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January 2012 Commerce Newsletter

January 2012 Commerce Newsletter

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Published by napachamber

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Published by: napachamber on Jan 06, 2012
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• Supporting a Sustainale Future• Prooting The Counit
1556 First Street | Napa CA 94559 | 707.226.7455 | napachamber.com
• How Do Relationships Affect Your Bottom Line?• Member Spotlight: All About Your Car • Join us in Welcoming the 2012 Board of Directors• Free E-mail Marketing Tips
• Meet Your Compliance Needs• January is Restaurant Month!
The Napa Chamber of Commerce is proudto honor notable citizens and businesses whoroutinely go above and beyond to supportbuilding a strong local economy and who takeextra steps to ensure that the town of Napa isa healthy, growing and inclusive community.This year at the Annual Dinner Gala, we willhonor Queen of the Valley Medical Centeras Business of the Year, Nancy Pridmore asAmbassador of the Year and Gary Garaventa asCitizen of the Year.
Business of the Year Award:Queen of the Valley Medical Center 
This award comes after a strenuousapplication process in which aspiring businessessubmit information to the Chamber forconsideration. Elements considered in theaward process include how applicant businessesdistinguish themselves in their industry, howcommunity minded they are, the values withwhich they conduct their everyday work andpeople management, their philanthropic activity,any sustainable practices they employ and their
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 Exertec Health & Fitness Napa Recycling & Waste Services
 Home Depot  Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Bank of Marin
Travis Credit UnionGolden State Warriors Mark Coleman, State Farm
 Napa Planner Financial Group
 Markstein Beverage Company Redwood Credit UnionComcast  Napa Valley Marketplace MagazineSilverado Resort and Spa
 Net-Flow Corporation
 Infuence Internet 
The Valley’s Daily News Source
Marketing Group
Business Growth Strategies
• Representing business to Governent
The California Chamber of Commercehas released a list of new employment lawsscheduled to take effect in 2012 or earlierthat will have an impact on businesses inCalifornia.In addition to the new employmentlaws, an order by the National LaborRelations Board (NLRB) is also impactingbusinesses in California. By January 31,2012, most private-sector employers mustbegin displaying an 11”x17” poster thatprovides information to their employeesabout unionizing and their right tostrike. For more information, watch theCalChamber video.New Laws:
Unless specied, the following is a
list of all new legislation goes into effecton January 1, 2012. The entire list canalso be viewed at, www.calchamber.com/newlaws2012.
Pacic Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)
recently launched a new online tool to enhanceits 2011-2012 Winter Gas Savings program.
The PG&E Winter Gas Savings ProgressTracker app is the rst Facebook-enabled, web-
based tracking tool to help customers measuretheir progress toward meeting their energysaving goals.
The annual PG&E Winter Gas Savings
program gives eligible residential and businesscustomers an automatic bill credit of up to20 percent when they reduce their naturalgas usage in December 2011 and January2012 compared to the previous three winters,adjusted for weather. During the 2011 program,some 2.7 million customers earned bill creditstotaling $70 million.
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Gary Garaventa,Citizen of the YearNancy Pridmor
e,Ambassadorof the YearBusiness of the Year:
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January 2012 | COMMERCE | Page 2 | napachamber.com
willingness to place “doing the right thing”
above the prot line.
Always keeping innovation front of mind,
QVMC was the rst medical facility in Napa
County to purchase a linear accelerator,
and was also the rst to offer magnetic-
resonance imaging (MRI), lithotripsy andstereotactic breast biopsy. More recently,
QVMC is the rst and only facility in the
area to offer robotic surgery options withthe Da Vinci Surgical System. As a modelfor health and wellness QVMC became one
of the rst hospitals in the nation and therst in Northern California to take health
and wellness to a new level by opening a
medical tness center. The Synergy MedicalFitness Center integrates exercise and tness
with disease prevention, disease managementand rehabilitation services including weightmanagement, diabetes wellness, nutrition/stress counseling, arthritis management, andcomplementary medicine.When asked about his reaction to the award
notication, President and CEO Walt Mickens
said, “I am proud to be part of an organizationthat is committed to its mission to continuallyimprove the health and quality of life of people in the communities we serve. Being apart of and caring for the Napa community isat the heart of who we are as individuals andas an organization. It’s an honor to accept thisaward on behalf of the amazing physicians,medical professionals, staff, volunteers anddonors whose hard work, dedication andsupport make the Queen a great hospital.”
