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Mandukya Vaitathya

Mandukya Vaitathya

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Published by Braham sharma

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Published by: Braham sharma on Nov 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mandukya Kaarikas – Vaitathya Prakaran
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Total Number of Episodes 
Total Playback duration 
37 hours
Compilation provided by:
 Anand Vrindavan
Mandukya Kaarikas – Vaitathya Prakaran
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Vaithathya PrakaranaMandukya KaarikasSwami Akhandanandji Saraswatiji MaharajLec 01 Prasthavana P001-013Tape1A/B Topic matter of discussion in this prakarana of Gaudapada KaarikasIntroduction of the Author as well as the GranthaAll seeking only if I is already existent & Nobody experiencesthier own abscence. I is the object of highest love for allInteresting meaning of word " Pada " , "Adwaitha "& " Mandukya "Using Yukthi this prakarana deals with realities of thingsTo consider contentment etc as unaccomplished is Avidya
Importance of Kaarikas
 Lec 02 Discussion on Pramanas P014-024Tape1B Manas is Sadharana cause while Indriyas are Asadharana causeTape2A Unavailability of Iswara through these pramanas. Available only by Shruthi.How Vishaya Jnana occurs & all Sukha / dukha are kalpanas of mindAs long as the instrument is taken to be real so long it's reporting is also realDiscussion on swapna to illustrate Abhayam nature of Brahma
Do not keep procrastinating on the defects of mind all the time
 2-1 Why are objects of Dream unreal ? P025-028Meaning of
Vaithathyam & Mainsha
 Lec 03 Discussion continues on word Vaithathyam P028-034Tape2A/B
means negation or
ascertainment of Mithya
As dream objects are seen in an Inappropriate space & time(Too small )they are considered to be unreal2-2 Time being too short in dream it is impossible to go to places & see them2-3 Shruthi supports Mithyathva of dream objects P035-042Ref to Swayam Jyothi brahmana of Brahadaranyaka Upanishad 4-3-10The abscence of charriots etc in dream yet are experienced - Things neednot be real to be experienced is the truthThree types of Swapna & SushupthiIf one tries to eliminate swapna they tend to become more strong Best ignored !Shruthi talks of swapna not to say it is real or unreal but to establishSwayamJyothi nature of Atma which can create things without any materialAvasthas are the abodes of AtmaLec 04 2-4 Hetu for mithyathva of Jagrat objects P043-057
discussionTape2B Whatever is Drsya is Mithya as it is dependent on DrstaTape3A All 3 Avasthas are seen by Saakshi but in Jagrat is mixed up with sense organsHence is caught up by special effects of those sensesSaakshi is witness of both presence & / or abscence of Prapanca
Until one meets Iswara this prapanca appears solid & after that appears
like in a dream
Atma is self effulgent
- this is the main theme of shastraUntil on uplifts from this gross body there can be no contact even withSakaar Iswara -
a certain distancing is absolutely essential
 Phala ( result ) of looking shrushti as dream-like
More the knowledge of Paramatma more this world appears like a dream !
As long as mind is in petty things it can not entertain higher thoughts
Mandukya Kaarikas – Vaitathya Prakaran
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj
Lec 05 Nature of three Avasthas P058-064Tape3A/B
Some Mahatmas consider that both swapna & memory are for Taijasa
All relationships are not a matter of perception but belong to the mind
 Differentiation between Iswara & Jiva shrushti
Ajnana has two names - Moksha & Bandhan
 Discussion on How Creation can be Dream-like as seen in various Darshanas2-5 Hetu in comparing similiarities of Jagrat & Swapna P065-071Discussion on
Manishi - two different types
 All desire is for only Known things & never for Unknown thingsDiscrimination ( Viveka) & Ascertainment ( Nischaya) are different2-6
A thing that is not present before & will not be later is also not existenteven in present - When experienced is just names & forms
Meaning of Vithatha - A thing is not as it appears to be !
 Lec 06 2-6 Nature of Reality of Present P072-0742-7 What is the usefulness of objects in Jagrat ? P075-082Tape4A/B Things which have an origination & destruction are in reality notindependently existentThings of the Jagrat world seem to be useful while those of swapna are notMethod of obtaining knowledge determines what the end result of that knowledgeSamsar is that which can never be held by anybodyMeaning of
Adi & AnthaAll vritti Jnana have an end & a begining - hence Mithya
Adhyaropa Apavada prakriya for teaching
 2-8 Uniqueness of Swapna P083-086Body is not to be considered as bad but an abode where the very lord resides inA new dress is to be worn in Dream - subtle bodyAt time of death if one starts to remember all the bad deeds then he getsidentified with Naraka forgetting this bodyLec 07 As is the knowledge in Jagrat so is the dream P086-088
2-9 If one's mind is properly prepared then Paramatma can be seen2-10 Similiarities between Imaginary & Sense objects P089-096Tape4B Imaginary objects seen inside in Jagrat are as unreal as in SwapnaTape5A
Swapna is illustrated to show Swayamjyothi nature of Atma & not for Vairagya .If swapna were not to be used properly for vicara then there would be no yukthifor seeing Jagrat as mithya
 Extending logic from swapna to jagrat to show the Mithyatva of the avastha
Why does Jagrat appear real & not Swapna ?
Sharira of both Taijasa & Viswa are one & the same !
 Lec 08
Shankaracharya Jayanthi talk
 Tape5A/B Adhikaritva is deciding factor in ShruthiIn reality no difference between Moksha & Vishaya JnanaElimination of Ignorance alone is neededVarnashrama vyavastha in new different lightBheda is Mithya even in different avasthas P097-100
Dream is the language of the Mind
 Brahma can be experienced only as I & never as That or This2-11
Who witnesses the kalpana of Bheda ?
P101-103All duality is from a point of view & never from the point of Totality2-12
Atma alone is the witness & also projects Bhedha
Definition of Atma - 4 meanings

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