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Developing Organic Non-franchised Models of One City-One Church - Brian Medway[1]

Developing Organic Non-franchised Models of One City-One Church - Brian Medway[1]

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Published by Vince Coakley
One City One Church
One City One Church

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Published by: Vince Coakley on Jan 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Brian MedwayCROSSLINK CHRISTIAN NETWORK,AUSTRALIATuesday, September 01, 2009
The only tool that God has provided for the completion of his work on theearth is the church. The biblical definition of church has much more to do with function than it does with structure.If we get the function right we won’t run into the problems that have arisen over the years, especially in westerncultures related to structure. The restoration of function is primarily a heart or internal change. Unless the changewe seek is a change that happens in the heart, we can change what we like about times, places, styles, agendas,theological systems and the like and we will end up with the same result.2.
The change that is needed is comprehensive to the point that it could be compared to another“Reformation.” As such need to consider what we are doing in the light of Biblical and subsequent reformationexperiences in order to measure and inform the process.3.
At the core of this need for reformational change is the restoration of apostolic (andprophetic) leadership. Since Christian leadership has been so badly compromised with the leadership values of oursecular/paganism.
Even though there have been many attempts to define the core identifying function of apostolicministry as it is revealed in Scripture we have to keep working at this until we see leadership in the church that has areal chance of serving the fulfillment of God’s revealed purposes.4.
The most important place to develop reformational ideas is in the context of a city or region.Instead of the endless array of imported franchised ministries seeking to extend their empire by having a franchise inthe region we need to see the formative influence beginning in a region and impacting beyond the region.5.
The function of genuine apostolic leadership can only be fulfilled if it is seen throughthe requirement of authentic leadership communities and in accountable equipping of saints.6.
There are four important heart changes that need to shape our experience of apostolic leadership and, of course, normal Christian experience. These heart values represent four things that Godhas intended but have never been realized in the experience of the church even after two thousand years. These arethe Biblical values of holiness, oneness, fullness and completion. When the coordinates for the fulfillment of thesevalues are understood by their reference to Jesus Christ they challenge leaders and non-leaders to a lifestyle thatwould genuinely make the presence of Jesus known in all his fullness.
The dictionary understanding of paganism refers it to the polytheistic and hedonism of the Roman Empire in the Christian era. Themodern equivalent is found in the lack of systemic ethics and values in so much of our western society – and so much of it is built onhedonistic motives.
This Messiah-built,kingdom-proclaiming,cross-based-discipleship-driven,strategic-strike-force-weapon
ONE: CHURCH Known by function not structure
It must have been a special moment for Jesus in Caesarea Philippi when Peter responded to the question abouthis Messianic identity. The exciting part for Jesus was not just the answer but how he got the answer. In the moment of exclaiming, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God”
he was owning up to a transaction between himself andthe Father. Based on such a response, Jesus announced his intention to build a brand new human relationship collectivethat would be unique in history. He announced that this collective would be the power base for a work that would carryHis presence and therefore the message of the kingdom of God to the ends of the earth. He was speaking about“church.
He went on to say that “church” would have both authority and responsibility for destroying the portals of dark kingdoms; its authority would come from the fact that it would possess keys that would enable the advancement of the kingdom of God. “Church” would be shaped by the experience of the cross and therefore by self-sacrificial risk-taking discipleship. In this way the “church” would be the last tangible form of the presence of Jesus Christ on the earth.
 Wow! That was some big idea.We are now on the end of nearly two thousand years of the church era. This Messiah built, cross based,discipleship driven, strategic strike force weapon was what Jesus had in mindwhen he talked about church has often failed to live up to its calling. Wenow have approximately 40,000 world franchises
of various kinds and mostof them are defined by buildings and institutional structures and programsthat have far too little to do with what was mandated by Jesus. Not only sobut every city or region in our nations finds numbers of these franchises arerepresented. Their presence is so unlike heaven, their governance comesfrom outside the city, their shape and style is imported and it is hard to seeanything that represents the headship of Jesus Christ or the immanent powerof the Holy Spirit. In counties like Australia theses local franchises compete with each other for a decreasing proportionof the overall population. The fact is that the church in western nations (and maybe more broadly) has a number of serious heart problems. They are probably not terminal, but unless we see some major cardio-vascular surgery, theintentions of Jesus will not be reaized.What we have seen in recent years are all kinds of responses to the situation. In most cases they represent aseries of head solutions trying to solve heart problems. It is as if we have invited a team of neurosurgeons to performcardiovascular operations. Head solutions always sound and feel better. Head solutions provide a flood of ideas andtherefore words. They will generally produce new structures, programs and methods,
none of which will deal with theheart problems. Even when we search the Word and the Spirit for solutions we need to fight against our culturalpredisposition toward structure solutions and steel ourselves for the greater rigour of heart surgery. Only then will webuy the chance to see lasting transformation rather than transitory turbulence masquerading as transformation.Such is the testimony of Biblical and subsequent experience. We find ample evidence of the grace of Godvisiting undeserving people similar to us. Unfortunately most examples of divine visitation we know about speak muchmore of the desperation of God’s mercy and favour than of the capability of the human vessels to handle it. Historydeclares our consistent misappropriation of divine favour. The aura of God’s presence is so quickly usurped by pride orfear and is quickly crushed under the weight of human flaw.
 On the other hand, history also testifies to glimpses of great glory. History also carries some of the records of humble, faithful, persistent men and women of God who have sown in the soil of hardship and often ignominy. Likemany artists and musicians, their greatness has often been appreciated only after their passing, their greatness beingseen in their legacy. Because of these, we can learn much of the ways of Holy Spirit restoration
Matthew 16:16
I would like to offer a very basic working definition of church that satisfies the Biblical testimony but does not presume a particularstructure.
 A church is a group of believers, joined and empowered by the Holy Spirit to represent the work of the kingdom of God in agiven sphere.
Matthew 16:20-28
According to the latest figures provided by David Barrett, World Christian Database
And will generally involve significant financial outlays that give semblance of legitimacy and make us feel like we are gettingsomewhere.

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