Ambassador of the Year Award:Nancy Pridmore
Nancy, who is a real estate broker with
Davidson & Bennett Realtors, is a shining
example of a community-involved participantwho routinely goes above and beyond in herefforts to support a strong local economy.Always recognizing the value of Chambersof Commerce, Nancy was a founding BoardMember of the Berryessa Chamber in theearly 1960’s. She has been a Napa ChamberAmbassador for over 25 years and served onthe Napa Chamber Board for several years.When asked what her reaction was to hearingthe news she said, “I was absolutely shocked!I didn’t know what to say – I was completelyspeechless – which is rare for me!”Nancy loves serving as an Ambassador asit gives her the opportunity to welcome newbusinesses and support existing ones. BeyondAmbassador duties, Nancy see’s the Chamberof Commerce as critical to the area’s businesssuccess; “
The value of a Chamber lies inthe legislative action support to the businesscommunity. We give businesses a voice at thetable, and not just for members, we advocate for business in general. We operate as aconsensus builder that brings together all theinterested parties in the Napa Valley whether
its agriculture, business, non-profts, or evenreligious groups, we fnd we can be a help
to one another. We try to keep everybodyapprised of what is going on at the local, stateand federal levels. If you are in business here you need to be a Napa Chamber member.
The Progress Tracker app lets customerswho have gas SmartMeters™ graphicallycompare their current estimated averagedaily usage to their three-year daily average,so they can see if they are on track toearn full or partial bill credits. ThroughFacebook, customers can conveniently viewtheir savings performance and write postsabout it on their Wall. The app is available atwww.pge.com/wintergassavings and www.
According to the utility, this new ProgressTracker app will let customers see howtheir conservation efforts are creating extrasavings opportunities this winter. By makingthe tracker available within Facebook,the company is bringing personal energyconsumption data to customers in a friendlyenvironment, helping to make energymanagement a part of everyday life.For screenshots of the application on
PG&E’s web site and on Facebook, seewww.ickr.com/photos/26715412@N03/6456282205/in/photostream andwww.ickr.com/photos/26715412@N03/6456291055/in/photostream.
Customers can take simple steps toreduce their gas consumption this winter:
Lower the thermostat to 68 degrees
during the daytime (health permitting)
Set the water heater to 120 degrees or the
“normal” setting
Wash clothes in cold water instead of hot
Open blinds and drapes on sunny daysMicrowave small amounts of food
instead of heating them up in the oven.
Participating Restuarants
AngeleAuberge du SoleilBottegaBrassicaBrix RestaurantCarpe DiemCeladonCindy’s Backstreet KitchenCole’s Chop HouseCompadres Rio GrilleCuvee
Participating Hotels
Blackbird InnHoliday Inn Express & SuitesLavender Maison FleurieNapa River InnRiver Terrace Inn
 For a complete list of special offers  please visit legendarynapavalley.comand click special offers! 
