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Published by Braham sharma

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Published by: Braham sharma on Nov 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Total Number of Episodes 
Total Playback duration 
95 hours
Compilation provided by:
 Anand Vrindavan
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
KathopanishadPujya Swami Shri Akhandanand Saraswatiji MaharajKatopanishad Pravachan Vol 1 1999 Pages in Vol 1Lec 1 : Introduction of story of Nachiketas P2Shanti path meaning ( Sahanvavaatu etc. ) P9-12Mangalacharana of Bhasyakar Shankaracharya P3-81-1-1 Daan ( Alms ) of Vaajashravas P151-1-4 Discussion regarding Daan continues P17-20Nature of Agni ( Nachiketas )1-1-5&6 Nachiketas thoughts regarding his fathers anger P21-27Thoughts regarding following orders, Fear, Delusion,Ashram of grahastha ,sanyasi etc.Lec 2 1-1-7 &8 How to treat a guest ( Athithi ) P30-31Vairagya of Nachiketas in renouncing everythingfor three daysAthithi discussion continues P32-37A common duty for all regarding treating guests1-1-9 Yama grants three boons to Nachiketas P38-41Nature of a Tatva jnani P41-431-1-10 &1 First vara P44-48Lec 3 Veethamanyuh = Reduced anger P48-51Thanks giving to parents, Guru etc.1-1-12 Second Vara of Nachiketas P52-54Description of Heaven1-1-13 Nachiketas is the " SEER " of Death P54-58Ananda through AgniUpasana of Agni & ViratJnanagni & identification with totaility (ISAVARA ) P59-Swarga is identification with totality giving up EgoShradda (Existence )+ AAdhadhana P60-641-1-14 "Nachiketas"= One who only seeks Paramatma P65-661-1-15 Ishta through Agni chayana P66-671-1-16 Extra vara for Nachiketas P67-69Lec 4 Nature of saakshi P69-711-1-17 Brahmaloka attainment for Trinachiketa agni performer P71-751-1-18&19 Swarga for the Nachiketa Agni P75-78Third boon1-1-20 Question regarding the existence of Atma after death P79-93Discussion on VairagyaQuestion regarding the survival of Atma after DeathLec 5 1-1-20 Discussion on nature of Yama P93-100Discussion of Guru & Shishya1-1-21 Even gods are confounded by this knowledge P100-105Different darshanas view atma differently1-1-22 Drdatha of Nachiketas (determination ) P106-114Nature of an Atmavit1-1-23-25 Nature of Vairagya P114-118
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 6 1-1-26-29 Nachiketas refuses all pleasures P119-122Discussion on Dharma P122-131
End of First Valli of first Adhyaya
Lec 7 1-2-1
Shreya- Preya Viveka
P132-144Lec 8 1-2-2 Brave choose only the Shreyomarga P144-150The right to choose between the two waysShraddha discussion P150-161Dheera - Various meaningsManda discussionLec 9 1-2-4
Vidya & Avidya marga are divergent ways
P178-186Avidya alone is the pratibhanda for attainment of Parmatama1-2-5 Shortsightedness of an Avidyavaan P187-1891-2-6 Saamparaya is not available for those P190-197deluded & distracted with wealth etc.Lec10 1-2-7 Rare is the listener & speaker of BrahmaVidya P198-215Important discussion on why Jnana does nothappen even after listening many timesLec 11 1-2-7 Speaker of Brahmavidya should be a "Vara" P216-223
Discussion continued on rarity of this knowledgeWho is eligible to teach this knowledgeLec 12 1-2-9 The culmination of all negation P245-249The true nature of a seekerDiscusion continued from 3rd para of 249 P249-255Parama Prem is necessary for this Brahma Vidya1-2-10/11 Nachiketas more eligible than himself - says Yama P256-259Vairagya alone is Abhaya1-2-12 Praise of Brahma Jnana P260-263Lec 13 Discussion continued P263-269Buddhi Guha - Parameshwara's light in Buddhi
makes us determine things - seek that light !Without Anubhavi no experience P269-274Lec 14 1-2-13 Praise of Nachiketas P274-284The nature of a mortalThe nature of Sukh1-2-14 Nachiketas basic question P285-286This question is the basic question of Upanishad as wellDharma & Adharma discussion

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