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Newsletter 318

Newsletter 318

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Published by Henry Citizen
The Agenda: Iowa Results; Santorum = Big Government; Impact of T-SPLOST;
Cemetery Research Group; John Douglas: Newton BoC; YOUR VOICE; Ethanol Plant Sold at Loss; Economic Development??; What We Need – Newt! ; Aussie PM: Immigrants Must Adapt
The Agenda: Iowa Results; Santorum = Big Government; Impact of T-SPLOST;
Cemetery Research Group; John Douglas: Newton BoC; YOUR VOICE; Ethanol Plant Sold at Loss; Economic Development??; What We Need – Newt! ; Aussie PM: Immigrants Must Adapt

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Published by: Henry Citizen on Jan 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Citizen Newsletter #318
Henry Citizen (hccitizen@hccitizen.net)
Saturday, January 7, 2012 2:51 PM
Contact The Citizen at hc.citizen@hccitizen.org 
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The Citizen Newsletter 
Issue # 318
January 8, 2012 
The Conservative Voice of Henry County 
 In This Edition
The Agenda:
Iowa Results
Santorum = Big Government
Impact of T-SPLOST
Cemetery Research Group
John Douglas: Newton BoC
Ethanol Plant Sold at Loss
Economic Development??
What We Need – Newt!
Aussie PM: Immigrants MustAdapt
Editorial / PublicationPolicy 
at hccitizen.org
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March 6, 2012 Presidential Preference Primary:
Voter Registration Deadline: February 6, 2012
The Agenda: Larry Stanley, Iowa Presidential Caucus Results
Ray and Larry discuss the results of the Iowa caucus and thestrengths and weaknesses of each of the Republican presidential candidates.
The Citizen's Persons of the Year Acclamation! 
This acclamation will “mimic" Time Magazine's annual "Person of the Year!" Everyone can nominatesomeone. Some of the criteria for nominees would be: 1.) Must be a resident of Henry County. 2.) Must have contributed to some noteworthy accomplishment thatindirectly/directly benefitsHenry County. The Citizen will accept nominations until January 20th. Please submit a profile anddescription of your nominee’s accomplishments, actions and specifically how he/shehas brought about positive, significant benefit to our County. The Citizen will feature and profile persons who "for betterment of Henry County hasdone the most to influence the events of the year." 
Jake Lilley
 You have got to see this!!! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself!!
Rick Santorum's "Real Concerns" About The Tea Party
http://townhall.com/tipsheet/Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, June 2011
Larry Stanley
 Every time Santorum speaks he alienates Americans. Santorum makes the Case:
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Rick Santorum On Small Government
 Santorum is no friend of small government:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Gwwmm-cQxU
The Impact of T-SPLOST 
We are looking for TEA Party, 912 groups, etc. to sign off on the attached letter and send it to theGovernor and the legislature.
Steve Brown
Fayette County Commission, Post 4
January 6, 2012
The Honorable Nathan Deal
Governor, State of Georgia
100 Washington Street
Atlanta, GA 30334
Dear Governor Deal,
We hope this correspondence finds both you and the First Lady in good health and good spirits.
As your devoted supporters from the campaign trail to your election as our Governor, we have reached apoint at which we feel compelled to put our thoughts in writing and request that you lend your utmostconsideration to our concerns.
A series of events involving our Republican leadership at the State level has caused a great deal of uneaseamid the core constituency.There was no small measure of alarm when the Speaker of the House influenced Atlanta Mayor KasimReed’s inclusion on the Regional Transportation Roundtable Executive Committee. The ExecutiveCommittee members were democratically elected and the Speaker’s move appeared to disregard the will of the people's elected representatives.
We were also surprised when you tasked the recent legislative special session to consider changing the TIAreferendum date to November 2012.While greater voter participation is a worthy goal, it appeared that thissingle referendum was picked for a date change to favor special interests who would benefit from itspassage.It was a further surprise when you offered $80 million from State funds to supplement designated moniesfor the proposed regional TIA sales tax allocation of the $180 million for the Georgia RegionalTransportation Authority buses. Questions arise as to whether the State intends to fund transit forMetropolitan Atlanta in the future, and whether our State Republican leadership supports mass transitwhen a mere five percent of commuters choose that mode of transportation.
We are concerned about the significant influence of the Metropolitan Atlanta Chamber of Commerce onour elected Republican State Officials. The Chamber of Commerce and the Atlanta Regional Commission,through the Transit Planning Board, Transit Implementation Board, and the current Regional TransitCommittee, are steering the 10-county region toward the expansion of inordinately expensive,unsustainable mass transit projects that have consistently lost billions of dollars and are accumulating ever-growing maintenance deficits.
The leadership at the Chamber of Commerce and the Regional Transit Committee has made no secret of wanting a regional transit authority that emulates Chicago’s MTA, with its permanent regional tax-paidsubsidies.
We are taking a keen interest in the legislative proposal being drafted by the Transit Governance TaskForce, pursuant to your September 7, 2011 Executive Order. Georgians are especially wary of any transitstreamlining measures that may perpetuate transit’s financial burdens or infringe on home rule by ourcounties and municipalities. Adding regional governance does not embrace the notion of limitedgovernment.
In summary, we recognize the need to maintain and expand Georgia’s transportation infrastructure, butfind serious flaws in how the Transportation Investment Act of 2010 is accomplishing that end. In practice,it has become a vehicle for the creation of an even larger mass transit system that will require a never-ending, 10-county taxpayer subsidy to serve very few riders.
Projects such as the Cumberland CID Rail, Beltline, and Midtown Trolleys, to name a few, are outrageouslypoor choices for citizens demanding cost-effective, highly beneficial, regional solutions. The new era of Republican control was supposed to put an end to such mindless largesse with our tax dollars. We firmlybelieve the Act’s harsh financial penalties for voting against such projects are a contradiction to goodgovernance.
The hard-working base that made every primary election vote count needs the leadership we werepromised. Thus far, we have found little to cheer about with the TIA and the elected officials who supportit.
Your most active constituents,
Cemetery Research Group
End of Year Report
Friends of the CRG,
We would like to wish everyone on our E-Mail list a Happy New Year!
We have not been able to do any cemetery surveys lately due to some health problems; our senior researcher has justhad surgery two days after Christmas. I too am dealing with some health issues. But we are planning on getting back out and doing some surveys as soon as possible. We are also planning some videos on how to get to some of thecemeteries and historic places around the County. We are gathering the technical equipment to do these drivingvideos.I have done a count on our web site and for the 2011 year we had about 18,000 people look at the site, this tells usthat people are interested in the history and the cemeteries of Henry County Georgia our home. We have hadprofessors in England tell us they use our site on Indians to teach their students about Native American Tribes. Wehave also had people from the National Geographic comment on how well a site we have on the Civil War. So asyou can see people around the world are looking at Henry County and we will keep adding to the site as we can tokeep you and the world interested in our little corner of the world.
Happy New Year from the staff of the CRG.
Alfred Britt
Dr. Mike MoonSenior Researcher
John Douglas 2012
Newton County Commission, District 1
With the announcement that Commissioner Mort Ewing will not seek reelection to the NewtonCounty Commission in 2012, I am pleased to announce my candidacy as a Republican for the1st District seat. Commissioner Ewing has been a huge part of the modernization andsuccesses in Newton County and will be sorely missed in local government. Susan, Katherineand I wish him the very best and pray for the return of good health for his wife Faye.
With the connections and background I will bring to the commission, my election will providefor the uninterrupted representation for the 1st District. There will be no let up of the hard

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