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Manhwa100- Boy's Comic

Manhwa100- Boy's Comic



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Published by seouleats
A Collection of Korean Comics. In this section there is information on Dooly the Baby Dinosaur, Be Good, Crazy Locomotive, Hip-hop, Kid Gang, King of Hell, Let's Be Perverts, Madtown Hospital and many others.
A Collection of Korean Comics. In this section there is information on Dooly the Baby Dinosaur, Be Good, Crazy Locomotive, Hip-hop, Kid Gang, King of Hell, Let's Be Perverts, Madtown Hospital and many others.

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Published by: seouleats on Nov 03, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 unjeong  sonyeon  adulte  Webtoon 
the cartoon has is that the cartoon tries to show the warmth shared between thecharacters beyond the façade of constant struggle.The comics include many other well-developed original characters such asMikol: a wannabe singer, Tochi: an extraterrestrial, Doughner: a circus ostrich, andHee-dong: the baby nephew of Gil-dong.It has been more than two decades since Dooly was introduced into the worldin 1983. The continued popularity and the success of the character are in thanksto ongoing projects based on the character including a musical, animations, andother various reiterations. The city of Bucheon in Korea selected Dooly as thecharacter of the city and adorned a part of the city with the character. Dooly wasalso selected as a character for UNICEF Christmas cards and appeared in charityevents. Other characters in the cartoon were involvedin various projects. Hee-dong, the baby in thecartoon, is represented in the pediatrics wing of theSeoul National University Hospital, and Mikol is thecharacter ambassador of the Pearl Buck Foundationfor children of mixed race.
First Publication
Treasure Island(Monthly ComicMagazine, 1983)
First Edition
Daiwon C.I.
Total Volumes(Year Finished)
10(Finished, 1994)
Media Crossover
TV animation(1987), VHS(1995),Theater animation (1996), UNICEF card character(1997), Street of Dooly in City of Bucheon (2001),Musical(2001), 4D animation (2004)
About the Author
Born in 1950, the author iswell known for his placement of funny, rather weird,characters in his stories. Many of his characters weremade into successful merchandise. He is the ownerof his own merchandising company, Dooly Nara, andwas the president of Korean Cartoonists’ Associationin 2000.
If you ask any Korean, young and old, to name one cartoon character, Doolywill mostly likely to be his or her answer. Dooly is one of the most respected andcommercially successful characters of Korean animation. He is always topping thelist in nationwide surveys for character recognition by people of all ages.Dooly is a baby dinosaur that was trapped in ice. He survived the Ice Ages andended up in modern-day Seoul 10 million years later. His sole hope is to reunitewith his mother. Dooly, who is always happy and silly, is contrasted by Go Kil-dong who is unkind and aggressive. It is interesting how Dooly reacts so innocentlyto Go Kil-dong’s efforts to attack Dooly. For various reasons these skirmishesalways bring laughter to the readers and viewers. One of the many strengths that
A Korean Success of Merchandising: Dooly
Spring for Oh, Dal-ja(1981), Let’s Fly, Godori (1982), Ariari Dongdong (1985), CutieChocomi (1989), Teacher X (1994), Seven Spoons (2003)
Author's Other Works
Kim Su-jeong
 Baby Dinosaur Dooly
© Kim Soo-jung / Daiwon C.I.
 unjeong  sonyeon  adulte  Webtoon 
organizations and do deliveries according to their own rules. Whenever there is adelivery request and the right amount of pay, they complete a delivery.The delivery branch of Banya, Mai, and Kong is located at the center of a desert.Banya and Kong save Yu-ma’s life by chance when Yu-ma is attacked by the Gagoland Yu-ma requests delivery of his secret letter. With the secret letter, many peopletry to plunder the nation. Like in this situation, there is always danger in the delivery process. They must complete their work even though it is so dangerous, and that’stheir responsibility as a deliveryman.Every episode starts with a new delivery request.What is most interesting is whenever Banya completeshis delivery; he recovers a part of his lost memory. Inthe end, he is requested to capture a dragon. On the wayto the dragon, Banya recovers all of his lost memoryand, as a result, goes crazy. However, he recovers justin time to save the world. Placing the deliverymen in anunlimited array of fantasy worlds provides the readerswith nonstop fun!
Kim Young-oh
First Publication
BOOKING (Bi-Weekly ComicMagazine, 2004)
First Edition
Haksan Pub.
Total Volumes(Year Finished)
5 (Finished, 2006) 
About the Author
Male, born in 1976, he debutedby winning a contest in a comic magazine. He caughtattention with his first comic book for its wit andillustrations.
U.S. Edition Information
Dark Horse
First Edition
Total Volumes
5 (Finished)
What would happen if a postman was invited into a fantasy world like a war during the middle age? This comic specializes in placing the lead character in a
world that doesn’t seem to quite t.In the middle of a erce battle, a general is ghting the enemy’s attack to take
the castle without a way to ask help. At the moment when the general is attacked by the sword of the enemy, a stranger passes a letter written which is written ‘Be
ready for the enemy!’ Finally, the general nds out the way to ask help. The stranger 
introduces himself as a deliveryman who has ‘Speed, Accuracy, and Safe’ as amotto.There is a group of people who have no loyalties to any countries or 
Postman Delivers Fantasy to Your Door!
 The Explosive Delivery Man
Baljak(2000), The Ghost(2008)
Author's Other Works
© Kim Young-oh / Haksan Pub.
 unjeong  sonyeon  adulte  Webtoon 
Be Good uses a refreshing and unique theme to makeits readers laugh. The thought of Kang Hoon wearing asmall backpack creates laughter; similarly, the betrayalof one of his men creates rage, and then the help of anew friend creates tears. A wide spectrum of emotionis contained in these pages. Gangsters are a constant inmovies and dramas, but how often do you see a funnygangster? This comic succeeds, plus, who could resist notlaughing when you pit a 40 year old against a teenager?
The Guy Who Stands Everyday (1996), Blue Academy Legends (1999), Doobidowa
(2000), Be Good Ⅱ (2003),
Author's Other Works
 Be Good
Shin In-cheol & Kim Ki-jeong
First Publication
Young Jump (Bi-Weekly ComicMagazine, 2000)
First Edition
 Total Volumes(Year Finished)
About the Author
Male. During his early debut, hehad a strong indie following, but now his storytellinghas gone more mainstream. He won Today's ManhwaAward (2001) for Be Good.
A Gang Boss Goes to School?!
“Say what? A gang boss has returned to high school?” 40 years old, with a
gigantic build, and a st that can win in 40 to 1 ght. Be Good is about a gang boss
who returns to high school to study, and many adventures that follow.Kang Hoon is a gang boss who is practically unstoppable. After doing many bad deeds, he was betrayed by one of his men and put in jail. In prison, Kang Hoonmeets a priest, who re-names him Kang Sae-sam (new life). Regretting his past,Kang Sae-sam decides to live a ‘new life’. After getting out of prison, he leaves his
men behind and enters high school to nish his education. But, it is not easy. His
age, his strength and build are not easy to hide. A teacher who punishes him ends
up at a hospital, and all the school bullies gather around him like ies. And after one
of his new friends gets him tangled up in a gang, his past comes back to haunt himand an uncontrollable series of incidents erupts. As they say, once a gang member,always a gang member.
© Shin In-cheol & Kim Ki-jeong / Bandi Publishing

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