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Honda Car

Honda Car

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Published by daisy0109

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: daisy0109 on Jan 05, 2012
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Honda Cars -A Thing for Cars with Great and Green Qualities
Beginning its US operations in 1959 as a motorcycle manufacturer, Honda Motor Co. successfully venturedinto selling cars and today consistently ranks among the most trusted auto manufacturers in the country. Sinceits introduction to the US market in 1973, the Honda Civic has attracted a huge customer base and is nowconsidered an icon in the car industry. Affordable and high-quality, Honda Civic is also touted as one of themost fuel-efficient cars available, hence making it a great choice for those who want to save money on gas.Customers have one thing in common when it comes to their preference forHonda cars-a thing for cars withaffordable, high-performance, fuel-efficient and environment-friendly qualities. While many of its vehicles, likethe Fit and Odyssey, already top consumer surveys and expert reviews when it comes to reliability and fuel-efficiency, Honda continues to look for ways to provide people with better alternatives.One of its latest 2012 models is the Honda Civic Natural Gas or Honda Civic CNG, previously known as theHonda Civic GX. Running on compressed natural gas, this Civic boasts of many benefits that don’t just pertainto fuel efficiency. It’s also deemed safer than vehicles running on gas. Owning the car can grant you tax credits,because it runs on an alternative fuel.While popularly used to fuel cars outside of the country, particularly in Europe, compressed natural has yet toattain the same status in the US. Today, it’s used for buses and garbage trucks, not on vehicles. It does hurt thatthere are only 830 stations that offer CNG in the country, and there’s no complete data on how much naturalgas reserves the US has.As CNG runs out faster than other fuels, you’ll also have to stop by fuel stations often. However, thesedisadvantages are not enough to disregard the importance of the Civic CNG. They are in fact, problems that theUS has to solve to make way for a more energy-efficient future.The US government affirmed the importance of the Honda Civic CNG when the Environmental ProtectionAgency said that it’s the cleanest vehicle around. Passing the AT-PZEV standard of the California AirResources Board is a tricky endeavor, but the Civic CNG managed to do it.Along with their growing environmental awareness, people have come to favor cars that produce the slightestemissions. Hence, you should be glad to know that the Civic CNG produces almost none of the emissions gas-power cars are known to produce plenty of. Its emissions contain little of carbon dioxide and some methane.Safety is also a top concern for buyers of Honda cars -a thing for cars that provide maximum protection fordrivers and passengers. Well, the CNG that powers the Civic natural gas will not set your car to fire if it figuresin an accident. It simply evaporates and does not form puddles. Because its fuel runs out faster than other cars,the CNG’s fuel system is sealed to prevent possible losses.
Honda Cars -Car of this Century
Honda does not back down when it comes to competition. For years, it has been struggling against fellowJapanese brand Toyota in reigning over the US commercial vehicle market. When Toyota introduced the Prius,Honda created the Insight but early models failed to matched the first Toyota hybrid. Getting back on track,Honda modified and re-launched the Insight and therefore produced a cheaper yet equally high-quality hybridcompared with the Prius.In recent years, a lot of changes have occurred in productions of Honda cars -car of this century candidates likeFCX Clarity, Civic CNG, Insight and hybrid versions of other Honda cars have been released to meet consumerdemand for green vehicles. Here’s a quick look on three of these cars:The Honda FCX Clarity still isn’t sold commercially in the US. In fact, it’s only available for lease in SouthernCalifornia at a reasonably expensive monthly fee of $600. This vehicle’s commercial availability is limited bythe fact that the only fast-fill hydrogen stations where it can be fuelled in the country are located in SouthernCalifornia. But Honda is optimistic that hydrogen stations will multiply enough in the next years for the FCX tobecome widely available and for it to produce more similarly fuelled vehicles.As the first vehicle to run on hydrogen, the FCX clarity is a fuel cell vehicle that has zero toxic emissions. Itsemissions come in the form of water vapor. With it, Honda has made a giant move towards a sustainable future.Another alternatively fuelled car is the Honda Civic CNG, formerly the Civic GX. Operating on compressednatural gas, it helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere because it has significantly minimalemissions. Among all the commercially available automobiles, it is arguably the greenest. It’s similar to otherCivic models and only differs from them as regards its fuel system. So if you still want to drive a Civic butwant the best one, the Civic CNG would have to be your bet.Honda Insight may be costly at its $18,200-$21,490 MSRP, but compared with other hybrid autos, this is themost affordable yet still one of the best gas/electric hybrids around. Of course, it’s priced that way because it
can save you money in the long run. After all, you can switch from using gas or the car’s electric motor as topowering the Insight. This hatchback is not only technologically advance, it is also styled aerodynamically, thusmaking its looks match its futuristic technology.Honda cars -car of this century”-- this might just be the vision of Honda Motor Co. Hybrid versions of the Civic, Fit and CR-Z have also been recently released. As the non-hybrid versions are widely popular, theirhybrid versions will probably click with many consumers. The release of these models proves that the country’sfossil-fuel dependence is on its way down.There’s a big advantage held by Honda cars -car of this century contenders are among its recently releasedmodels. If it continues going its current route, it’s suiting itself up for automobile market domination.
The Benefits of Buying Honda Cars
Honda Motor Co. has an astounding 52-year track record as a vehicle manufacturer in the US. The Japanesevehicle outfit has churned out icons in the auto industry-- the Honda Accord and Honda Civic-- and is out toproduce more cars that are just as iconic as these and even better when it comes to performance. Honda pursuesinnovations relentlessly and thus inspires consumer demand for better vehicles.With its introduction of the Civic CNG and CFX Clarity, Honda is among those at the forefront of green cartechnology. Going green is not just a trend, it’s a necessary response to the way the world is changing--economically and environmentally. So what are the benefits of buying Honda cars in these and other aspects?Price is one of the primary factors car buyers consider when choosing a vehicle. But comparing vehicle pricesisn’t as easy as just looking at MSRPs. Consumers also look at fuel economy and the resale value of vehicles.Well, the very first car model that Honda sold in the US is the Honda Civic. There was an energy crisis in theUS 1973, the year the Civic was introduced in the country, so the car, which was fuel-efficient according to thestandards then, helped ease the crisis.Today, Honda cars stillrank as the top cars as tofuel economy. It’s not justthe hybrids andalternatively fuelledHonda vehicles that arerecognized for their fueleconomy. In fact, HondaFit, Honda CR-V andHonda Civic are allrecognized for their fuelefficiency. So if you buyany of these, you’ll saveon your fuel budget.Also, the prices of newHonda cars may be higherthan cars of other brands,but their values depreciatemore slowly. Hence, if you decide to sell your used Honda car after a certain period, you’ll get paid well. Thegood reputation of Honda also benefits buyers of its cars, because customers are ensured that what they get arehigh-quality cars.Recent Honda innovations are also a benefit for Honda car buyers. For example, when choosing a Honda Civic,you can choose among many models-- hybrid, compressed natural gas or CNG, sports (Si Sedan and Si coupe),

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