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Cbcpmonitor Vol16 n01

Cbcpmonitor Vol16 n01

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Published by cbcpmonitor
- CBCP declares 2012 ‘Year of Mission’
- 2012 sees synod of bishops, canonization of Pedro Calungsod
- Catholic schools to meet for K+12 seminar
- Young people offer new hope to the world, pope says
- CBCP President’s New Year’s Message
- Faithful urged to spend more time in prayer, less in techie gadgets
- Fisherfolks ask SoKor govt to withdraw investment on Apeco project
- Gawad Kalinga to build homes for flood victims
- Pope urges world to seek Christ’s peace in 2012
- Educating young people in justice and peace
- Ugnayan: The News Supplement of Couples for Christ
- CBCP declares 2012 ‘Year of Mission’
- 2012 sees synod of bishops, canonization of Pedro Calungsod
- Catholic schools to meet for K+12 seminar
- Young people offer new hope to the world, pope says
- CBCP President’s New Year’s Message
- Faithful urged to spend more time in prayer, less in techie gadgets
- Fisherfolks ask SoKor govt to withdraw investment on Apeco project
- Gawad Kalinga to build homes for flood victims
- Pope urges world to seek Christ’s peace in 2012
- Educating young people in justice and peace
- Ugnayan: The News Supplement of Couples for Christ

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Published by: cbcpmonitor on Jan 05, 2012
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 Vol. 16 No. 1
 January 2 - 15, 2012
Php 20.
Educating young people in justice and peace
Pope urges world toseek Christ’s peace in2012
The News Supplement of Couples for Christ
Gawad Kalinga to
 build homes for ood
GAWAD Kalinga’s Ateneo de Manila chap-
ter will help build homes for ood victims
in Cagayan de City.
Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, SJ, former Presi
dent of the Ateneo de Manila University and
board member of Gawad Kalinga said they
will visit Cagayan de Oro to check on theproposed sites where ood victims wouldbe eventually relocated.
“Gawad Kalinga found a piece of property
Homes / A6
CBCP declares 2012‘Year of Mission’
By Pinky Barrientos, FSP
IN a bid to fan the ame ofmission among the faithful,the Catholic Bishops’ Con
ference of the Philippineshas declared a “Year of thePontical Mission Societies”marking the occasion of the80th anniversary of the PMSin October 2012.
“It is to be a grace-lled year, marked
by renewed enthusiasm for dedicated
service as Christ’s evangelizing dis
ciples,” said Cebu Archbishop JosePalma in his rst pastoral exhortationas CBCP president.The celebration of the Philippine Yearof the PMS will run from January 1, untilDecember 31, 2012.A grand mission festival, touted to
be the largest gathering of Catholics
in the country, after the World YouthDay in 1995, is slated on April 18-20,2012 in Manila.Palma expressed optimism that throughvarious activities like seminars, missionactivities in Catholic schools, new mis
sion initiatives at home and abroad, the
dynamic commitment of Filipinos “to the
effective preaching of the Good News of Jesus Christ” will be rekindled “even tothe ends of the earth.”The PMS, he said, have been gener
ously serving the local Church in thePhilippines since their establishmenthere in 1932.Thus, he added, 2012 commemorates
eight decades of uninterrupted dedica-
tion of the “pope’s mission societies”to the Church’s mission of evangeliza
PMS’ valuable service to the Church
Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 expressedhis gratitude to the PMS for its “valuableservice” and its efforts to promote “loveand solidarity.”Similarly in 2011, the pontiff onceagain thanked the PMS for its assistancein supporting “evangelizing activities inmission territories.”
Fisherfolks ask SoKor govtto withdraw investment on Apeco project
THE Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Ma
mamalakaya ng Pilipinas (Pamalakaya) ap
pealed to the South Korean (SoKor) govern
-ment to withdraw its funding for the Aurora
Pacic Economic and Free Port (Apeco) as itwould affect the livelihood of small farmersand sherfolks living in the area where the
port is located.
In a letter sent to the Embassy of SouthKorea, Pamalakaya national chair Fernando
Fisherfolks / A6
Catholicschools tomeet for K+12seminar
SINCE national basic educationcurriculum will be extended from10 to 12 years starting next schoolyear, the Catholic EducationalAssociation of the Philippines(CEAP) will gather representa
tives of private Catholic schools
nationwide to discuss prepara-tions on the looming shift to the
government’s Kindergarten to12th grade (K+12) program.The CEAP will hold its nationalsummit on K+12 basic educationcurriculum on January 12 at the
Marian Auditorium of Miriam
Young people offernew hope to theworld, pope says
HIGHLIGHTING the contribu
tion young people can make inthe society marked with grow
-ing discontent due to the crisishappening in the world of labor
and economy, Pope BenedictXVI said the young can offer
new hope to the world if they areeducated in justice and peace.
The pope said he is convincedthat the young people, with theirenthusiasm and idealism, can
contribute in the building of amore humane society.
With education as theme, thepope’s message for the 45thWorld Day of Peace on January 1also stressed the role of parents,educators, leaders in the variousspheres of religious, social, po
litical, economic and cultural life,
as well as the media in forming
the young in the values of justice
and peace.
