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Biological Transmutation

Biological Transmutation

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Published by Zach Royer
A research paper on Biological Transmutation
A research paper on Biological Transmutation

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Zach Royer on Jan 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Maloine S.A. Publisher, Paris (1982)ISBN 2-224-00831-7
[Transcribed from an unpublished manuscript of the English translation -- a fewparagraphs are unreadable in my photocopy of the manuscript, and some sections aremissing.]
Table of Contents
Part I ~ Experimental Proofs of the Existence of the Biological TransmutationPhenomenon
(1) Historical summary ~ (2) A few experiments made after 1974 ~ (3) Research by J. E.Zundel ~ (4) Study of the variation of calcium in oat seedlings during germination in twice-distilled water ~ (5) Comments on a study by Zundel on the increase in calcium in oatsduring germination in twice distilled water ~ (6) Comments on some experiments ~ (7)Reservations on some analytical techniques
(1) Summary of the germinating phases of grain cereals ~ (2) Average curve of the increasein calcium of oats after germination
(1) Effects of artificial lighting in photosynthesis for the study of transmutation by cerealplants ~ (2) Photosynthesis limited to traditional aspects ~ (3) Photosynthesis cycle of Hatchand Slack
(1) Study of calcium variation in cultivated oats ~ (2) Biological conditions ~ (3)Conclusions
Chapter 8 [ Missing ]~ Mass Spectrometer Analysis
(1) Conclusion
Part II ~ Explanation of the Phenomena By Modern Physics, Theoretical Study
(1) Process developed by a US Army scientific department ~ (2) L. Romani’s contribution ~ 
(3) Theory proposed by A. Dubrov ~ (4) A few interesting points of view expressed by
physicists ~ (5) O. Costa de Beauregard’s theory
(1) Effective section ~ (2) Isotopic variations ~ (3) Nature operates at a finer level than man~ (4) Changes in our understanding of some aspects of physics and weakness of thisunderstanding ~ (5) A few arguments against a unified theory for electromagnetic andweak interactions ~ (6) Intermediary vector bosons
Appendix 1 [ Missing ] ~ Geology
Appendix II [ Missing ] ~ An Extrapolation: (1) Crying wolf ~ (2) One must rethink theconcept of energy in living matter ~ (3) Non-electromagnetic energies in living matter ~ (4)Parapsychology and hypothalamus ~ (5) Germination procedure for oat seeds with noexternal addition of calcium
Appendix III [ MIssing ]~ Weinberg Theory Summary: A few definitions
Bibliography [Missing ]
 The present work consists of two distinctly separate parts.Firstly, I cite some new experiments, completed since the appearance of my book which wassubmitted for printing in 1974 and which was published in 1975:
 Biological Evidence of Low Energy Transmutations
(Maloine Publications, Paris, 1975). That book was concerned with acomprehensive view of a phenomenon which calls for precise analysis. This led me to limitresearch to a single aspect: to show that, however precisely one studies the germination andcultivation of a plant, comparative analysis of the seed and of the whole plant coming from a
seed as nearly identical as possible, without the possibility of having an external contributionfrom some mineral, show that there is, in a very significant way, a "creation of matter","appearance" of an element, thus an atomic "transmutation", which is confirmed by variousmethods of analysis utilizing the most sensitive, most specific, and most modern techniques of physics.I limited myself to studying variations in the amount of calcium without studying what elementor elements could have given rise to this variation by this atomic modification. Such a researchproject could be very complex indeed because there could be several origins as a function of thespecies of vegetation (or animals, higher or lower, even microbial), confirmed experimentally:the calcium could come from potassium, from magnesium, or from silicon, by either separate orsimultaneous reactions. So we have there a completely different point of view. I wished to limitthe subject so as to produce irrefutable evidence that there is indeed in life forms a phenomenonwhich too many people have wished to deny for untenable reasons. I will demonstrate it andlimit the study to the variation of calcium in a single cultured species, oats, in order to firmlyshow that such experiments can be reproduced, that the conclusions result from hundreds of experiments and thousands of analyses and are amply demonstrated. Accordingly, we areconcerned here with an objective contribution [apport] and not with a subjective deduction.Next is shown an example of explanation placing itself in the framework of the most recentatomic theory, that of "neutral currents" already sketched in the last chapter of my work of 1975cited previously which included a "Terminal Note" of 1974 from the great French physicist of international stature, Oliver Costa de Beauregard, theory confirmed by a specialist in elementary
 particles, Bernard d’Espagnat, director of the Laboratory of Particle Physics of Paris. We are
concerned here with a very young branch of nuclear physics which is evolving very rapidly and Icannot even dream of following its most recent discoveries, out-of-date before being printed. Iwill make a very condensed review of the situation in this science toward the beginning of 1981,keeping in mind that the authors of basic principles of this theory received the Nobel Prize forPhysics at the end of 1979. That is to say that this aspect of weak energy interactions is nowadopted by International Science. This section seemed indispensable to me because too manyphysicists, and along with them scientists from various other disciplines, consider transmutationsonly a phenomenon which recapitulates strong interactions. Blinded by the atomic bomb, theyhave not thought that there were also low energy transmutations, from which they produce astubborn and sterile opposition to my work.Here I give only the current status of a theory that is rapidly evolving. It will probably besuperceded in a few years, or more or less revised, but it is necessary to show that it is notrejected by nuclear physics avant-garde, that if I have been correct too soon (for them),nevertheless the transmutation of certain elements by a biological action is in no way mystical; itis an explicable reality in conformance with a theory which is now very classical and official andstill ignored by too many scientists. Here they will find an incentive to study more deeply thisnew entry into particle physics, unfortunately not possible to lay out in detail because new factsare turning up all the time: in 1980 did not one come, does it not seem, to produce evidence thatneutrinos (basic particles of weak energy transmutations) have weight when all calculations priorto 1980 were conducted under the hypothesis of a null mass?

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