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Folklore, Fairy Tales, Myths And Legends From Around The World

Folklore, Fairy Tales, Myths And Legends From Around The World

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Published by David Veto
Over 200 New, Old & Forgotten Folklore, Fairy Tales, Myths & Legends As Books, Ebooks And Booksets From $3 To $80.
Over 200 New, Old & Forgotten Folklore, Fairy Tales, Myths & Legends As Books, Ebooks And Booksets From $3 To $80.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: David Veto on Jan 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Folklore, Fairy Tales, Myths And Legends From Around The Worldhttp://db5dfavfgnd10w14j--8pa-c6v.hop.clickbank.net/  ==== ====Horses have been around almost since the beginning of time. Horses are beautiful animals andseem to have a spiritual presence. They are extraordinarily sensitive creatures which have thisalmost mystical ability to pick up on human emotions and moods. Perhaps this is why horsesthroughout the ages have been a focal point of many myths and legends. The Magical Unicorn. One of the most well known mythical horses is the Unicorn, which has long captured the heart ofthe young and the old. There are different names and legends ascribed to the unicorn acrossmany different cultures. In China over 5,000 years ago a unicorn named Ki Lin was responsible forshowing the emperor Fu His the Chinese written language. The Emperor saw that the unicorn wascovered in symbols, and traced these into the dirt on the ground before hm. This was thebeginning of the Chinese written language. The Karkadaan is the name by which the unicorn is referred to in Arabia. It is a ferocious war likecreature that can appear in different forms. It is from India as far back as 416 BC that we get thefirst written accounts of a unicorn. They were described as being white in colour, with dark blueeyes, a dark red head and a horn on their forehead that was about a foot and a half long. At around three feet tall and a mere one hundred pounds, the European unicorn of folklore is like asmaller version of a horse in every way excepting its horn. The unicorn of Northern Europe isdescribed as being either white or cream. Yet Southern European accounts tell of a goldencreature, or else one which is almost black. Magical healing powers are attributed to the horn of aunicorn. Today's unicorns are depicted as being more closely looking like a horse and a little larger thanolder descriptions of the European unicorn. It is said to look exactly like a horse with a horn in themiddle of its head. It is usually depicted as being pure white, however it has even been describedas being colours like pink, purple and blue. The mythical American version of the unicorn is still very popular today with people all ages, butespecially with children. Unicorns can be seen in many toys, movies and written about in books.We all know that the existence of the unicorn is but a fairy-tale, but that fairy-tale continues todelight generation after generation. The Magical Flying Horse. Another horse type creature that has been written about in mythology and other stories isPegasus. Pegasus - offspring of Posiedon and Medusa in Greek mythology - was a magnificent
white winged horse that was ridden by Bellerophon and had mystic powers. Zeus gave Pegasusthe honoured task of carrying his thunderbolts. Celeris and Melanippe were the offspring ofPegasus and Eiuppe. Zeus bestowed honour upon Pegasus by transforming him into aconstellation, so the mythology states. A Good Luck Symbol. In many countries and to many people the horseshoe is a symbol of good luck. The history of howthis famous superstition came about is not clear. One theory goes that it is because of thesymbolism of the shape which is lucky as this is supposed to be protective. Others believe that theluck emanates from the animal itself. Blacksmiths were once believed to have supernaturalpowers; magicians to be able to work with iron, whch was said to have magical powers of itsown.Witches and demons could thus be kept at bay by the hanging of an iron horseshoe abovethe doorway. The seven nail holes in each shoe are also a signifier of good luck. There are some cultures inwhich the number seven is considered lucky. An ancient belief states that if a horse's shoes weremade from the iron of a sword which had killed someone, then that horse would forever be as swiftas lightening and never grow fatigued. Many superstitions and old wives' tales have surrounded horses and donkeys throughout theages. Here are some of the more interesting ones that have been passed down the generations. - Your horse would become lame if it stepped on a paw print of a wolf. - If you change a horse'sname it will bring you bad luck. - If you wanted to cure whooping cough, the patient should inhalethe breath of a horse. - Riding a donkey whilst facing the wrong way is supposedly a cure forsnakebites and toothache. - If you break a mirror, you can reverse the associated bad luck if youwalk through your house with a horse. - To prevent a witch from casting a spell on your horse youwould carry a rowan wood whip. - To cure warts you would circle them with horse hair. - Wearingthe tail hair of a black stallion is supposed to protect you from witches. - To prevent a mare frombeing irritable you put copper pennies in the water tank. - If you wanted to improve the tone of yourpiano, you could try putting the skull of a horse under the floor below it. Horses do often appear to have this magical quality which continues to draw us to them. Certainlythey inspire awe in most who are fortunate to come into contact with them. This mysterious abilityto awe and inspire is perhaps why so many civilisations and cultures hold the horse dear to theirhearts. Horses will always be involved in storytelling, being such an integral part of legend andmyth both now and in the future. This article has been published for the millions of horse enthusiasts all over the world by AnimalFriends Equine Insurance - the UK's only not-for-profit horse insurance provider. You can buyhorse rider insurance today online or by phone, and all net profits go towards helping animals incrisis around the globe. Stephanie Andrew writes, edits and publishes articles for SEO consultants ePage Solutions,whose clients include the UK's only not-for-profit pet insurance and horse insurance company,

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