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Islamic Heaven

Islamic Heaven

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Published by TuTuTaj
Heaven in the Quran and Hadith
Heaven in the Quran and Hadith

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: TuTuTaj on Jan 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Islamic Heaven
By Syed Kamran Mirza
mirza.syed@gmail.comNovember 12 , 2005
ome so called modern Islamic apologists often try to fool the westerninfidels that Islam is a very simple religion and Islam never lures Muslims witherotic heavenly pleasures. Nothing could be furthest from the truth then thisridiculous claim of Islamists. Let’s examine very closely the facts aboutIslamic heaven.If we research on the heavens of world’s five famous religions this is what wecan learn: Both Judaism and Christianity talk about heaven but do notdescribe what is in there! Hinduism talks about heaven and give some earthlymaterial pleasures but does not go any further. Buddhism does not believe inafter-life, and do not have any hell or heaven. They believe hell and heavenexists on this earth.But Islam emphatically describes many forms of heavens (at least 8 of themwith various status/classes) with plenty of earthly greed’s and lusting/erotic pleasures which not many human beings (made of soil) can refuse to get it.Muslims devoutly pray at least five times (some pray even 10 times) a day,visit Mekka and fawns Pirs and Darbishes (Saints) just to get the ultimateticket for those lustful happiness of heavens.In my childhood I asked our Huzur (Imam of the Mosque) what exactly will be the likes of heavenly rewards from Allah for which all Muslims arefawning Allah by five times prayers per day, and fasting for one month. TheImam shaheb replied:
“ after your death you will be resurrected again as anhealthy young man of 25 year old. There in the heaven you will be givenbeautiful Houris/Gillman, wine, and plenty of foods to eat. You will stay young for ever and death, disease will never come near you again .” 
Folks,all those Islamic Mullahs, Maoulanas, all those Jihadis of Kashmir, Palestine,Osama-Bin-Laden’s terrorist gang, and all other gullible Muslims ardently believe just that.Islamic Allah and Prophet Muhammad frequently promised believers of Islamwith lustful heavens and erotic pleasures of various kinds which we shallencounter later in this essay.Holy Quran got hundreds of such verses, andmyriad’s of Sahih Hadiths dealing Houris and wine and sex for those piousMuslims. Truth of the matter is myth (superstitions), sex and violence are themain pillars of Islam. Below are some samples of divine promises from theMerciful Allah and Compassionate Prophet of Islam.
Quranic verses (
Translated by Maolana A. Yousuf Ali 
) that promisesHeaven with Houris, Sex, and Wine for the pious Muslims
:Quran-(52:17-20): “They will recline (with ease) on thrones arranged inranks. And We
shall marry them to Huris
(fair females) with wide lovely
Untitled Documenthttp://www.islamreview.com/articles/islamicheavenprint.htm1 of 51/7/2012 11:10 AM
eyes.” “There they shall pass from hand to hand a (wine) cup, free from anyLaghw….”Quran: (37:40-48): …they will sit with bashful, dark-eyed virgins, as chaste asthe sheltered eggs of ostriches.Quran: (44:51-55): Yes and we shall wed them to dark-eyed houris (beautifulvirgins).Quran: (55:56-57): In them will be bashful virgins neither man nor Jinn willhave touched before. Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?Quran-(55:72): “Hur (beautiful, fair females) guarded in pavilions;”Quran: (78:31): “As for the righteous, they surely triumph. Their gardens andvineyards and high-bosomed (pointed breast) virgins for companions, trulyoverflowing cup”Quran-(78: 33-34):“And young full-breasted (mature) maidens of equal age,and a full cup of wine.”Quran-(55:57-58): “Then which of the blessings of your lord will you both(jinn and men) deny? (In beauty) they are like rubies and coral”.Quran-(56:7-40): “ …we created the houris and made them virgins, lovingcompanions for those on the right hand….”Quran-(55:70-77): “ In each there shall be virgins chaste and fair….dark eyed virgins sheltered in their tents whom neither man or Jinn have touched before…”Quran-56:22: “And (there will be)
Huris with wide, lovely eyes
(as wives for the pious)”Quran-(56: 35-36): “Verily , We have created them (maidens) of specialcreation. And made them Virgins.”Quran- (55:56):
