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Magnetic Perpetual Motion Report

Magnetic Perpetual Motion Report

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Published by canhdong90

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Published by: canhdong90 on Jan 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Discover How To Use 100% FREE Energy
MAGNETIC ENERGY REPORTwww.teslasecret.edu.vn 
Discover How To Use 100% FREE Energy
 What exactly is a Magnetic Motor
More and more people are looking for alternative methods to create power. The reasonsfor this vary but the most popular are that if you create your own power you can cutdown how much you spend on your home power bill and also creating your own power can help the planet by reducing the amount of pollution produced. There are manydifferent ways you can create electricity to run your own home and the concept isn't new.You might already have some solar panels or know of areas in your town that utilizewind turbines to generate electricity. These two methods are very popular, but they lacksome benefits that magnetic generators posses.Any method of creating power that reduces the amount of pollution we create and howmuch we spend on electricity is good. Solar and wind power both allow the creation of so called green electricity. Why aren't they so widespread and adopted then? This isbecause these two methods of creating power have some major drawbacks. This beingthat they rely on external sources of power to create their electricity. Wind turbines willonly spin if there is sufficient wind. They also require enormous amounts of space. If youhave a home or apartment this obviously means there is very little chance you'll be ableto install a wind turbine on your roof. This is a void that solar power fills. However, likewind power, solar power will only operate if there is sufficient sunlight. This means thatat night and in countries that don't receive much light, solar power panels aren't able toproduce significant electricity. This is where magnetic generators shine. They work in asimilar way to solar and wind power but don't have any of the drawbacks mentionedabove.Magnetic generators are perpetual motion devices. When they start they continue towork and operate forever. They never stop. This translates into magnetic generatorsbeing able to create electricity forever without ever needing to stop. This is one of themain advantages of magnetic power generators. They create electricity without relyingon any outside source of power. Solar power needs the sun and wind power the wind,but magnetic generators require nothing else and they function completely off the grid.Just how do they function then? As the name hints, magnetic generators generatepower through the use of magnets. It is magnets that allow the generator to spin andoperate without stopping. Magnets require no outside source of power and this is howthe generators can function so efficiently without requiring any other power.
Discover How To Use 100% FREE Energy
How does a Magnetic Generator work?
 Anyone who has ever played with magnets as a child knows that magnets can bothattract or repel one another depending on how they are held in relationship to oneanother. Yet few have ever asked themselves about the energy magnets use to accomplishthis movement. If you take two items and place them on a table, they do not move any 
closer to each other without someone using energy of some sort to cause them to move.If someone uses their hands to move theitems closer together, then they have hadto add energy to the situation throughtheir own physical intervention. Yet magnets will push each other away ordraw closer without assistance from any outside source. They obviously use energy for this and they do not seem to expendany energy in doing it. Realizing this,
many inventors have understood that there is an untapped reservoir of energy inmagnetism that humans have yet to exploit.The advent of a magnetic power generator could change the world as we know it. Many inventors and scientists already claim to have built a working
magnetic generator 
that isready for mass production. If these power generators work, people should prepare for anew world full of possibilities. Scarce energy resources will no longer be a restrainingfactor in any enterprise. Magnetic generators would change the way people live, the way they work and the way they get about. The proliferation of such devices would not only 
mean that people could drive farther in their cars. This is the promise of more modestinventions and improvements in fuel types and vehicles. Instead, magnetic generators would completely alter the landscape of reality for every person on the planet.

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