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Future of GSM Mobile Phones in India

Future of GSM Mobile Phones in India



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Published by: StarGSM Cellular India Pvt. Ltd. on Jan 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Future of GSM Mobile Phones in India
Technology has constantly acted as a very effective performer in the developmental process of India.Although, India is a land of diversity with 75% of the populace dwelling in rural areas, yet rural India hasinvariably remain among the choice for the execution / development of any form of technology. Thedevelopment of every technology depends upon its affordability. All technological evolutions aresupported by lucrative results. One of the most important upshots in Indias technology developmentarena was the entry of mobile phones India. It has now become the most inescapable or necessary thingin every persons life.In the past decade, the mobile phones evolution growth has been tremendous for the Indian rural areas.In fact, since Indias freedom it is among the best ever rising sectors of the nations economy. Statisticsreveals that in just a time period of over 10 years, more than 600 millions mobile phones were launchedin rural part of India while in comparison to this only 30 millions fixed land-line phones have beeninstalled over a time span 100 years.Going through the history of the cell phone industry, it has emerged that the growth of cell phone inIndia has paved way to a healthier Indian economy. In the recent past decade, the demand of mobilephone has seen an enormous growth which has given rise to a lot of chaos in this sector. But still themobile phones India are going on creating their ever-increasing demand among the Indian populace.The strong competition among several mobile phone service providers has also reached to newaltitudes. This tremendous rise in demand of cell phone is the result of increase in the economical andfinancial position of the Indian citizens. In contrary to earlier days, today an ordinary Indian brings homea handful salary every month in comparison to other developing nations. This has given a steep rise tothe social and monetary positions of Indian people. Thus the numbers of customers purchasing cellularphones is also rising at an alarming speed.In the rustic Indian villages, the entire cellular phone industry has been revolving around the youngergeneration. Subsequently, the mobile phones are acting as the rescue for the Indian youths. Not onlythis, the passion of cell phones among teenagers has welcomed this as a cult icon. The aspirations andtastes of the younger generation are quite far above the ground and the cellular industry has also takenactions harmonizing to it. In fact not only the teenagers are attracted by the striking benefits of mobilephone services, the whole humanity has taken this technology development on its heels and placed itamongst one of the best of technological advancements of the generation next.

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