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Are You Tough Enough-1

Are You Tough Enough-1

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Published by teampeak

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Published by: teampeak on Nov 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Are You Tough Enough?
A unique survival competition in Canada’s Far North
It’s up to you to tour the Canadian sub arctic, forage for food, and find your way without map or compass…most of all stay alive. Strength and speed are irrelevant; constitution and intelligence is the keyto winning this competition because the trick is to keep on, (or increase) as much body mass as possible,and gain survival points, during 3 days and 2 nights of traversing Northern Ontario’s remote winter wilderness, hundreds of miles from civilization. Sound easy? Get ready for -40 degree temperatures;eating only what you can forage; with the limited resources you will be given. To ensure a safecompetition, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide with emergency communications, attend asurvival class specific to the locale, wear only approved outerwear and be provided basic supplies. Youwill not be allowed to bring any personal (cameras are an exception) or additional items. So…..
Are YouTough Enough?
It all starts in Timmins, Ontario, Canada and all contestants must arrive and register by Saturday morning(11:00 AM) on the 17th of January, 2009 (preferably Friday the 16
). Contestants will be picked up at theairport (airport code YTS) and chauffeured to accommodations at the Cedar Meadows Resort. At the resortyou will get to meet, up close and personal, moose, elk, bison and such.
Saturday 17
12:00PM Lunch.
1:00PM Meeting (bring your gear) we will be discussing the conditions you will encounter and reviewgear requirements for the trip.
2:00PM For anyone with additional gear requirements, you will be chauffeured to the outfitters for  personalized service for items you may require.
5:30PM Semi-formal Dinner with a main course of local exquisite cuisine(elk) complete with awardwinning wines and other refreshments.
6:30PM Meeting and brief seminar on what to expect during your trip with a discussion on the basicsof survival in the sub arctic. You will be provided with a customized pocket guide to surviving thisspecific area of the North. At this meeting, you will be provided with the base equipmentrequirements, and allowed to select limited additional items. Each contestant can supplemented their choice with tents and sleeping bags (due to weight restrictions of only 300lbs per will be allowed).
8:30PM There will be the opportunity to enjoy local entertainment. Chauffeured service will beavailable to and from the resort. Timmins is a wealth of musical entertainment, and the birthplace of Shania Twain. With more taverns per capita than any other town in Canada.
Sunday 18
7:00AM There will be a weigh in prior to being served a champagne breakfast.
10:00AM You will be picked up by helicopter, with personalized service at the resort for a direct flightnorth to be dropped off on a small frozen lake hundreds of kilometers north of Timmins to start your competition.
During the next three days and two nights. You will be escorted and educated by an experienced guide,the guide is there to educate and ensure that all contestants are safe. You will learn what can be usedand how, where to find it all, navigation without map or compass, both day and night, along with keynotes on what NOT to do. The guide will have a satellite phone for emergencies, however other thanthis, the group is on their own. Teamwork will count. Additional points will be given based on eachcontestants ability to complete key survival tactics.
Tuesday 20
After two nights and three days, the contestants will be picked up by helicopter from the location theyhave reached, and flown back to the resort for weigh in and a chance to clean up.
12:00PM Lunch will be served consisting of a solid, high protein and vitamin meal.
1:00PM is free time, all contestants will have a few hours to do whatever they would like, includingtouring the town, or simply sleeping.
6:00PM Dinner will be an arctic seafood meal, of some unique items from the northern seas.
7:30PM Award presentations and closing ceremonies will be held.
9:00 Local entertainment and closing party for all contestants at Timmins premier local “wateringhole”.
Wednesday 21
8:00AM Champagne breakfast.
Chauffeured return to the airport for flights back home.Each contestant will leave with a “I Was Tough Enough” embroidered jacket depicting your participationand contest Logo, along with a bound album depicting of their experience in the sub arctic.The
Runner Up
will receive an embroidered flag of the event and plaque.The
will receive an embroidered flag of the event, Plaque and embroidered back pack of the event.
Point scoring.
Points will be scored in two ways.Weight differences will recorded in either a plus or minus, in ounces.Additional points will be awarded, based on the guide, during the outing, based on skill, ability and participation, with each point counting as a plus for all successful and/or unique accomplishments, and aminus for all non-successful and/or unique accomplishments. Each point will equate to one ounce.
You must be in good health.Arctic clothing will be required, those who do not have appropriate clothing will be required to purchaseadditional clothing, layering will be an important aspect of your clothing. Clothing should include at aminimum (insulated items only):
Warm Hat
Working gloves (fingered):
Heavy leather gloves with forearm (snowmobile gloves are ideal).
Arctic Sorel knee boots to -65 rating.
Cotton undergarments.
Jean pants.
Heavy shirt, cotton.
Wool socks or cotton socks.
Outer jacket with hood, waterproof.
Outer leggings, waterproof.
Insulated under jacket.
Insulated under leggings.Additional misc. supplies will/can include:
Back Pack (smaller size).
Waterproof and cold rated Sleeping Bag.
Tent (optional).
Spare undergarments, one set.
UV protected glasses.

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