do this, we then live in the vicious cycle of self-delusion, within an illusive world. That’s why we always stay with our obstinacy, discrimination, preference, fight, and count. That’s why our emotion is always up and down,unstable. For example: When encountering honor we become overly happy; when encountering dishonor we become angry. When we gain we rejoice; when we lose we cry bitter tears. When we face with fortune we become complacent; when we encounter misfortune we are in despair. During times of prosperity we are content; but we feel pain during times of adversity. When we succeed we become overly smug; when we fail we lose hope. When we are poor we always reprimand ourselves; when we are rich we become arrogant. A pretty  person may become overly conceited; an ugly person may become overly depressed.... Therefore, within this illusive world, life is full of suffering and worry, adversity and war, friction and disputes, argument and  conflict, deceit and treachery; even becomes crime-ridden and evil.On the other hand, what is a 
true world
? A true world is a world of brilliant conscience! In our life, we know all possessions, gains, achievements, enjoyments, encounters, and fates are only the processes, not the aim of life.But what is the aim? Our aim in life, is to retain a brilliant conscience and by moving one-step further, to awaken the conscience of others. When everybody’s conscience shines brilliantly, then we step into the century of brilliant conscience, a harmonious world will naturally come. Once we can live in our own true world, we will cherish any encounter, fate, possession, gain or achievement as a helpful affinity, and make good use of it to retain our brilliant conscience. This is our aim of life. Further, when any encounter or fate comes, we will  heartily be grateful! On the good side (honor, gain, success, richness….), we won’t be overly happy, rejoice,complacent, or arrogant. On the bad side (dishonor, loss, failure, poorness….), we won’t be too sorrowful,
Maitreyan Youth.doc Page 3 of 11
depressed, disappointed, or inferior. Regardless of the good or the bad, we just consider it is the best fuel  supplies assisting us to achieve and maintain a brilliant conscience. Thus we must be thankful! Please cherish all affinities, be they good or evil. Even when we encounter malevolence or mistreatment, these assist us to achieve our aims.Therefore, a true world is a world of brilliant conscience; a happy and carefree world without worry or barriers.In this world there is freedom and joy, purity and benevolence. In other words, this is a world of happiness,well-being, satisfaction, and joy. We come to realize that awakening oneself to brilliant conscience is so important, even more precious than one’s life, because conscience awakening affects each individual, family,society, country and the entire world. When an individual strays from brilliant conscience, even if this person continues to survive, this person will still engage in evil conduct and be subject to the karmic cycle of  reincarnation; this is not the purpose of life! A family that moves away from brilliant conscience will definitely encounter tragedy; family members will no longer live a life of happiness, well-being, and joy. When brilliant conscience is depleted, society will become violent, criminal, dark, and filthy; but not peaceful nor harmonious.If a country lacks brilliant conscience, it will encounter civil unrest, political corruption, economic depression; citizens are unable to enjoy peace, goodwill, prosperity or development. Without brilliant conscience, a world  will be of wars, disasters and calamities, where all beings encounter danger and unrest.The 21st Century is the century of brilliant conscience. This is also the Maitreya Age. Lord Maitreya has  pledged to carry out the mission of universal salvation. Under the heavenly decree, the holy mission is to bring universal peace, a world of brilliant conscience. This mission will create a Pureland, a society full of conscience morals and virtue. It will bring the Maitreya Kingdom on earth, which is filled with conscience and  compassion. Therefore, the trend of the day is to follow the footsteps of Lord Maitreya. As Maitreya Youths,we should step in and take action! We should give up an illusive world of rampant materialism and enter a 
of living truth and conscience reality. Let the light of our conscience shine by speaking Maitreya words,upholding Maitreya heart (i.e. heart of compassion), practicing Maitreya deeds, and revealing Maitreya smile to everybody. This way we are, on track of the current trend, becoming the more enlightened, more advanced  human. Otherwise, we may fall behind with those who have been rendered obsolete by this trend. From the ancient times till now, the mentality has been wanting to become powerful through force and status. The strong and powerful, in every aspect speaks louder than the weak. Fortunately, His Holiness Gaoshan Yuren once taught us “People may bent to the will of power and authority by force. But people will heartily comply to the virtuous with their soul.” This precious quote tells us that force or authority does not bring prosperity and peace to mankind. An advanced nation in the 21st Century will naturally turn towards a harmonious way by moral and justice,where Conscience guides the people of the land. From the global tensions, lack of harmony, we can see that, force and authority do not match with the Maitreya trend; nor do they meet the moral atmosphere, the justice environment and the conscience world in this 21st Century. If all citizens have moral conversations, righteous  practices, and display conscience deeds, their nation will be strong and become the model nation. When conscience permeates mankind, then a world of universal happiness, a Pureland, a Heavenly Kingdom of  Maitreya will naturally manifest itself in our world. This is how human should be guided in the 21st Century in order to survive! Maitreya Youths, you who are passionate, brave, strong, bold, resolute, quick-witted, have the potential to shine brilliantly. You can manifest the preciousness of life and carry the torch of wisdom. We look forward to 

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