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January 2012 Chatter Final

January 2012 Chatter Final

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Published by Carlos Stewart

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Published by: Carlos Stewart on Jan 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 2 _____ January 2012 _____ No. 1
David (occasional editor of this fine paper) and Daniel were married on December 2, at the American Hotel.The ceremony was held on the side lawn of the hotel that was decorated in its holiday best. We followed thecouple down a candlelit pathway to the altar where we all witnessed their vows amidst laughter and heartfelttears. Congratulations to David and Daniel – after 12 years of being together, they are now officially married.The Victorian Fest was held on Dec. 3
. I can only report news from the gallery as I had little chance toventure out. There were many fine Victorian costumes, dare I say, a highlight was Jenn's mini top-hat. Themood was merry, sales were merrier and the feedback from visitors was all glowing.Beekman fans were treated to 25 days of recipes, stories and glimpses of Sharon Springs culture via theAdvent Calendar. During its first annual debut there were 2,000 viewers and over a hundred comments left.The feedback ranged from loving Polka Spot, to trying the recipes to applauding the citizenry of this boozy,chatty little town. Timtern won the critics award for high drama, Polka Spot for total glam appeal and for justa damn good recipe – Maureen's apple cake (I have been looking for this one, my mother made one very similar but often kept her recipes filed in her memory rather than on paper.)A few shoppers (and locals) have been asking about the progress at Clausen Ridge. So, I put on my investigative reporter’s headband and went to Ms. Yvonne for answers. She was in a bit of a sugar stuporfrom eating too much Scottish Tablet (reference Advent Calendar if you don’t know what this is – so yummy that my husband was reluctant to share it with our Christmas guests!) But, I digress. The project is inhibernation for the winter, allowing her time to make the rounds of all the holiday parties in town – andthere were many! Yvonne now has plenty of time to recover before renovations resume in the Spring.The specifics of the project are being pulled together with the expertise of many, but Yvonne welcomes yourinput, too! The project is all about working with the community and being an integral part of Sharon Springs' growth and revitalization. You can send her an email, if you like:clausenridge@gmail.com
HISTORIAN'S CORNER Historically speaking, the late 20
and early 21
Centuries have been times of extreme wastefulness. Ourlandfills are full and we are facing severe energy shortages. Perhaps we can start to solve our problems by channeling an earlier time. How many readers of the Chatter can remember the recycling efforts duringWorld War II, a time when U.S. citizens were asked to sacrifice and did so willingly! ? People even recycledtheir toothpaste tubes!Today, whenever I throw away an envelope [well, at least I put it in the recycling bin], I imagine my  grandmother, Elsie Cross Madison, cringing at the waste! She re-used everything – envelopes were cut upand used for making lists or writing letters. I bet most of my cousins still have letters from Gram written onthe back of a saved envelope, and she used every bit of the surface to write with small, rather crampedwriting. “Waste not, want not!” was definitely one of her mantras.Here are a few ways we could all make a conscious effort to be less wasteful, perhaps these could be our 2012Resolutions:1.Compost! Let’s challenge our Waste Disposal providers to have a separate container for compost plus a way to convert that to energy. It’s already happening in many parts of the USA and the world.2. Use a reusable shopping bag – there are lovely ones available at The Cobbler & Company and at Beekman1802. You get double points for shopping locally!3. Turn off your car engine if you’ll be away from the vehicle for more than 8 seconds, you will save gas!4.Turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees this winter and wear extra layers. As my son once told me, you look better with lots of clothes on!Perhaps the Chatter could have a contest for the best ideas on saving energy and/or recycling!~ Nancy DiPace Pfau, Town HistorianNOTE: In 2012 let's all pull together to plan, support and share sustainable, green practices -for ourselves,the community and future generations - it's easier than you think. For many, the extremes can be alienating – but, any small step is a step in the right direction. I'd like to introduce a plan called, “The Green Initiative”in which business owners would evaluate their use of electricity, recycled products and to what degree couldthey save energy, promote conservation and provide recycling choices for visitors to Sharon Springs.To begin the discussion - At the Village Hall Gallery we do not leave lights on needlessly, shopping bags aremade from recycled materials and are chosen for the good looks to encourage re-use. We have a recyclingbin in The Loft for guests (and most everyone uses it – which is wonderful) and unless requested we changethe bedsheets every 3
night. We no longer give out bottles of water but have a filter on the tap. When I dry my hands on a paper towel I keep it around for re-use until it is truly ready for the trash. We, also recyclepapers, boxes and plastic.Any ideas, tips or discussion around this issue would be more than welcomed for the upcoming editions of The Chatter. What are you doing, big or small – care to share?
I look around at our huge collection of Sharon Springs’ memorabilia and wonder, “How did it all start?” My husband and I never considered ourselves to be avid collectors nor were we history buffs, but it certainly doesn’t appear so. Over the years, we have watched our friends and family collect Hummels, PreciousMoments figurines, dolls, teddy bears, clocks, bird cages, and trains, to name a few. All the while we werethinking, “What will they do with all that stuff?” Of course, that was years ago when we were focused on our jobs. We were thinking more about collecting a paycheck than collecting collectibles.It all started with the gift of a Sharon Springs postcard about twenty years ago. Sharon Springs is a smallmineral water community in Upstate New York, once internationally famous for its healing waters. We wereintrigued with the small memento of the past because the image showed how the village used to look. Thispostcard led to a couple more. Then we thought it would be fun to go to a postcard show. Many dealers andvendors sell at postcard shows with dozens of long boxes storing postcards from all over New York State andbordering states. One postcard show led to several more during the year. We bought more postcards andstarted putting them into binders. If collecting postcards was fun, then acquiring historical books, pamphlets,photographs, and brochures about Sharon Springs would be fun too, and the albums got bigger. We addedFlow Blue glass souvenirs of Sharon Springs to the collection. Keepsakes can be pricey and we couldn’t justleave them setting about so we bought a small tabletop display cabinet to put them in. When that cabinet wasfull, we bought a bigger cabinet.We expanded our search from postcard shows. Garage sales, flea markets, antique shows, and of course e-Bay, are the source of our finds. We still have a thrill every time we find something new. People sometimes tellus about a Sharon Springs item they saw and we immediately check it out.Many mementos are small items like silver spoons and Machlinware, but memorabilia and ephemera are alsolarge objects like posters, porcelain signs, and Adirondack-type souvenirs, and we graduated to a floorshowcase. One showcase was fine for a couple of years and then it just didn’t have enough space. Therefore,another showcase was added.The exhibits lacked order. The items in the cabinets were mostly glassware which we couldn’t leave lyingabout for small grandchildren’s fingers to touch. In order to categorize the items and house more of thecollectibles, more showcases were needed. Also, the items kept growing at a rapid pace and our wall spacewas getting congested with signs all indicating that Sharon Springs was a fun place to be – Sharon Raceway,Annex Baths, Roseboro Hotel, Sharon Springs Golf Course, Ski Tow, and Smith’s Pool.So, I alphabetized and categorized the postcards and photographs into a book shelf which now includes aboutfifty, large binders. My husband repaired various sized showcases when he wasn’t squeezing in more spaceon the garage walls. He likes the big signs best which boast about the healing powers of Sharon’s mineralwaters.

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