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Kant's Ethics and Surrogacy

Kant's Ethics and Surrogacy

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Published by Nicole Marin

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Published by: Nicole Marin on Jan 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Paula Nicole Anne MarinBSN II ± IEthicsProfessor: Lester O. Camacho
Kant¶s Ethics and Surrogacy
 A week ago, I excavated a large cardboard box under my bed. It had been sittingthere, untouched since I graduated high school. The box contained some DVDs,pictures, as well as some college stuff like my friction pen, which was what I wassearching for at the time. Unaware where I placed it, I continued to search for it.Then, I saw the box and noticed a DVD of a movie top-billed by Tina Fey. The title is³Baby Mama´. I¶ve watched it before but almost subconsciously I read the plot at theback of the cover. The movie revolves around a woman named Kate (Fey), whohires an immature, obnoxious South Philly girl named Angie Ostrowiski (AmyPoehler) to become a surrogate mother for her, and that¶s where I¶ve gotten myinspiration for this journal. Actually, I was torn between Baby Mama and Bruce Willis¶Surrogate, but I went with the former since the latter is a bit far-fetched from our present surrogacy situation and it is very sci-fi.The term surrogate actually came from a Latin word ³surrogatus´ meaning,
in placeof another 
, which is not really far from how we define it today. ³Surrogacy or surrogate motherhood is a biomedical technique whereby a fertilized ovum isimplanted into the uterus of another woman who will carry the baby to term.´(Timbreza, 2007)
Kantian principles argued that surrogacy destroys the surrogate mother¶s integrity asa human being. In every aspect, man should be treated equally. He insisted thateveryone has dignity rather than price. Human beings should not be reduced to³things´ that are ³used´. No person should be sold, especially in any form of slavery.Even if the consumer treats the ³purchased´ one well, it still does not justifypurchasing or using a person. A woman who puts her uterus for rent merely function as a ³means´, namely, areproductive machine. It¶s like she is a stoller that carries a child with no identity.Surrogacy is morally wrong when we make use of Kant¶s ethics since it is notuniversally applicable. It is very unlikely for all infertile women, that is, withoutexception, to hire surrogate mothers and for all fertile women to agree to carry other women¶s baby in their womb. Therefore, by applying Kant¶s ethics, it is not asurrogate mother¶s duty to carry a baby even if she [the potential surrogate mother]agreed to do so, without regard to any consequences that such an action may yield.Surrogacy uses women as ³means´ rather than as an end which is highly unethicalin a Kantian point of view. It leads to a purely selfish end and at the same time,doesn¶t benefit but only degrade surrogate mothers¶ whole being.Personally, I¶ve never given surrogacy much thought. Not only am I too young but Inever thought of its consequences. I watched movies but it never really justifies thedifficulty of the situation at hand. Some prefer it over adoption since technically; thechild is still genetically related to them or at least one of them. I can honestly saythat I have no problem with it, but I do prefer gestational surrogacy instead of traditional and for course, both parties must have a signed contract. I think suchconflict like that of 
aby Mama
¶s case rooted because of miscommunication and for surrogacy to work, the infertile woman should fully familiarize herself with thesurrogate mother. A child, whether he or she was conceived through artificial insemination, surrogacyor adoption, is still a child. Some people steal because they cannot afford to buy,

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