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Teradata Interview Questions 3

Teradata Interview Questions 3

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Published by Farooq Bmd

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Published by: Farooq Bmd on Jan 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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V2R5 New Features and Eliminated Features
 1. Added Identity column features to implement Primary keyand Unique key concepts.2. Statistics can be collected ona. Multiple Non Indexed columns of a table.b. Using sampling data from a table.3.Partition Primary Indexed Added and types described.3. Materialized View concept provided througha. Partialy covered join Index.b. Sparse Join Index.4. Stored procedure features likea. Implementing Cursors using declare cursor statements.b. Altering a Procedure Using Nested computed statements.c. FETCH to get the rows one by one sequentially.d. Get help information on Stored Procedure andAttributes etc.5. Multi Column Compression for Table Columns.6. Setting the default DATEFORM form Options.7. Implementing Multiple Distinct Aggregations in a SelectQuery etc.
V2R5.1 Features
 1. ANSI Triggers Introduced.2.Row Triggers, statement triggers are supported.3. It allows Recursion and Aggregation inside Triggers.4. Stored Procedure Enhancement achievedImplemented different recompilation methods of a storedprocedure.5. Recognised requirements for running C compilers in theTeradata UNIX Environment.6. Provided more Contextual Information for Internal Error 5547.7. Large Objects supported.a. we can load and unload large objects even inBTEQ(BLOB,CLOB)By Using LargeDatamode.
. User Defined Functions Added.Note:1. we cannot write Print Statement inside Procedure.2. Stored Procedures Created in V2R5.1 require Recompilation.
 1. Queue Tables are added.2. Triggered Stored Procedure added.3. Stored Procedure Grammar Merge added.4. Multi statements request submitted (supported in storedprocedures by usingBEGIN REQUEST------END RESQUEST.5. External Stored Procedures (xSP added).6. BLOBs are supported by stored procedure and Externalstored procedure.
 1. Stored Procedure OUT Parameter Changes.2. PPI on Volatile and Global temporary tables.3. User Defined types Added (UTDs)4. PPI on Join Index added.
 1. Alter Table column Compression added.2.'CREATE TABLE AS WITH STATISTICS ' ADDED.3. Auto generated key Retrieval added.
 1. Stored Procedure Enhancementsa. Retrieval of one or more results set from a storedprocedure.2. Error Tables Added with external syntax.3. TERADATA 12 Provides complex error handling capabilitiesin conjunction with aMERGE INTO (or) INSERT SELECT statements accomplished
through the Usage of new SQLbased error tables.4. Usage of ANSI Merge Operation at the time of loading added.5. Compare and contrast the advantage of Merge instead of MULTILOAD.6. TD 12 MERGE plan is different from V2R5 MERGE plan.7. Multilevel Partitioning provided.
. Added many changes to the User defined functions andTable functions.9. Supports SQL Invocation Using External Stored Procedures.10. Teradata Extended Support for Windows Aggregate Function.exampleSTDDEV_SAMP[standard deviation sample]CORR ---CorelationCOVAR_SAMP (Corelation Variable sample )VAR_SAMP etc.11. It supports DSW of 20 bits also.12. BLOB and CLOB Extended till 10 GB.
Teradata Interview Questions 1,2,3 (Typical)
Entire set of Standard Teradata Questions.This Complete Set will repeat for all Interview sessions.
Definition of Teradata?
Tell me important components of Teradata?Definition:
 It is an RDBMS that drives company's Datawarehouse,Datamart,OLTP,OLAP,DSS Appliances.a.An "Open system which executes on UNIX MR-RAS(Discontinued in teradata 13),WIN2K, Suse LinuxETC & Above OS.b.Compatible with ANSI standardsc.Runs on Single or Multi nodes.d.Built in Parallelisme.Acts Like a Server.
New Featues (Teradata 13):
 Designed with the below appliances.a.Extreme Data warehouse 1550.d.Active Enterprise Datawarehouse 5550 H,5555 C/Hc.Internet and E-businessd.Customer Relationship Management.e.Datamart Appliance 2500,2550,2555

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