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Sex and Marriage

Sex and Marriage

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Published by Matthew Broughton
J. KRISHNAMURTI public talk
J. KRISHNAMURTI public talk

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Published by: Matthew Broughton on Nov 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LIKE other human problems, the problem of ourpassions and sexual urges is a complex anddifficult one, and if the educator himself has notdeeply probed into it and seen its manyimplications, how can he help those he iseducating? If the parent or the teacher is himself caught up in the turmoils of sex, how can heguide the child? Can we help the children if weourselves do not understand the significance of this whole problem? The manner in which theeducator imparts an understanding of sexdepends on the state of his own mind; it dependson whether he is gently dispassionate, orconsumed by his own desires.Now, why is sex to most of us a problem, full of confusion and conflict? Why has it become a
dominant factor in our lives? One of the mainreasons is that we are not creative; and we arenot creative because our whole social and moralculture, as well as our educational methods, arebased on development of the intellect. Thesolution to this problem of sex lies inunderstanding that creation does not occurthrough the functioning of the intellect. On thecontrary, there is creation only when the intellectis still. The intellect, the mind as such, can onlyrepeat, recollect, it is constantly spinning newwords and rearranging old ones; and as most of us feel and experience only through the brain, welive exclusively on words and mechanicalrepetitions. This is obviously not creation; andsince we are uncreative, the only means ocreativeness left to us is sex. Sex is of the mind,and that which is of the mind must fulfil itself orthere is frustration.Our thoughts, our lives are bright, arid, hollow,empty; emotionally we are starved, religiouslyand intellectually we are repetitive, dull; socially,politically and economically we are regimented,controlled. We are not happy people, we are not
vital, joyous; at home, in business, at church, atschool, we never experience a creative state of being, there is no deep release in our dailythought and action. Caught and held from allsides, naturally sex becomes our only outlet, anexperience to be sought again and again becauseit momentarily offers that state of happinesswhich comes when there is absence of self. It isnot sex that constitutes a problem, but the desireto recapture the state of happiness, to gain andmaintain pleasure, whether sexual or any other.What we are really searching for is this intensepassion of self-forgetfulness, this identificationwith something in which we can lose ourselvescompletely. Because the self is small, petty and asource of pain, consciously or unconsciously wewant to lose ourselves in individual or collectiveexcitement, in lofty thoughts, or in some grossform of sensation.When we seek to escape from the self, themeans of escape are very important, and thenthey also become painful problems to us. Unlesswe investigate and understand the hindrancesthat prevent creative living, which is freedomfrom self, we shall not understand the problem of 

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