“Wherein both will be Qasirat-ut-Tarf (chaste femalesrestraining their glances, desiring none except their husband) with whomno man or jinni has had tamth before them.”
Quran: (2:25): And give glad tidings to those who believe and do righteousgood deeds, that for them will be Gardens under which rivers flow(Paradise)……….and they will be given these things in resemblance (i.e., inthe same form but different in taste) and they shall have therein AzwajunMuhtahharatun (purified mates and wives) and that they will have abidetherein forever”.Quran:(47:15): “The description of Paradise which the Muttaqun have been promised (is that) in it are rivers of water the taste and smell of which are notchanged, rivers of milk of which the taste never changes, rivers of winedelicious to those who drink, and rivers of clarified honey……….”Quran-(40-45): "Surely for the God-fearing awaits a place of security gardensand vineyards and
maidens with swelling (protruding) bosoms."Now some sahi Hadiths
Untitled Documenthttp://www.islamreview.com/articles/islamicheavenprint.htm2 of 51/7/2012 11:10 AM
The main themes of the Jihad are: if Jihadi Muslims survive the battle, theysecure concubines and plenty of booty, but if they fall (die), they are sure toenter paradise full of houris, wine and living in the most luxuriousenvironment.
TIRMZI, vol. 2 states on page 138
: Every man who enters paradise shall
begiven 72 (seventy-two) houris
; no matter at what age he had died, when he isadmitted into paradise, he will become a thirty-year-old,
and shall not ageany further
. A man in paradise shall be given
virility equal to that of onehundred men.Ghilman (Young Boys)
: In sura: (
Allah promises to supply youngdiamond-sparkling beautiful boys for some inhabitants of Islamic heavens.Some deceitful western living mullahs will argue that these boys are there toserve drinks to the pious inhabitants of the heavens and not for having sex bythose
Beduin homosexual Jihadi
Martyrs. They also will argue that Korandid not specify that these Ghilman (young boys) will be used as sex partners by Martyrs, i.e., it was not said so in the Quran. Well, Koran also did notspecify what those Martyrs/pious Muslims suppose to do with the wide-eyed,firmed, swollen breast, white skinned beautiful houris! Your parent gets youmarried a beautiful young lady, and parents never say what you suppose to dowith your wife, do they? Decietful Mullah’s logic/excuse that these Ghilmancould be there as the waiters just to serve drinks and food does not soundright. I don’t think it is the purpose of supplying young boys just to be thewaiters. Waiters could be adult person instead of pearl-sparkling everlastingyoung boys! Is not it folks?
The Sex Market of Heaven (I
slamic brothel):
Allah has arranged for Pious Muslims a non-stop and non-interrupted sex inIslamic heavens because Mullahs will remain busy only with unlimited sexand wine for billions of years to come. These are rewards from the mercifulAllah for killing and torturing those enemies of Allah by Mumeen Muslims.In the Hadiths the Prophet Muhammad gave the believers a final choice of aopen sex market in heaven where there will be no limit of the number of sexual partners. Women are in display like open fruit market.
Hadith: Alhadiths, Vol. 4, Page-172, No.34
: Hozrot Ali (r.a) narrated that the Apostleof Allah said,
“There is in paradise an open market wherein there will be nobuying or selling, but will consist of men and women. When a man desires abeauty, at once he will have intercourse with them as desired.
In this open sex market of heaven one can easily imagine what type of fun isgoing to happen there. Say one particular day of heaven—one very piousMuslim (who prayed five times a day and visited Mecca) who has been permitted to the best of Islamic heaven. There one day he decided to visit (outof curiosity) the famous sex market of heaven, and when he reached there, hefound out that all his great great grandfathers, grandfather, father, brothersalso were there visiting “Islamic Brothel” called heavenly sex market. Now,they all got excited by the paragon beauty of heavenly houris with veryswollen breasts, dark eyes and fair skin. The great great grandfather willcommand all his descendents family members to feel free to enjoy the sweettaste of houris. In that case the great great grandfathers, grandfather, father, brothers—they all
will start simultaneous orgy of sexual intercourse
Untitled Documenthttp://www.islamreview.com/articles/islamicheavenprint.htm3 of 51/7/2012 11:10 AM

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