“Attentiveness to young peo
ple and their concerns, the ability
to listen to them and appreciate
them, is not merely somethingexpedient; it represents a pri
mary duty for society as a whole,for the sake of building a futureof justice and peace,” the pope
said in his message titled “Edu-
2012 sees synodof bishops,canonization of Pedro Calungsod
THE head of the Catholic hierarchysaid the coming of yet another year
promises abundant divine graces for
Filipino Catholics as he cited two im-
portant Church events that will happenin 2012.On October 7 to 28, the 13th OrdinaryGeneral Assembly of the Synod of Bish
ops will convene in Rome to discuss thetopic “The New Evangelization for theTransmission of the Christian Faith,”according to CBCP president and CebuArchbishop Jose Palma.The synodal assembly will examine
the present situation in the particular
Churches, Palma said.Together with the Holy Father, the
synod will map out new methodsand means for transmitting the Good
News to people in our world todayand hopes to direct evangelizationwith a renewed enthusiasm, he ex
“This year will also see the canoniza
tion of our very own Blessed PedroCalungsod. We envision efforts towards
renewal because of the preparations
which come with canonization,” he
also said.
He urged the people to strive to
CBCP President’sNew Year’s Message
MY dear brothers andsisters in Jesus Christ:
Maayong Bag-ong
Tuig kaninyong tanan!As we thank God
for the many blessingsHe bestowed on us
last year, we offer Himpraise and thanksgiv
-ing as He brings us to
another year, the NewYear 2012.That God has given usyet another year, is botha gift and a task. We arehere for a reason; wehave a mission. As weembark on life’s jour
ney, we pray for cour
age and hope. Surely,the task which God hasgiven us is meant for
our own good and forthe good of the churchand the community.
We know there is much
to do considering life’schallenges in our im-perfect society with uswho are poor or frail
people. Yet, we move
forward with contritehearts and with firm
faith knowing God will
not abandon us because
he loves us (cf. Isaiah49:15) and convinced of
what we are able to ac-complish because of thegoodness and power inour hearts.
For us Catholics, theyear 2012 promisesabundant divine graces.This coming October 7to 28, there will be the13th Ordinary GeneralAssembly of the Synodof Bishops in Rome todiscuss the topic: TheNew Evangelization for
the Transmission of theChristian Faith. The aimof the approaching syn-odal assembly will be
to examine the present
situation in the particular
Churches. It will trace,
in communion with the
Holy Father, Pope Bene
dict XVI, the Bishop ofRome and Universal Pas
tor of the Church, the
new methods and meansfor transmitting the Good
News to people in our
world today. It hopes
to direct evangelization
with a renewed enthu-siasm.This year will also
see the canonization ofour very own BlessedPedro Calungsod. Weenvision efforts towards
renewal because of thepreparations which
come with canoniza
tion. If we know him
better and emulate his
virtues, particularly hiszeal for learning, liv
ing, spreading and evendying for the faith, we
become a better people.
Let us imitate his love
for the Eucharist and
devotion to the BlessedVirgin Mary. Let us
learn from him how to
trust our Provident God
and how to be a truefriend who brings peo-ple closer to God. May
Blessed Pedro journeywith us so that like him
we truly become “mga
katagilungsod”, fellowcitizens of our beautifulland, and fellow citizensof the saints in heaven.Once again, a grace-lled New Year to youall!+JOSE S. PALMA, DD
Archbishop of Cebu
CBCP President
Faithful urged to spendmore time in prayer, less intechie gadgets
MANILA ArchbishopLuis Antonio Tagle has
urged the faithful tospend the days leadingto Christmas as occa-sions to deepen one’sprayer life and worshipof God.He called on the con-
gregation to “recover
this sense of worship
[and] resting in God,
for us to relish the sal-
vation that comes to usin Jesus.”“We are asked dur
-ing these days and onChristmas Day to be a
worshipping people, topray, to rest in God,”
he said in his hom-ily during a Masshe celebrated
at the Supreme
Court of the
Henotedthatpeoplespendmore timewith tele-
com-puters and mobile
phones thereby signi
-cantly losing time forprayer.
According to him,
Filipinos are not a wor-shipping people “un-
less we worship the tvset.” The television set
is the Filipinos’ “new
God” as it commandsattention, and “dictateson us.”
Tagle said for oneto benefit from God’s
salvation, one has to
pray. He recalled that
the Jewish people have
always beenfaithful to
the Sab
-bath Dayspent on
Canonization / A6Year of Mission / A6Schools / A6Young / A7
   R  o  y   L  a  g  a  r   d  e   /   C   B   C   P   M  e   d   i  a   I   l   l  u  s   t  r  a   t   i  o  n   b  y   B   l  a   d   i  m   i  r   U  s   i
Techie / A6
Young people participate at the closing celebration of the National YouthDay held at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City last November 18,2011.Catholic priests from Imus diocese join the traditional “caracol” dance procession of Caviteños during the installation of new Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle, 12 December2011. As an expression of prayer and joy over the elevation of their own shepherd to the archbishopric of Manila, the procession, participated by around 1,000 faithful, manifests thepeople’s jovial spirit and optimism that not even a battery of social and natural calamities could dampen.
See related story on A8.
   R  o  y   L  a  g  a  r   d  e   /   C   B   C   P   M  e   d   i  a
 Vol. 16 No. 1
January 2 - 15, 2012 
CBCP Monitor
 World News
Vatican Briefng
Ordinariate for ex-Anglicans established in US
The Vatican announced Jan. 1 the establishment of a U.S.ordinariate for Anglicans seeking full communion withRome under the stipulations outlined in “Anglicanorumcoetibus.” In announcing the establishment of the PersonalOrdinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, the Congregation
for the Doctrine of the Faith also announced the leader
of the new ordinariate: Fr. Jeffrey N. Steenson, a formerEpiscopal bishop. In 2005, he was made bishop of theEpiscopal Diocese of the Rio Grande in New Mexico. OnDec. 1, 2007, he resigned as bishop and was received into
the Catholic Church.
