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Published by shannonchildress

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Published by: shannonchildress on Jan 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Roman Name:Jupiter
The Greeks loved to tell stories about the magical family who ruled the heavens. TheGreeks truly believed that their gods could interfere in their lives, to help or hinder them.According to Greek myth, Zeus was the king of all the gods. Zeus had two brothers andthree sisters. When their father died, the boys - Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades - divided theworld up between themselves. Zeus took all of the heavens,Poseidon took the sea, and Hades took the underworld. Each was quite content with their selection.Zeus had a very jealous wife named Hera. He also had a whole bunch of kids. Zeus wasvery fond of all his children. Each of his children had special magical powers.Zeus had more powers than anyone. Zeus could throw his voice, and sound like anybody.He could shape shift, and look like anybody. In fact, he was so good at shape shifting thathe could shape shift into the form of an animal. He could throw lightning bolts. Hishorse,Pegasus
,carried his lightning bolts for him.Zeus had a quick temper, a big sense of humor, and lots of girlfriends. He was not afraidof anything exceptHera,his wife.
Roman Name:Neptune
Poseidon was the Lord of the Sea. His brothers were Zeus - the king of all the gods, and Hades - the kingof the underworld.Poseidon was a good looking fellow. He had deep blue eyes and streaming green hair. He was a restlessfellow, always on the move.Poseidon was very powerful. He could raise his hand and a new island would appear! The Greeks wereterrified of Poseidon.All the Greeks, but especially those who lived in coastal towns, built a temple to honor Poseidon. They brought special gifts to the temple every day, hoping to keep him happy. Sometimes it worked. Some-times it didn't. Poseidon was
moody.Poseidon had many wives. But his main wife was not jealous, so Poseidon did not have the problems athome that Zeus did.
Hades and Zeus were brothers.Hades had a seat onMount Olympus,the magical mountain on which all the main gods, the Olympians, lived. But Hades did not live on Mount Olympus.When the three sons of Cronos divided up the world,Zeus took the sky,Poseidontook the sea, and Hades took the underworld. Zeus became the king of the gods. Poseidon married happily. Hades was content, liv-ing in the Underworld.Hades was NOT the lord of death. His job was to run the Underworld. He was a good ruler. Parts of theUnderworld were very nice, like the Elysian Fields, where heroes dwelled after they died. Parts were not sonice. Those were for people who were not so nice during their lifetime.You might think Hades would be terribly lonely, surrounded by the souls of the dead. But he wasn't lonely. Not at all. His brother Zeus visited, as did his nephewsApollo, Hermes,andAres.Hades came up to the surface now and then, if he had to be on Mount Olympus for a meeting of the gods or something. The truthwas, Hades preferred the Underworld. It was home.Hades had everything he needed. He had an invisible helmet, which he liked very much. He had a goldenchariot, which was his pride and joy. He had his faithful and deeply loved companion, his three-headeddog, Cerberus. He was perfectly content. At least he was content, until he fell in love with the beautifulPersephone. But that's a different story. If you wish to read it, see the links below.
Roman Name:Pluto
Hades Artemis
Roman Name:Diana
Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She was Apollo's twin sister.
Artemis was very different from her brother. To took a lot to get Apollo angry. He wasusually pretty gentle and full of warmth.
But Artemis was nearly always cold and pitiless. The only thing Artemis loved besides her family were her floppy-eared dogs.
Artemis was the goddess of the hunt and the goddess of the moon.
Pegasus, the flying horse, was the son of Poseidon, king of the ocean, and Medusa, a horriblemonster with snakes for hair.Yet the stories of Pegasus are wonderful and warm. Some tell how Pegasus carried woundedGreek soldier from battle.Many people tried to kidnap this famous horse. Some succeeded. But the gods always intervened,always on the side of Pegasus, and always to the disadvantage of whomever had kidnapped him.Ultimately, after many adventures, Pegasus found a home on Mount Olympus. He became thethundering horse Zeus rode in the stars.
Pegasus, theFlying Horse
Eros was the son of Aphrodite
,the goddess of love and beauty.
When Eros shot his little arrows into an unwary victim, that victim fell in love with the verynext person they saw!
You would not think the gods would need help falling in love, as they seemed to do that allthe time. But his arrows worked on mortals as well as deities, which, according to myth,caused the Greeks all kinds of trouble!
Roman Name:Cupid

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