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Published by samismith

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Published by: samismith on Jan 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Self-Instructional Material
1.0 Unit Objectives1.1 Introduction1.2Meaning of Communication
1.2.1 Definitions of Communication
1.3Importance of Communication
1.3.1 Functions of Communication
1.4Features & Scope of Communication
1.4.1 Communication through Arbitrary Symbols 1.4.2 Human Interactionsthrough Communication 1.4.3 Communication Technology and Media
1.5Techniques of Communication
1.5.1 Formal & Informal Communication 1.5.2 Upward&Downward Communication 1.5.3 Verbal and Written Communication
1.6Barriers of Communication
1.6.1 Language Barrier 1.6.2 Physical Barrier 1.6 3 Social-psychological Barriers
1.77 Cs of Communication
1.7.1 Clarity 1.7.2 Completeness 1.7.3 Coherence 1.7.4 Conciseness 1.7.5Credibility1.7.6 Correctness 1.7.7 Continuity
1.8Summary1.9Exercises and Questions1.10Further Reading
To understand the meaning of communication
To study the importance of communication
To study the features of communication
To understand the scope of communication
To study the various techniques of communication
Barriers and essentials of communication
The 7 C’s of communication
To discuss the factors affecting process of communication
Fundamentals of Communication
Self-Instructional Material
Principles of Communication - 1
Communication is not just an act. It is a process. The process of communication includes transmission of information, ideas, emotions,skills, and knowledge by using symbols, words, pictures, figures,graphs, or illustrations. The act of communication is referred to as
’. It is the process of transmission that is generallytermed as Communication.Communication regulates and shapes all human behavior. Therefore,it is important to have a clear understanding of the concepts of communication what is communication? Why is it important to us?How does it work? What are the elements in the process of communication? What are the different types of communication thatwe are engaged in? These are the questions that come to our mindwhen we study this subject.
The English word ‘
’ is derived from the Latin noun
’ and the Latin verb ‘
’ that means ‘
to makecommon
’. Communication is a much-hyped word in thecontemporary world. It encompasses a multitude of experiences,actions and events, as well as a whole variety of happenings andmeanings, and technologies too. Meetings, conferences or even aprocession thus can be a communication event. Newspapers, radio,video and television are all ‘communication media’ and journalists,newsreaders; advertisers, public relation persons and even cameracrew are ‘communication professionals’.Communication in its simplest sense involve two or more personswho come together to share, to dialogue and to commune, or just tobe together for a festival or family gathering. Dreaming, talking withsomeone, arguing in a discussion, speaking in public, reading anewspaper, watching TV etc. are all different kinds of communicationthat we are engaged in every day.
Self-Instructional Material
Communication is thus not so much an act or even a process butrather social and cultural ‘togetherness’. Communication can be withoneself, god, and nature and with the people in our environment.Interaction, interchange, transaction, dialogue, sharing, communionand commonness are ideas that crop up in any attempt to define theterm communication.According to Denis McQuail, communication is a process, whichincreases, commonality-but also requires elements of commonalityfor it to occur at all. A common language, for instance, does notnecessarily bring people together. There are other factors too at playsuch as a shared culture and a common interest, which bring about asense of commonality and more significantly, a sense of community.Denis McQuail sees ‘
human communication
’ in linear terms as thesending of meaningful messages from one person to another. Thesemessages could be oral or written, visual or olfactory. He also takessuch things as laws, customs, practices, ways of dressing, gestures,buildings, gardens, military parades, and flags to be communication.Thus, ‘
’ can be defined as ‘the interchange of thoughts or ideas’. Again ‘communication’ is viewed as a transmissionof information, consisting of discriminative stimuli, from a source torecipient’. In everyday life, the communication is a system throughwhich the messages are sent, and feedback received. It is therefore,the process of transferring particular information or message from aninformation source to desired, definite or a particular destination.One of the main elements of communication messages is
The effectiveness of communication is limited by the receiver’s rangeof perception. Also, people perceive only what they expect andunderstand. Lastly, communication makes a demand on the recipient,in terms of his emotional preference or rejection. Thus, communicationis not to be confused with information. While information is logical,formal and impersonal, communication is perception.Communication is more than mere transferring or transmission of ideas or thoughts. It is not a static act as some of the earlier definitionssuggest but it is a dynamic process of action and interaction towardsa desired goal, as suggested by later definitions. Communication is,therefore, a
process of sharing or exchange of ideas, information,knowledge, attitude or feeling among two or more personsthrough certain signs and symbols.
What do we find in the above definition? It says that two or more persons areinvolved in the act, the one who gives information (sender) and the one who
Fundamentals of Communication

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