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Hello - With Love & Other Meditations

Hello - With Love & Other Meditations

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Published by Animesh_Singh1

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Published by: Animesh_Singh1 on Jan 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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E-mail: bdea@buddhanet.net Web site: www.buddhanet.net 
Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc.
by Venerable Visuddhacara
Hello - with Love 
& Other Meditations
Hello - with Love 
& Other Meditations
 The Miracle of Mindfulness
It seems so simple and uninteresting — this mental factor of 
mindfulness. Just be aware of whatever you are doing, saying,or thinking. Just stay present. How more unimaginitive can it be? Yet this simple factor of mindfulness can make a differencein your life. Sometimes the most simple thing can be the most 
effective and powerful tool in effecting transformation and
change in us. It is like the answer is right there starring us inthe eyes but we never saw it because we never expected it tobe so simple or mundane, we had expected something much
more complex, exotic or esoteric. Yet all that we need is just 
bare awareness, just a simple presence of mind. Strange howthe most simple solution is sometimes overlooked!
Mindfulness is something which can be practised at any
time and anywhere — that’s what makes it so unique. At any
moment you can pause and institute mindful awareness of what-
ever you are doing, saying or thinking. Be it a thought, a mentalstate or a physical action, one or other of these states could beobserved at any moment. Just subjecting yourself to the gaze of mindfulness can bring about a great transformation in yourself. As the ancient teachers say: look within and therein you’ll ndthe answer. Verily, the answer lies within and not without.

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