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Published by: wih on Jan 04, 2012
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Page 1
- Document version EN14 -
© 2007-2009 Microtelecom s.r.l. – All rights reserved
Microtelecom s.r.l. – S.S. n.352 Km. 3,600 – 33050 Pavia di Udine – Italy
Page 2
1. Receiver description 31.1 Front Panel 41.2 Rear Panel 42. USB Drivers Installation 53. System Requirements 74. Operating the receiver safely 75. Latest software release 76. Operating the Perseus software 86.1 Tuning the receiver 96.1.1 Mouse over frequency pane 96.1.2 Direct entry on the frequency pane 96.1.3 CF step 106.1.4 Frequency bar dragging or mouse over 106.1.5 Filter Bandwidth pane 106.1.6 Notch filter 126.2 Main spectrum/waterfall window 126.2.1 Mouse over and wheel step 126.2.2 Direct click 126.2.3 Dial pointer 126.2.4 Tuning: Center Button active 136.2.5 Tuning: Center Button inactive 146.2.6 Span 146.2.7 Waterfall controls 146.3 Markers 156.4 Spectrum average 156.5 Recording / Playback 166.5.1 Recording 176.5.2 Playback 176.5.3 Moving forward and back during playback 186.6 Other Controls 186.6.1 Attenuator (ATT) 186.6.2 Preselection filters (Presel) 186.6.3 ADC Preamplifier (Preamp) 196.6.4 ADC Dithering (Dither) 196.6.5 Amplitude (Reference Level and Scale) 196.6.6 Mode (AM,SAM,CW,RTTY,LSB,USB,FM,DRM,USER) 196.6.7 Volume and Mute (AF Vol) 206.6.8 Noise reduction (AF NR) 206.6.9 Noise blanker (NB) 206.6.10 Signal strength meter 206.6.11 Automatic Gain Control (AGC) 206.6.12 Frequency calibration 206.6.13 Memory window (MEM) 216.7 Factory default settings 227. HFSpan software utility 238. Technical specifications 249. European Community CE Conformity 2510. Information to the user (FCC PART 15) Declaration of Conformity 2511. Disposal of your old appliance (Directive 2002/96/EC WEEE) 26
Page 3
PERSEUS is a software defined VLF-LF-MF-HF, 10 kHz – 30 MHz, communication receiverbased on an outstanding direct sampling digital architecture and with the capability of recording up to 1600 kHz of RF spectrum.It features a 14 bit 80 MS/s analogue-to-digital converter, a high-performance FPGA-baseddigital down-converter and a high-speed 480 Mbit/s USB2.0 PC interface.The PERSEUS receiver analogue front-end has been carefully designed for the most demandingusers and includes a 0-30 dB attenuator, in 10 dB steps, a ten bands preselection filters bank,and a high dynamic preamplifier with a top-class input third-order intercept point of more than30 dBm.The receiver is designed to operate on a PC under Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vistaoperating systems.The antenna connection is a BNC female socket. The power source is an universal 100/240 Vac50/60 Hz wall socket adapter which provides the required +5Vdc (+/-5%) power supply to thereceiver.Audio source is via the PC soundcard/ on board audio. Best results are heard by feeding the PCaudio through a good amplifier and speakers systems, rather than the standard speakersbundled along with most PCs.Warning!Read carefully the paragraph “Operating the receiver safely” (page 7), prior to useyour receiver. Failing to observe the indications herein listed could seriously damage thereceiver and voids the warranty.

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