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Media Comparison

Media Comparison

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Published by u057762
This spreadsheet is about comparing three types of media which are: the internet, live video conferencing and itltv, for delivering instruction
This spreadsheet is about comparing three types of media which are: the internet, live video conferencing and itltv, for delivering instruction

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Published by: u057762 on Nov 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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internetlive video conferencingitl0.005.0010.0015.0020.0025.0030.0035.0040.0045.0050.0055.0060.0065.0070.0075.0080.0085.0090.0095.00
Media coparison
     p     e     r     c     e     n       t     a     g     e
categoryfeatureinternetdescriptionslive video conferencingdescriptionitlTVdescriptiontime of interactionsynchronous 33some distance classes are time-dependent 2asynchronous302type of interactionstudent-student332student-teacher332student-content321limited content interactionlearning stylegroup-based333self-learning302flexibilityany time30it depends on a time schedule.1any place323learners can access it from any place.ease of access/use223it is familiar to people so, it is easy to usespeedfeedback333delivery313instructionstand-alone medium300because it use different media in producing it.multimedia support323because it use different media in producing it.costlow-cost20it has a high cost0ITV is expensive to createtotal45412430%10091.1153.3366.67rate : 0 , 1 , 2 , 3#Dr. alaa sadik Video Conferencing Systems lecture*^^$@internet can be real time interaction likechatting , videoconferencing,,,,#if the program is live, then the interaction willbe synchronousinternet can be time-independent like E-Mail ,Forums , Discussion board ,,,#this type of video conferencing must be in aprescheduled real timeif the program is recorded, the interaction willbe asynchronousinternet support student - student interaction byproviding different method to interact like,,chatting , discussion board ,,,it support audio-visual live interactionbetween students. interaction, It is also possible to configure thesystem so that all student sites may view oneanother.student can interact with the tutor by usingdifferent method such as mail , ,,it support audio-visual live interactionbetween the learner and the teacher live itITV provides opportunities for interaction with a live instructor.student can interact with the content bydownloading many resources and using onlinelibrary and data-basesprinted material must be sent before theconference.internet enable group based learning byproviding groups like E-learning Strategiescourse ^^Supports interaction between individuals or groups.it supports group-learning by AOL InstantMessenger, or Microsoft Messenger internet support self learning , they can learncontent in their on pace for example programtutorial . $it only supports interaction between two or more.it supports self-learning by asking questionsor making comments, during an itlTV liveWebcast or via email to itlTV@uic.eduinternet enable people to meet every day and allthe time.#if it is live, then learners can access it on aprescheduled time. But if it is recorded, thenanytime.internet enable people to meet every day and allthe time.#people, located at two or more differentplaceswe found that some people have somedifficulties in using the internet like @its ease of access and use depends on thedelivery medium (TV, Internet,,)internet enable easy send and receive feedbackby using many communication tools like e-mailinstructor can easily provide feedback tolearners.instructor can send feedback through e-mail,AOL Instant Messenger, or MicrosoftMessenger easy to upload and download different types of material (audio, video , text)Restricts the type of content that can bedelivered are many methods that support it like e-mail,AOL Instant Messenger, or MicrosoftMessenger internet can be used to deliver pure distancelearningNeeds to be associated with other forms of materialsinternet can be used as supportive andenrichment recoursesit is considered as an essential part in thistype of instruction.the cost varies depending on the quality of thesite and the using of the nethttp://journeytoforever.org/internet_how.htmlhttp://www.uic.edu/depts/accc/itl/itltv.html#interactionhttp://www.iacis.org/iis/2001_iis/pdf%20files/nakatani323.PDFhttp://squilt.ning.com/group/elearninghttp://www.arabic-elearn.com/http://www.e.govt.nz/resources/research/channel-surfing-200409/chapter17.html

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