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Published by aravinddasa715

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Published by: aravinddasa715 on Nov 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. When during the page processing cycle is View State not available?
a)After the Init () b) before the Page Load () c) a&b () d) none
2. What namespace does the Web page belong in the .NET Framework class hierarchy?a)
System.Web.UI.Page b) System.Web.UI c) form d)none
3. What’s a bubbled event?a)
traveling of an event from child to parent control
traveling of an event from parent to child control
c) a&b
d) all the above
 4. What data types do the RangeValidator control not support?a)
Integer b) String c) Date d)bool
5. Should user input data validation occur basically by a validation controla)
server-side b) client-side c) none
6. Which method do you invoke on the DataAdapter control to load your generated datasetwith data?a) read b) fill c) fetch d) none7. properties not common in every validation control?a)
ControlToValidate property b) Text property c) error msg d) max value
8)when during the page processing cycle controls load with properdata
 a) After the Init () b) before the Page Load () c) a&b () d) none
match the following
1. Authentication a)
GenericPrincipal object holds a reference to a FormsIdentity instance that- represents the currently authenticated user
2.authorization b)
enables to provide security for web site.
3.configuration file c)
used to ensure that only authenticated users can access a page10)
match the follwing
session 1. plain text file
cookie 2. scope will be per page
viewstate 3. scope will be between two pages
querystring 4. scope will be through out the application
find the wrong statement
A. ado and ado.net works on connected architecture.B.ado is designed for com technology and ado.net is designed for V.S 2000C. ado and ado.net are binary standard to operating system.d) all the above12.
find the wrong statement about datareader
1. it works on connected architecture2. it is forward only and reads only one record at a time3. we can manipulate the data4. all the above13.
When during the page processing cycle
control’s events will be fired ?
a)After the Init () b) before the Page Load () c) after the Page Load () d) none
14. find the wrong statement about viewstate
If the information is to be shared across different controls b. if it is to be accessed within the scope of a single controlc. The type of info one can save may be simple data types or even complex user defined objectsd.none
match the following
1.Executenonquery a. to read multiple lines2.Exectescalar b. it cnnn’t read data3.Exectereader c. to read 0 row and 0 column
by using custom validation control we can only validate data at
a. client side b. server side c. a& b d. all the above17. Web.config can hold following dataA. connection string b. app settings c. authentication d.all the above
find the wrong statement about web.config
it can hold application level datab. a web site can have more than one web.configc. it cann’t hold session related datad. none19. in an asp.net application styles for a control can be applied at following levelsa. control b. page c. application d.none20.
find the wrong statement about master page
we can have more than one master page in an asp.net applicationb. without a content placeholder in master page also, we can access in child pagec. master page can hold more than one content place holder d. a & c21.in sql server join are __ typesa. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d.none22. result of a cross join is not aa. Cartesian productb. multiplication of right table rows by left table rows
multiplication of left table rows by right table rows
d. a
ll the above
22.find out the wrong statementa.
trigger and procedure are database objects
trigger and procedure are precompiled objects
trigger and procedure are implicitly invoked
Trigger and procedure are possible to alter.

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