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Juicing for your health

Juicing for your health

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Published by onlineops
Healthy juicing with the Omega VRT350 juicing machine and other fine machines. Go here for a variety of information on juicing machines and juicing health. http://www.omegajuicervrt350.com
Healthy juicing with the Omega VRT350 juicing machine and other fine machines. Go here for a variety of information on juicing machines and juicing health. http://www.omegajuicervrt350.com

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: onlineops on Jan 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Discover the health benefits of juicing your own fruit and vegetable juice and check out the OmegaVRT350 juicing machine as well as other juicing machines of your choice.http://www.omegajuicervrt350.com ==== ====1. If you are juicing for health, it is useful to remember that fresh juice starts to lose nutrients assoon as it is made. If you want to retain the full benefit of your effort, drink the juice immediately oras soon as possible. 2. Some juice extractors, such as the centrifugal-ejection type, generate enough heat duringoperation to do some damage to the delicate structure of the juice. The resultant oxidationdestroys nutrients. 3. Masticating juicers use a more gentle process, preserving more of the valuable nutrients. Thisalso enables you to store the juice for a longer period. 4. If you have to store the juice for a while, make sure that the container is airtight, add a fewdrops of lemon juice, and keep it refrigerated. 5. When juicing for health, a clever gadget named PumpNseal can be used to vacuum seal juice inany jar. Removing the air enables you to store the juice for longer periods without nutrient loss. 6. In general, masticating juicers offer extra features, such as accessories you can use to mill,grind, puree, to make pasta, and to come up with the most delectable frozen desserts. When juicing for health, these extras will give you a fairly varied repertoire in the kitchen. A raw food dietwill become more feasible in the process. 7. If you are concerned about a high noise level, rather choose one of the masticating models. 8. Remember to remove hard pits from fruit such as peaches. You won't eat these and neither willyour juicer! Don't ruin the blades! Apple seeds contain small amounts of cyanide. Be sure toremove these before juicing. 9. Most body-building, leafy greens have strong flavors. Cucumber is a terrific disguise for this,and has the added advantage of containing important nutrients. Maximise the benefit by using onethat doesn't need peeling. 10. If you are juicing for health, use organic produce as far as possible. Otherwise washeverything thoroughly. 11. Often the greatest concentration of nutrients lie just beneath the rind or skin. 12. Don't peel carrots, but do remove their greens. Rhubarb greens also need to be removed.
There may be a problem with toxicity if you juice these. 13. Do peel citrus, mango and papaya. These peels are not usable and may even be harmful toyou. The skins of oranges and grapefruits contain toxic substances. However, the white, pithy part just below the skin, contains valuable bioflavonoids. Aim to retain as much of this as possible. 14. Soft fruits such as peaches, melons and strawberries will produce a much thicker juice thanharder textured fruit such as apples. Combine the two to improve the results. 15. Rather blend banana and papaya. They don't juice well. If you have one of the masticating juicers with added features, you can try these as a frozen dessert. Juicing for health isn't supposeto be a punishment, after all! Enjoy something sweet regularly. 16. Follow soft fruits with harder textured produce, to facilitate clearing the pulp. 17. Juicing leafy greens becomes much easier if you roll the leaves into a little ball, before feedingit into the machine. 18. Wheat-grass is exceptionally nutrient-rich, and has a taste strong enough to equal its value! Ifyour juicer can manage it, start with tiny amounts and increase the quantity slowly. 19. It is claimed that the benefits of drinking wheat grass juice includes cleansing the lymphsystem, building the red blood cells, removing toxic metals from the cells, nourishing the liver andkidneys, and restoring vitality. 20. Wheat-grass needs to be consumed in juice form, as the body cannot process the plant fibres. 21. Wheat-grass is gluten-free, in spite of its name. Gluten is found only in the seed kernel, andnot in the stem and grass leaves of the young plant. It should therefore be safe for individuals witha gluten intolerance. 22. Drink freshly made juice daily and concentrate on using as wide a variety of produce aspossible, to ensure that your body receives a bit of all the most beneficial micronutrients. 23. Your need for expensive supplements in the form of vitamin and mineral tablets, will diminishsignificantly, if you are juicing for health on a daily basis. 24. Many ailments will improve if juice forms a regular part of your diet. For example, cabbage juice is one of the most healing juices in case of ulcers. In this case, use under medicalsupervision. 25. If you experience water retention, juices such as celery, cucumber, cranberry, and watermelonare extremely helpful. 26. A general rule is that a pound of produce will give you about a cup of juice. 27. One cup of carrot juice is equal to about four cups diced, raw carrots. Carrots are much easierto consume in liquid form. Your body is also able to assimilate them better.
 28. Vegetable juice is a low-calorie snack and contains no fat. Use it as part of a sensible eatingplan, and experience the wonderful results. 29. Fresh juices act as a healthy, harmless appetite suppressant, and craving curber. 30. Vegetable juice can also help to stabilize blood sugar levels. It has much less sugar than fruit juices and about 50% less calories, yet it will satisfy that sweet tooth every time. Try carrot or acombination of carrot and parsley juice when a craving hits you, and the juice jolt will give it aknock-out before you know it! 31. A water fast may leave you feeling drained, while a vegetable juice fast will give you an energysurge. Fasting should always be done under supervision. 32. If you really don't like the taste of certain vegetables, try juicing these and adding them tosome of your favorites. You probably won't even notice the difference in taste, but your body willcertainly notice the difference in nutritional value! 33. Your skin may become slightly yellow if you consume large quantities of carrot juice. Thiseffect is harmless and will disappear once you reduce your consumption. 34. Juicing for health is more beneficial if you consume juice that is at room temperature. 35. Ginger gives a bit of a bite to juice. Try it! It has anti-inflammatory properties. Stomachirritations, nausea and motion sickness can be relieved by taking ginger. 36. The nutrients in the juice you drink, is taken up immediately by all the cells in your body. Your juicer magically transfers the produce into pre-digested food. This means that your body is able tomake maximum use of all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals. 37. Juices help you to maintain the proper PH in your body, which is important in preventingdiseases like cancer. 38. The phytochemicals in the juice also helps to remove carcinogens from your body. 39. The properties in many vegetables, such as cucumber and carrots, will improve your skin, hair,and nails. If you up your intake of fresh juice, expensive beauty treatments may become a thing ofthe past. 40. Juicing for health is anti-ageing and puts the spring back in your step. 41. Children love the sweet taste of carrot juice. It is easy to add other, perhaps detested veggiesto the juice, without them noticing it. 42. Remember that, it you have kids, they may be more willing to try the juice at first if you turn itinto a smoothie. Try apple, carrot and grapes or strawberry. Put ice-cubes in a blender, and pourin your juice mixture. Add some frozen yoghurt or sherbert if you want, and blend to the desiredthickness.

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