Pope’s January prayer intention: Natural disastervictims
Benedict XVI will be praying this month for the victims ofnatural disasters. The Apostleship of Prayer announcedthe intentions chosen by the Pope for January. His generalintention is “that the victims of natural disasters mayreceive the spiritual and material comfort they need torebuild their lives.” The Pontiff’s mission intention isfocused on peace: “That the dedication of Christians to
peace may bear witness to the name of Christ before all
men and women of good will.”
Pope urges world to seek Christ’s peace in 2012
Pope Benedict XVI marked 2012’s Solemnity of Mary the
Mother of God with a proclamation of the peace that is
found in her son Jesus Christ. “As Saint Paul says, ‘He isour peace,’ and at the same time the ‘way’ by which in
dividuals and peoples can reach this goal to which we allaspire,” the Pope said in his homily on the Jan. 1 feast day,which coincided with the Church’s 45th annual World Dayof Peace. The Pope welcomed pilgrims, Church leaders,and international dignitaries to St. Peter’s Basilica for theyear’s rst public Papal Mass. He told them that peace,“in the highest and fullest sense, is the sum and synthesisof all blessings” given by God.
Pope approves miracles of Blesseds Marianne Copeand Kateri Tekakwitha
Pope Benedict XVI formally recognized miracles attributedto Bl. Marianne Cope and Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha on Dec.19, clearing the way for both women to be canonized. Thetwo women, who both lived in the United States, wereamong numerous individuals whose sainthood causeswere advanced by decrees authorized by Pope BenedictXVI on Monday. Sister Grace Anne Dillenschneider, vicepostulator for the Cause for the Diocese of Syracuse, toldCNA on Dec. 19 that the date for Bl. Cope’s canonizationhas not yet been conrmed. The Congregation for theCauses of Saints had already approved Bl. Cope’s secondofcial miracle, which involved the medical recovery of awoman in Syracuse who was cured of a fatal and irrevers
-ible health condition.
Pope stresses importance of education atstart of New Year
VATICAN City, Jan. 1,2012—Benedict XVI says it can
seem astonishing how “ultimate-
ly short and ephemeral life is,”but he afrms that what gives
meaning to our days is “writtenon the face of a Child who was
born in Bethlehem 2,000 yearsago, and is today the Living One,risen for ever from the dead.”The Pope offered that reec
tion at vespers for the feast ofMary, Mother of God.
“From within the fabric of
humanity, rent asunder by somuch injustice, wickedness andviolence, there bursts forth in
an unforeseen way the joyful
and liberating novelty of Christour Saviour, who leads us to
contemplate the goodness andtenderness of God through themystery of his Incarnation and
Birth,” the Holy Father said.“The everlasting God has en
-tered our history and he remainspresent in a unique way in the
person of Jesus, his incarnateSon, our Saviour, who came
down to earth to renew human-ity radically and to free us from
sin and death, to raise us to thedignity of God’s children.”At the Mass, which also marksthe 45th World Day of Peace, the
Holy Father highlighted pointsfrom his message for the day.He said that peace “in the full-
est and highest sense, is the sumand synthesis of all blessings.”Referring to the messagetheme, the Holy Father added:“’Educating Young People in Justice and Peace’ is a task forevery generation, and thanks beto God, after the tragedies of thetwo great world wars, the hu
-man family has shown increas-
ing awareness of it.”
He said the Church in recenttimes has articulated a demand
to “respond to a decisive chal
-lenge that consists precisely in
education.”“Why is this a ‘challenge?’”the Pope asked. “For at leasttwo reasons: in the rst place,because in the present age, sostrongly marked by a technologi
cal mentality, the desire to edu
-cate and not merely to instruct
cannot be taken for granted, itis a choice; in the second place,because the culture of relativismraises a radical question: does itstill make sense to educate? Andthen, to educate for what?”The Pontiff afrmed that to
day, “to assume responsibility
for educating young people in
knowledge of the truth, in funda
mental values and virtues, is tolook to the future with hope.”Benedict XVI called for aneducation of conscience, and
said it begins in the home. “Itis essentially about helping in-
fants, children and adolescentsto develop a personality that
combines a profound sense of justice with respect for their
neighbour, with a capacity toaddress conicts without arro
gance, with the inner strengthto bear witness to good, evenwhen it involves sacrice, withforgiveness and reconciliation.
Thus they will be able to becomepeople of peace and builders of
Pope: God responded to 2011’s sufferings with Jesus’ birth
VATICAN City, Dec. 31,2011—Pope Benedict XVI
said that the questions
raised by 2011’s tragedieswere answered when Je
-sus was born at Christmasto radically renew and
free mankind.
“Another year is draw-
ing to a close, as we awaitthe start of a new one,”the Pope noted Dec. 31 ashe presided over the rstvespers for the Solemnity
of Mary Mother of God in
St. Peter’s Basilica.He observed that the
shortness of life causes us
to ask the question “whatmeaning can we give toour days? What meaning,in particular, can we give tothe days of toil and grief?”
