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Case Study Brazil Herbalife

Case Study Brazil Herbalife

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Published by sgrifennu
How Herbalife (South & Central America) found high-quality executive recruitment support – with superb communication, detailed project management and a hands-on partner in DRH-Talent Search (IRC-Brazil), a member firm with IRC Global Executive Search Partners
How Herbalife (South & Central America) found high-quality executive recruitment support – with superb communication, detailed project management and a hands-on partner in DRH-Talent Search (IRC-Brazil), a member firm with IRC Global Executive Search Partners

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Published by: sgrifennu on Jan 04, 2012
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Treating You Right
(Executive Search: Case Study
DRH - Talent Search, Brazil / Herbalife, BrazilIRC Global Executive Search Partners
The Company
Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has helped people pursue healthy, active lives since 1980.Herbalife products are available exclusively through approximately 2.3 million independent Distributorsin 79 countries.
The HR Professional 
Eliana Molina joined Herbalife Brazil in 1997, initially as theright-hand person to the General Manager. As the companywas establishing in South and Central America, she gainedexperience across many business sectors, including legal,licensing, administration – and Human Resources (HR).Eliana has more than 30 years’ experience in recruitment andselection. “I like to work, even with raising a family,” sheexplains. “Fortunately, I have the ability to work in manyareas, including managing the legal side, such as protectingthe company’s products, but I feel happiest in HR.I’ve concentrated on developing company-wide concepts, bestpractices, and policies always with an eye on HR.” Her executive MBA (2009) thesis was also in HR. “When most people feel comfortable that they may havestudied enough, that’s when I usually decide to learn something new,” she laughs. “I’m travelling a lot
now, so I’m investing in more specic education, such as seminars or short HR courses. I also read a lot,
on leadership, HR, people, new initiatives. I’m always learning new things, better techniques.” Eliana is now Herbalife South & Central America’s Senior Director, Human Resources, based in São Paulo,Brazil. Her busy travel schedule takes her throughout South and Central America, and to Herbalife’s head
ofce in Los Angeles, USA.
Searching For a New Firm
To ll Herbalife’s management and executive vacancies, Eliana previously worked only with large, multi-
national recruitment companies: “I wanted to make sure there was high-quality support for internalclients, to provide the best possible experience.” However, she was also aware of the need to expand her network of companies (as she usually workedwith just three of the largest ones), and she wanted to give an opportunity to different companies,and experience their way of working.So, she met with a manager in the company, who previously reported to her, and whose judgementshe trusted. “I told him that I wanted to try working with some different companies, and that I would
use a new company on one of my own recruitment challenges, before using that rm for internal clients.” 
Her contact suggested a number of companies, including DRH - Talent Search (DHR), IRC Brazil, a São
Paulo-based executive search rm, and a member of IRC Global Executive Search Partners, a globalnetwork of retained executive search rms. However, he remarked that it might be inappropriate to usesuch a relatively small, boutique-style rm.
‘Treating You Right’ Case Study
How Herbalife (South & Central America) found high-quality executive recruitment support – with superb communication, detailed project management and a hands-on partner in
DRH-Talent Search (IRC-Brazil), a member frm with IRC Global Executive Search Partners
Eliana Molina 
Herbalife South & Central America’s SeniorDirector, Human Resources
Eliana disagreed, as she felt that a boutique company might offer her the customized attention she
wanted from a search rm. “So, I called the company,” she says. “Hamilton Teixeira, DRH’s managing
partner, came out to see me. We discussed his company’s approach to the search business, including thedetailed project management process and attention to detail. I liked what I heard, but I was concerned
about price. The larger rms I had worked with could offer me a volume dis
-count, but I couldn’t expect that from DRH. However, they offered a competitiveprice – not the cheapest, nor the most expensive – and so I could work withthem.” 
[Hamilton conrms that he is passionate about providing the kind of 
personal ‘boutique’ service that he feels is often missing from executive searchagencies. He has comprehensive experience in the search industry: he hiredheadhunters for 20 years, he has been a candidate many times, and is now aheadhunter himself (for the last 10 years) – “so you know the feeling, and weunderstand what the client needs, and we also treat the candidate in the way wewould have liked to have been treated.”]For her initial experience with DRH, Eliana decided they would work together on
a managerial position that reported to her, so that she could be more condentin then having the rm work with Herbalife’s internal clients.
Communication is the key
 “The rst search was amazing!” says Eliana. “I had a complicated business agenda, and DRH adapteditself to the needs of me and the project. Even when I was not available in my ofce, they found a way
of keeping the project on track.” 
That effective time management included sending candidate proles to her home address when she was inbetween business trips, and not in the ofce, and being available almost anytime, including late at night. “DRH worked with me as if I was here and available. There were no difculties at all – and there areusually difculties! Communication is key. Often, you call the person in the company leading the search
process, and they’re simply not available, in a meeting, with a client – and call backs take a long time tohappen. Just trying to keep in touch usually takes up a lot of time in a project, but with DRH that simplywasn’t a problem, because they were always available.” DRH carefully structured the project, and organized timelines that were closely monitored and adhered to.[Hamilton says DRH always provides a detailed schedule of each step, from the moment the position
specication is approved, through the next 30 to 40 days to the nal reports with candidate selection.In this case, it was four candidates – a good problem of choice!]
Eliana found that the attention to detail helped her to prioritize, too. “I felt that DRH was really a partner
with me, and I was condent the project was never in jeopardy.” 
Superb Quality
Eliana found the candidate quality was superb, with the entire process being carefully handled. She rmly
believes that senior people should always be involved in the process, which doesn’t happen all the time. “I get very tired of seeing candidates who are simply not prepared. Time is precious – both my time and
the candidates’ time. I respect them a lot – and when a candidate is unprepared, I feel the search rm is
inconsiderate of everyone’s time.” 
[One of the biggest challenges with this position was the language requirement of uency in Spanish,Portuguese and English, conrms Hamilton. “It is not common for some of the executive categories in
Hamilton Teixeira
DRH Managing Partner

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