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United States-Europe Predictions 2012-2017

United States-Europe Predictions 2012-2017

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Published by Suryasukra
Predictions United States-Europe 2012-2017
Predictions United States-Europe 2012-2017

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Suryasukra on Jan 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It will be in 2011, the Western calendar, when announcing major economicdifficulties. First, in the U.S., but then in Europe, the money will lose valuefaster and stronger. This development is the result of a failed economic andmonetary policy based on the system of compound interest and the belief inunlimited economic development opportunities. The mighty of the society inthe United States and Europe have believed for decades that the world is aplayground of their greed, their selfishness, they can herrichten to any to theirliking. They believed there would be more of everything. But they aredisappointed to see from the snares of the Maya( the ilusory energy of LordKrishna) , because greed has blinded their minds. The earthly world is notinfinite and there will be unlimited happiness in this world, never, neverunlimited growth.Your system will show its limits.Until the collapse of the American monetary system and the economyamerikansischen the powerful of this country and its allies will do everythingpossible to halt the impending decline.In the Middle East is the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel to expandafter a period of relaxation by the apparent murder of a Palestinian highdignitary to a new war in the neighboring countries are also involved, such asSyria and Jordan. This will be the case in 2011.Above all, Europe will suffer from the massive immigration movements thattrigger the wars in other parts of the world. The European welfare systems willbe overwhelmed with the integration of millions of refugees, so that theinfrastructure of Europe reached its limit. This is true not only for Germany butalso for the central European neighbors. Only in Northern Europe, the impact of the immigration movement will be less.With very similar problems to the United States faced. This leads to aprogressive destabilization of the economies and currency of the Westernindustrialized nations. This trend will result in 2012 to the aforementionedcollapse of the U.S. currency. This will be both in the U.S. and in Europe,triggered major riots, which assume civil war. This leads to a protracted crisisof Western societies, to sink into the consequence that the United States inforeign policy irrelevance. In the years to 2014, the American troops towithdraw almost entirely from abroad.In the autumn of 2012 will suffer in the U.S. financial system collapse. Thestate will continue its commitments to the staff of the State no longer able tomeet. There will be no pay for soldiers, no wages for civil servants, as themoney is worth nothing. This situation will bring society into great confusion.Numerous shops and factories, as well as banks will have to close, manypeople lose their jobs and their livelihoods. There will be looting and unrest,especially in the cities, armed towns people will plunder the country. When theriots many people will come to death. The government will try to gain control of the situation by using its military forces still loyal again. This is only partly thecase. The collapse of the U.S. economy leads to civil unrest that will persist into

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