He said that the answer tothis question “is writtenon the face of a Child whowas born in Bethlehem two
thousand years ago, and istoday the Living One, risenfor ever from the dead.”Pope Benedict also
turned his attention towhat he called the mostpressing pastoral need
in Rome and throughoutthe world. Catholics, hesaid, must “reawaken inthemselves and in others
the longing for God and
the joy of living him andbearing witness to him, on
the basis of what is alwaysa deeply personal ques-
tion: why do I believe?”
26 missionaries killed in 2011
ROME, Jan. 1, 2012—The Fides
news agency has published a list
of pastoral workers who werekilled during the last year. Not
all of them were martyrs in the
strict sense, as Fides lists all thosewho lost their lives in a violent
In 2011, 26 pastoral care work
ers were killed: one more thanthe previous year: 18 priests,
four religious sisters and fourlaypeople. For the third con-
secutive year, the place with the
most deaths was the American
continent, with the deaths of 13
priests and two laypersons.
Following was Africa, wheresix pastoral workers were killed:two priests, three religious sis
ters, and one layperson. In Asiatwo priests, one religious sister,and one layperson were killed.
The least affected continent was
Europe, where one priest waskilled.Many of them were killed in
the course of attempted robbery
or kidnapping. Others, the Fidesreport said, “were killed in the
name of Christ by those oppos-
ing love with hatred, hope withdespair, dialogue with violentopposition.”
The Fides report cited
the words spoken on Dec. 26 byBenedict XVI, during his Angelus
message on the day of the liturgi-
cal feast of the martyr Stephen:“As in ancient times, today the
sincere adherence to the Gospel
may require the sacrice of lifeand many Christians in various
parts of the world are occasion-
ally exposed to persecutionand martyrdom. But, the Lordreminds us, ‘he who endures tothe end shall be saved’ (Matthew10:22).”
In America, the most violent
country was Colombia with
seven deaths out of the overalltotal of 15. Mexico was in secondplace with ve. Brazil, Paraguayand Nicaragua each accountedfor one death. Those killed werethe following:Colombia: Fr. Rafael ReátigaRojas and Fr. Richard ArmandoPiffano Laguado killed by gun
-shot by a murderer who was
traveling with the two priests:Fr. Luis Carlos Orozco Cardonakilled by a young man who shothim among the crowd; Fr. Gusta
vo Garcia Eudista was murdered
in the street by a man who wanted
to steal his mobile phone. Fr. JoseReinel Restrepo Idárraga, killedby unknown persons while hewas riding his motorcycle, which
was then stolen along with other
objects belonging to the priest; Fr.Gualberto Oviedo Arrieta, foundcovered with wounds and knifed
to death in the rectory of his par-
ish. A layperson, Luis EduardoGarcia, a member of the socialpastoral ministry, attacked by agroup of guerrillas, kidnappedand then killed.Mexico: Fr. Santos SánchezHernández, attacked by an in
truder who entered his house,most likely to steal; Fr. Fran
cisco Sánchez Duran, found in
the church with wounds to the
neck, perhaps in an attemptto stop a robbery in church;Fr. Salvador Ruiz Enciso, whowas kidnapped and killed; Fr.Marco Antonio Duran Romero,killed in a gunfight between
soldiers and an armed group.
A laywoman, Mary ElizabethMacías Castro, of the Scalabrin
ian Lay Movement, kidnapped
by a group of drug dealers and
brutally killed.Brazil: Fr. Romeu Drago waskilled in his home. His body wasthen brought to about 25 kilome
ters (15 miles) from his home,
where he was burned.
Paraguay: Monsignor JulioCésar Álvarez was killed. Hisbody was found in his room, handand foot bound, with injuries and
scratches and strangled.
Nicaragua; Fr. Marlon ErnestoPupiro García was kidnappedand killed . Africa. The killingstook place in Burundi (2) and oneeach in the Democratic Republicof Congo, Southern Sudan, Tu
nisia, Kenya.Tunisia: Fr. Marek Rybinskwas killed, a Salesian mission
ary, whose body was founddead in a local Salesian school
of Manouba.
Kenya: Fr. Awuor Kiser wasattacked in a suburb of the Ke
-nyan capital.
Congo: Sister Jeanne Yegmanewas killed in an ambush.South Sudan: Sister Angelina,
while bringing medical aid torefugees.
Burundi: during a robbery at
tempt Sister Lukrecija Mamica,of the “Sisters of Charity” andFrancesco Bazzani, a volunteer.In Asia there were four deaths,
three in India and one in the
Philippines.India: Fr. G. Amalan was killed
in his room by a person who es-caped with a few rupees found
in the home; Sister Valsha John,who worked among the poorand tribal people, killed in herhome, a catechist and lay activistRabindra Parichha, kidnappedand killed.Philippines: Fr. Fausto Tento
rio, PIME missionary was killed,
while on his way to a priests’
meeting, two gunmen shot himin the head and back.
The sole death in Europe was
in Spain, Fr. Ricardo Muñoz Juarez was killed by thieves whobroke into his home.