Downtown Joe’sEnoteca Ca’MomiFish StoryHog Island Oyster Co.La ToqueMustards GrillPica Pica Maize Kitchen and Bar The Boon Fly CafeVINElevenThe Grill at Silverado ResortThe Farm at The Carneros Inn 
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January 2012 | COMMERCE | Page 3 | napachamber.com
to producing the materials involved – togetting this article onto that medium. Look ateach component of the process, recognizingeach stakeholder – past, present, and future.Amazing how many relationships each business process has, isn’t it? How theserelationships develop is largely up to the leader of the business.Unfortunately, many business leadersharbor the misconception that becoming asustainable or “green” business is expensive.Sure, like anything else, it could be. But itdoesn’t have to be. There are many things thatyou can do – right now – today – to improveyour TBL that don’t cost a dime but have the potential to save you a substantial amount of cash.An easy place to start is right-sizing.What equipment does your business reallyneed? Could you achieve the same outcomewithout all the bells and whistles? Are you paying for more than you need? Or could youallocate your budget more wisely? Look atevery aspect of your business with a “showme the money” attitude. The money you savewill help you better weather economic stormsDespite differences about what ittakes to be sustainable, nearly everyone
acknowledges that three inuential, and
often competing factors – social, economic,and environmental demands – requireserious attention. In a small communitylike the Napa Valley (where everything andeveryone is connected) creating unbalanced,and, therefore, unhealthy relationshipsamong these three responsibilities cancause irreversible damage, especially for  businesses.How does a business leader avoid that?By embracing a principle called the triple bottom line (coined in 1997 and also known
as TBL or 3BL). TBL focuses on the benetsof protecting people, planet, and prots. No
matter how large or small a business, thecrux of TBL is responsibility to stakeholders,not just shareholders.
One way to gure out who your 
stakeholders are is to perform a lifecycle analysis. For example, consider thenewspaper or computer screen you arereading. Now think of everything it took – from educating and paying the labor forceand it will help youcreate a thriving business… or household.One greatresource availableto you is the NapaChamber’s onlineGreen BusinessDirectory. It provides you with a one-stoprelationship-building list of businesses that are proactive in their sustainable practices.Looking forward to 2012, we canhonor existing relationships, make new andmeaningful ones, and give special attentionto the ones that need tweaking. Give back whenever and whatever we can. Keep our money local. Volunteer. Donate. Eliminatewaste at every opportunity. And practice TBL.
T.R. Vierra owns eco-Organize, a Napa based business providing practical solutions for creating more sustainablebusinesses since 2007. T.R. can be reached at 707-258-8338 or eco-organize@sbcglobal.net. Learn more at eco-orgainze.com.
• Supporting a Sustainale Future
Scott Adams
Dr. Edna Baehre-Kolovani
, Napa Valley College
Tom Buck
, Beau Wine Tours & Limousine Service
John Cardinale
, State Farm Insurance
Sandy Elles
, Napa County Farm Bureau 
Jeri Gill
, Sustainable Napa County 
Clay Gregory
, The Napa Valley Destination Council 
Paul Hicks
, Payroll Masters Inc 
Cathy D’Angelo Holmes
, Coldwell Banker Commercial 
Gordon Huether 
, Gordon Huether+Partners Inc.
Bill Lockhart
, Edward Jones
Barry Martin
, City of Napa
Please Join Us in Welcoming Our 2012 Executive Committee & Board of Directors
Pamela Gleeson,Treasurer 
 Business Consultant 
Kevin Massie
, Napa Ford Lincoln Mercury 
Sherry McKillop
, Follow Your Compass
Shawn Milburn
, Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa
Beth Painter 
, Balanced Planning 
Linda Parks
, Lixit Corp.
Jaime Penaherrera
, Queen of the Valley Medical Center 
Suzanne Shiff,
Napa Valley Coalition of Nonprot Agencies
Don Shindle
, Westin Verasa Napa
Dr. Patrick Sweeney
, Napa Valley Unied School District 
Kevin Teague
, Holme Teague Roche Anglin LLP.
Cindy Webber 
, Napa Valley Register, dba Napa Valley Publishing 
Debra Dommen,Chair of the Board
 Treasury Wine Estates
Cherie Knox,Chair-Elect
 Redwood Credit Union
Ken Frank,Vice-Chair Advocacy
 La Toque
Kent Kuhlmann,Vice-Chair Resources
Kuhlmann Associates Financial 
Richard Rybicki,Vice-Chair Membership
Rybicki & Associates
Ryan GregoryImmediate Past Chair 
Riechers, Spence and 
“As the Napa Chamber of Commerce moves into 2012 with many challenges and opportunities before us, I feel wehave the right leadership at the right time to positively impact our business community. As Chair of the Board, it ismy honor and privilege to welcome the 2012 Board of Directors.” -Debra Dommen

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