‘Tsunami Bibles’ help Japan to understand the tragedy
TOKYO, Japan, Dec. 30,2011—Thousands of Bibles thatsurvived the tsunami that devas
tated Japan on March 11, 2011, areback on sale. The sacred text, buy
ers say, “helps to give an answerto the worst tragedy of the last 10years.” And the fact that they arethe only survivors of a publish
-ing house swept away by the sea
makes them even more valuable.Sixty percent of Ofunato,Iwate province, was destroyedby the tsunami provoked by anearthquake and which caused a
Catholic day of mourning for crash victims
SHIJIAZHUANG, China, Dec.30, 2011—An online Catholic
website has called for prayers
for a priest and six seminar
ians killed in a road accident
earlier this month.The appeal was issued bypopular mainland site Tian-
zhujiao Zaixian (CatholicChurch online), and suggested
that Catholics offer a requiem
HUE, Vietnam, Dec. 29,2011—About 200 people gathered
yesterday for a special Mass tocommemorate the Feast of HolyInnocents at a cemetery housingthe remains thousands of aborted
fetuses in Hue province.Father Peter Tran Van Quy, headof Caritas in Hue archdiocese, andsix other priests concelebratedthe Mass, during which attendees
prayed for the souls of the deadand their parents.“Today we come here to prayfor the souls of aborted fetuses
to be in heaven and to forgivetheir parents, and for thosewho have performed abortionsso that they would recognize
it is a crime against human
beings,” said the priest during
the Mass.
Fr. Quy, 67, said that a local pro-
life group has collected and buried
about 45,000 aborted fetuses in the
cemetery in the nearly two decades
since the group began work.
He added that the group has
also saved more than 1,000 babies
from being aborted.
“We visit eight local privateclinics, where we persuade preg
-nant women to stop their plan
to have an abortion and providethem with accommodation, food
and health care at Church-run
homes until they give birth,” saida group volunteer who asked not
to be named.
 John Baptist Truong Van Nang,who looks after 5,000 tombs at thecemetery, said many people visitand offer incense and owers on
the tombs. He added that he buries
45-50 aborted fetuses each week.
Priests mark Feast of Holy Innocents
Mass, prayers for
the deceased and
their families, fast
-ing or a silent tribute
at 10am tomorrow—the approximate
time of the deadlyaccident.
Tomorrow marksthe seventh day ofthe third week sincethe accident, a day
that holds special
signicance for the
deceased in Chinese tradi-tion.
About 2,000 people havevisited the Tianzhujiao Zaix
-ian website to light an onlinecandle for the deceased.
Meanwhile the Justice andPeace Commission of theHong Kong diocese has askedCatholics to observe a one-
minute silent tribute tomor-
row, also at 10am.“We were very shocked and
sad to hear about the accident.Despite geographical dis-
tance, we try to do somethingto express the concern andconsolation from the univer
sal Church,” said JPC projectofcer Or Yan-yan.Father Joseph Shi Liming ofBaoding and six seminarianswere killed on December 11when the minivan they weredriving in collided head-onwith a truck and overturned,before being struck by anothertruck.One seminarian, GabrielGao, survived the accident
after being thrown from the
vehicle during the initial col
He is recovering in neuro
-surgery ward at a hospital in
Shijiazhuang city, according
to a report by a Catholic blog-ger using the name Mengshou
zhufuzhe, which means “theone who is blessed,” whovisited Gao.
Though he was able to open
his eyes and look around andrespond to people’s words, his
condition is still far from full
consciousness,” the blogger
wrote.Mainland Church sources
have said that families of thedeceased have received some
compensation and that the
 Jinzhou city government haspromised to provide them
with pensions.
The JPC also called forprayers for Fr Liu Qijin ofAnguo, who fractured his leg
in a separate road accident
on December 12, in which
another passenger in the car
was killed.
  w  w  w .  u  c  a  n  e  w  s .  c  o  m
leak in the nuclear power plantin Fukushima. Here Dr. Haratsu
gu Yamaura lived for decades, aCatholic of 71, who since retiringhas undertaken to translate theBible into Kesen-go, the dialectspoken in the regions of north-eastern coast of Japan.
After seeing the destruction of
Ofunato—which Dr. Yamaura
calls “the worst crisis since World
War II—Catholics have askedthe doctor, “Kamisamansuu,kamisamansuu, nashite oreado
goo, misute yaryashitare?”. This
is a passagefrom Mat-
thew 27:46
and trans-lated intotheir dia-
lect: “MyGod, myGod, why
hast thou
forsakenme?” But
now the miracle of the Bible is
giving an answer.The texts were in fact printedby E. Pix, a
small localpublisher.Three daysafter theassault ofthe anoma-
lous wave
publisherand presi-
dent of the group, returned tohis publishing house: among the
rubble he found 3 thousand cop-
ies still in good condition, which
he carried out to dry in the sun.
Now, thanks to the proceeds ofsales, he thinks he can reviveE. Pix.At rst, the publisher wantedto sell them at a discount, giventhe damage. But Masahiro Kudo,
deputy director of the Miura Aya-
ko Literature Museum Founda
tion [a Japanese writer known forher works on Christian themes]insisted to buy at full price: “Theyare very precious copies. Theydemonstrate the love of God forthe survivors. “Driven by word of mouth,
Kumagai has started selling them
online. Mizue Takahashi, a 70 yearold resident in Tokyo, bought one:
“The copy was still damp when I
received it. It helped me to under
stand the tsunami and to provide
answers for the pain it has caused
to our country.”
With the growing number of
buyers, the publisher was able to
pay salaries despite the drama.
Now he hopes to rebuild his
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 Vol. 16 No. 1
January 2 - 15, 2012 
CBCP Monitor
Mindanao bishops urge govt to protect people’s interests vs mining companies
MANILA, Dec. 16, 2011—Three Mind
anao bishops called on the government
to protect and promote the interest ofthe people and not of mining compa-nies.
Kidapawan Bishop Romulo delaCruz, Marbel Bishop Dinualdo Guetier
rez and Digos Bishop Guillermo Afable,in a collective statement, urged for pro
tection of the environment and promotesustainable development.
The prelates reiterated their opposi-
tion to the Tampakan Copper and GoldProject of London based XSTRATA/SMI, which has a $5.6 B worth of mininginvestment in the country.Mining will bring irreversible dam
age to the environment, the bishopsstated, as they call for a moratoriumfrom mining activity.
They added that they are particularly
concerned of “the biodiversity and thelast remaining forest, livelihood, foodsecurity, health and of the poor com
munities both of the IPs and the down-stream communities.”Bishop Dela Cruz said he is not con
vinced “that the good which can beexpected of the project will outweigh
the harm it brings to man and nature
The prelates also called on authoritiesto respect the indigenous people’s right
to self-determination. The Tampakan
project is situated on ancestral landsbelonging to B’laan communities.
Fr. Rey Ondap, a Passionist priestwho works at the Catholic Mission onIndigenous Peoples, said that becauseof strong opposition from IPs to theproject, “tensions are prevalent.”
The alleged harassment of the mili-
tary in the IP communities promptedMarbel Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez tourge concerned parties to “avoid theescalation of violence.”
The bishops also denounced the
country’s skewed mining policies whichfavor foreign investors to the detrimentof the environment and the people’shealth and livelihood.
They argued that after many years
of mining the country’ minerals, onlyhazardous waste will be left to the
Filipinos.“The countries metallic minerals willbe all gone and our laws only [required]
pitiful taxes [from the company], but itsdestruction of the watershed, protectedareas and agricultural zones are irre
versible,” the bishops said.XSTRATA/SMI is only required topay the government 2 percent excisetax and other local taxes during its
But the bishops said the taxes “which
the mining companies are boasting are
all ctitious because of its very minimal
contribution of the mining industry to
the Gross National Product (GNP).”
They also pointed out that the Tampa-
kan Copper and Gold Project go againstPresident Benigno Aquino’s seven
strategic priorities to combat climate
change, namely: 1) food security, 2) wa
ter sufciency, 3) ecosystem and envi
ronmental stability, 4) human security,5) climate smart industries and services,6) sustainable energy, and 7) knowledgeand capacity development.“Above all, it goes against the Philip
-pine Constitution which declares as astate policy “to promote healthy and
balance ecology,” they added.With a life span of about 17 to 20years, the XSTRATA/SMI Tampakanproject will extract around 6.375 tonnesof copper (375, 000 tonnes per annum)and 6.120 million ounces of gold (360,000 ounces per annum of gold) in con
For his part, Digos Bishop GuillermoAfable voiced his concern on the im
propriety of constructing facilities like
fresh water dam and tailings dam at the
Mal River Catchment, noting that these
huge storage facilities are directly undercriss-crossing fault lines.His apprehension was seconded by
the reviewer of the EIS of the companysaying that “[t]he Tampakan mine has
a high potential for loss of life and high
environmental damage if a failure ofDams or Rock Storage facilities oc
The bishops’ statement also noted
that “the $76M Environmental ImpactAssessment cost of the XSTRATA/SMI is not enough to study the impact
of mining on this one of the most bio-
diverse area comprehensively. It stillleaves ve general impacts that are notadequately answered: 1) the displace
-ment and resettlement of onsite house-
holds, 2) the loss of onsite forest landsand biodiversity resources, 3) the diver
-sion of surface and groundwater for theuse of the mine and the displacement of
existing in-stream and off stream users,4) the acid drainage, spillage, leakages,overows and the pollution of naturalwater source; 5) the risks of a tailings
dam failure or collapse.
On November 9, the prelates senta letter to the President asking for a
meeting to discuss the issue of “open
pit mining that is very destructive”
because it is situated “in the heart of
Quezon Mountain Range and at theheart of our forest and watershed,”but they did not receive any reply on
the request.
The three dioceses of Kidapawan,Marbel and Digos have gathered some108,424 signatures to back up their cam
-paign against the mining project.
The CBCP-National Secretariat forSocial Action (NASSA) submitted thesignatures to Malacañang on Dec. 14.
News Features
Pope urges world to seek Christ’s peace in 2012
VATICAN City, Jan. 2, 2012—Pope Benedict XVI marked2012’s Solemnity of Mary the
Mother of God with a proclama-tion of the peace that is found in
her son Jesus Christ.“As Saint Paul says, ‘He is ourpeace,’ and at the same time the‘way’ by which individuals and
peoples can reach this goal to
which we all aspire,” the Popesaid in his homily on the Jan. 1feast day, which coincided withthe Church’s 45th annual WorldDay of Peace.The Pope welcomed pilgrims,Church leaders, and interna
tional dignitaries to St. Peter’sBasilica for the year’s rst publicPapal Mass. He told them thatpeace, “in the highest and fullestsense, is the sum and synthesis ofall blessings” given by God.“The Church too, on the rstday of the year, invokes thissupreme good in a special way,”he explained. “She does so, likethe Virgin Mary, by revealing Jesus to all.”“Jesus is a way that can betraveled, open to everyone,”the Pope said. “He is the path ofpeace. Today the Virgin Marypoints him out to us, she showsus the way. Let us walk in it!” Jan. 1 also saw the officialrelease of the Pope’s statementfor the World Day of Peace, onthe theme of “Educating YoungPeople in Justice and Peace.”In his homily, he called thiseducation “a task for every gen
eration,” and said humanity “has
shown increasing awareness of
it” in light of the 20th century’stragic events.
From the Church’s perspec-
tive, an education in peace isalso “part of the mission received
from Christ … because the Gos-pel of Christ is also the Gospel of
 justice and peace.”
But he warned against a
“technological mentality” anda “culture of relativism” thatcan obscure the need for virtue
and truth in the educationalprocess.
The Pope highlighted the role
of families and religious commu-
nities, in helping young people
to “learn the importance and
the art of peaceful coexistence,mutual respect, dialogue andunderstanding.”These goals, he said, are close
ly tied to the work of religious
“Every pathway of authentic
religious formation guides the
person, from the most tenderage, to know God, to love himand to do his will,” the Popeobserved. “God is love, he is just and peaceable, and anyonewishing to honor him must rstof all act like a child followinghis father’s example.”
Angelus Address
In his Angelus address after
the Jan. 1 Mass, Pope Benedict
offered further thoughts on thepeace offered to humanity inChrist.
The “face of God” was “re
vealed in Jesus,” he told pilgrims
gathered outside the window of
Not an abstract idea, evangelization callsfor real witness, says pope
VATICAN City, Dec. 19, 2011—New evan
gelization is not an abstract idea to pitch, butrather a call to authentically live the Gospelmessage, Pope Benedict XVI said.“Christian faith provides a surer basis forlife than the secular vision; for ‘it is only inthe mystery of the Word made esh that themystery of humanity truly becomes clear,’”he said quoting from “Gaudium et Spes,”the Second Vatican Council document on the
church and society.
The pope was speaking Dec. 17 to bishopsfrom New Zealand and the Pacic Islandswho were making their “ad limina” visits tothe Vatican.
He said he was aware of the challenges
they faced because of increased seculariza
tion such as “a weakened appreciation for
the sacred nature of Christian marriage and
the stability of the family.”“In such a context the struggle to lead a
life worthy of our baptismal calling and toabstain from the earthly passions which wage
war against our souls becomes ever morechallenging,” he said.
The pope added it was precisely thesechallenges that prompted him to establish
the Pontical Council for Promoting NewEvangelization.“Since the Christian faith is founded onthe Word made esh, Jesus Christ, the newevangelization is not an abstract concept buta renewal of authentic Christian living basedon the teachings of the church,” he said.The pope encouraged the bishops to live in
full communion with their brother bishopsand priests and to strengthen their sense offaith and charity “so that those whom you
serve, in their turn, may imitate your char
-ity and be ambassadors of Christ both in the
church and in the civil arena.”Being good, wise and holy priests also at
tracts vocations, he said, asking that youngpeople receive greater assistance with spiritualdiscernment so as to know better God’s will.Because the task of spreading the Gospelin such a vast area of many islands oftendepends on lay missionaries and catechists,the pope asked that they continue to receive“sound and ongoing formation” so their zeal
would bear much fruit.
Pope condemnsChristmas bombingsin Nigeria
VATICAN City, Dec. 28,2011—Pope Benedict XVI ap
pealed for an end to violencein Nigeria, condemning the
Christmas church bombingsthat led to the deaths of at
least 39 people.
The celebration of Christ-mas leads people to pray in
an even stronger way that
God would “stop the hands
of the violent who sow death
and that justice and peace
would reign in the world,”the pope said Dec. 26 as he
recited the Angelus with
visitors gathered in St. Peter’sSquare.A group called BokoHaram, which has been
promoting the adoption
of Islamic law across Ni
geria, claimed responsi
-bility for the bombings.
News reports said at least35 people died at St. TheresaCatholic Church in Madalla, just outside Abuja. Other
deadly bombs were set offat the Mountain of Fire and
Miracles Church in Jos and
at police stations in threeother cities.
Pope Benedict told visitors
and pilgrims that he wasdeeply saddened by the newsof the Christmas bombingsand he offered his prayers
“to all those who have beenstricken by this absurd ges
ture.”“Once again I want to re
peat: Violence is a path thatleads only to pain, destruc
tion and death; respect, rec
onciliation and love are thepaths to peace,” he said.Archbishop John Olorun
femi Onaiyekan of Abuja, Ni
geria’s capital, told VaticanRadio that most Christiansin Nigeria simply do not
understand the reason for
the bombings, but many ofthe young people are very
“We have tried to calmthem down,” he said, butchurch leaders also havetold the government that
the only way bring stabilityis to “identify and eliminatethe dens of these terrorist
groups.”“The majority of Nigeri
ans—Muslims and Chris
tians—want to live in peacetogether,” the archbishopsaid, pointing out that there
were Muslims injured in the
bombing of St. Theresa’s.“They were not in the church,
but were just passing by on
the street,” he said after visit
-ing them in the hospital.
The head of the U.S. bish
-ops’ Committee on Inter-
national Justice and Peacewrote Archbishop Onaiye
kan to express solidarity withNigerian Christians.“Our thoughts and prayersare with the church in Nige
-ria at this time of loss and sor-
row,” said the Dec. 27 letterfrom Bishop Richard E. Patesof Des Moines, Iowa. “Wepray that the New Year willbring peace to your belovedcountry.”In Nairobi, Kenya, Christ
-mas Mass at Holy Family Ba-silica was interrupted when
police asked Catholics toevacuate because a suspected
terrorist was in the church.
Kenyan military ofcers havebeen ghting with al-Shababboth in Somalia and thecountry, and security hasbeen beefed up everywhere,
including churches.
Pro-life leaders urge people to defend sanctity of life, marriage
MANILA, Dec. 13, 2011—Cru
saders in the ght for a cultureof life reminded some 10,000
participants in a prayer rallythat Filipinos are the hope ofthe world when it comes toupholding the sacredness ofhuman life and the institu-tion of marriage and shouldstand fast in opposing anti-life legislation pending in thelegislature.
Atty. Jo Aurea Imbong, Ex
ecutive Secretary of the Catho
-lic Bishops’ Conference of
the Philippines (CBCP) LegalOfce, enjoined the crowd to
treasure the distinction of being
citizens of the only country in
the world where marriage isheld sacred.
“Philippines is the most pro-life country in the whole world!It is only in the Philippineswhere divorce is not recog
nized. Most of all, it is only here
that marriage between a manand another man or a womanand another woman is not al-lowed. But this is in danger…
would you like this situation tocome about?”Speaking in the vernacular,Imbong explained that the“anti-discrimination bill” orSenate Bill (SB) 28145, whichwas passed on Third Readingat the Senate last month, willlikewise punish the Church’sministers for guiding its ock
on matters of faith and mor-
als, as well as Her members
for remaining faithful to God’steachings.
“Let us not allow this tohappen… and the worst is, the
Church will be forbidden from
teaching that homosexual ac
tivity and homosexual unions
are immoral. Her authority
and rights to speak up about
goodness and matrimonial
life will be muzzled. Free
dom of expression is underthreat… speaking up about
morality will be considered
a crime.”
“The grace and strength to
oppose these are in our hands!”
the lawyer stressed.
SB 2814′s complete title afterthe revisions were made bySen. Miriam Defensor Santiago
is “An act prohibiting discrimi-
nation, proling, violence and
all forms of intolerance against
persons based on ethnicity,race, religion or belief, sex, gen
der, sexual orientation, genderidentity, language, disability,or other status.”Rene Bullecer, M.D., the
Cebu-based director of Human
Life International (HLI) Pilipi
nas, roused the crowd by re
-minding them of the unfailingintercession of Christ’s BlessedMother in leading those who
ght for the good.
“Has there been a war thathas not been won when un-
dertaken with the BlessedVirgin?”
After pointing out that the
Philippines – the only Christiannation in Asia – will be markingits 500th anniversary of beinga Christian country in 2021, he
lambasted the increasingly hos-tile attitude toward childrenand fear of parenthood by some
sectors as well as individuals.
“The problem today is thefear of children and more so
the fear of having more people.They don’t want children,
they don’t want many Filipi-
nos. Why not? It is what theLord wants!” the HLI ofcial
The Philippines is the hopeof the world, he added, for it
is only here that the sanctityof human life and of marriagecontinue to be respected.Bullecer then enjoined the
thousands in the crowd to keepthe faith in the ght for a cul
-ture of life because the presenceof the Blessed Mother spells thedifference.“We are her children andwhom she will use to win for
human life, for the Philippinesand for our future!”“Whoever we are up against,we will win this war for God,for life and for the Philip
pines!” he said.
(CBCPfor- Life)
his study for Sunday’s midday
prayer.“Thus do we begin the new
year 2012 with our gaze xedon the face of God, revealedin the child of Bethlehem,” hesaid, “and on his mother Mary,
who with humble submission
accepted the divine plan.”
Through Mary’s acceptance of
God’s will, “the true light whichenlightens everyone came intothe world, and the path of peacewas reopened.”Pope Benedict invited all peo
ple “to have the patience andconstancy to seek out justiceand peace, to cultivate a taste forwhat is just and true.”He noted that peace was “nev
-er a quality that can be fully
achieved, but a goal to which we
must all aspire and for which we
must all work.”“Let us pray that the leaders of
nations may renew their willing-ness and commitment to acceptand support this irrepressible
desire of humanity,” he urged,
entrusting this hope to Mary
as “the mother of the ‘King ofPeace.’”
Feast of the Holy Family
Two days before the Solem
nity of Mary the Mother of God,the Church observed another
feast of the Christmas season asit honored the Holy Family on
Dec. 30.In his Dec. 28 general audi
ence, Pope Benedict continuedhis series on prayer with a reec
tion on the prayer life of Jesus,Mary, and Saint Joseph.Through their example, hesaid, “we learn to contemplate
the mystery of God’s presenceand to grow as faithful disciples
of Christ.”
He noted that the Gospels“present Mary as the suprememodel of prayerful meditationon the mysteries of Christ’s
life,”which the Church con
-tinues to practice through the
Rosary. Joseph, meanwhile, taught Jesus his own “quiet delity towork, prayer and observance ofthe precepts of the law.”
At the center of the Holy
Family was “Jesus’ uniquerelationship with his heavenlyFather,” a mystery that “stands
at the heart of all Christian
prayer.”“May the example of the Holy
Family inspire all Christian fami-
lies to be schools of prayer,” thePope said, as he urged parentsand children to “come to know
that closeness to God which we joyfully celebrate in these days
of Christmas.”
(CNA/EWTN  News)
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