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YHWH Head of Christ

YHWH Head of Christ



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Published by Saundra

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Published by: Saundra on Nov 05, 2008
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[[The following is from a Seminary paper my husband wrote as a student, it isstrict academic style and you are almost required to be a Seminarian to fullyunderstand it.]]Almighty God (YHWH) is The Head of Christ:God is the head of Christ just as a husband is head of the wife.It is not a matter of superior and inferior but superior and subordinate. This,no doubt is how it should be between a Father and Son.Father and Son, husband and wife are 2 separate and distinct personsand beings. One came before the other. They do not share an essence,there is no hypostatic union here.However, before He became a man Jesus was not a servant but an equal toGod. (This is something I get from Phil 2)Before Jesus became a man, he had a God someone that was God to him(Micah 5:4).What you get from Phil 2 is perhaps not the best way to translatethat verse, and many agree:"A vigorous debate still continues around the hymnic passage.However, the suggestion that the hymn has been constructed with astrong allusion to Adam, or even modeled after the template of Adamchristology is still persuasive." p. 282, The Theology of Paul theApostle, by James D.G. Dunn This ambiguity I is simply one that is shared by many translators and exegetes.The Harper Collins Study Bible NRSV states that some of the keywords used here "had puzzled interpeters" and are "problematic."Sure, we have the way that Trinitarians like to look at this verse,as is stated in Heinz Cassirer's "did not look upon his equalitywith God as something to be held in his grasp," but there are manyothers that do not see this in the same way: "who, existing in the form of God, counted not the being on anequality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, takingthe form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men" (American StandardVersion; ASV)"who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regardequality with God a thing to be grasped" (New American Standard Bible; NASB). "who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality withGod a thing to be grasped" (Revised Standard Version; RSV). "Who, in form of God, subsisting, not, a thing to be seized,accounted the being equal with God." (Rotherham Bible; RB)."who, though he was in the form of God, did not consider equalitywith God a thing to be grasped" TCE"Christ Jesus, who, when he was in the form of God, did not regard
equality with God as a prize" Bible in Living English"Who, being in the form of God, did not count equality with Godsomething to be grasped" New Jerusalem Bible "Who, though he was in the form of God, did not regard equality withGod something to be grasped" (New American Bible; NAB)"who, though being in God's Form, yet did not meditate a Usurpationto BE like God" Emphatic Diaglott "Who, [beginning] [existing] in a form of God did not consider aseizing, to be equal to God" 21st Century Literal "although he was like God in nature, he never even considered thechance to be equal with God." 21st Century Free "who, being in the form of God, counted it not a prize to be on anequality with God." Revised Version "Though he possessed the nature of God, he did not grasp at equalitywith God." An American Translation/Goodspeed"who though he existed in the form of God did not regard equalitywith God as something to be grasped" NET Bible"who though he had god-like form, did not regard it as a prize to beequal to God." The Original NT-Schonfield [Footnote: "Referring to the sin which Adam was tempted by Satan tocommit, and which Lucifer in his former state had committed (Gen3:5; Isa 14:12-14). Moses is said to have had a divine form, and asan infant to have received the crown from Pharoah's head (Josephus,Antiq II 232-235). The Christ Above of the Jewish mystics hadangelic likeness as a Son of God (Dan 4:25-28; Job 1:6-7)."]"who - did not think it a matter to earnestly desired." -Clarke"Did not regard - as an object of solicitous desire." -Stuart"Thought not - a thing to be seized." -Sharpe"Did not eagerly grasp." -Kneeland"Did not violently strive." -Dickinson"did not meditate a usurpation." -TurnbullIf, as the New Scofield Bible says, that this verse is the strongestassertions of Christ's deity, then those who hold such a positionhave a real problem. These verses are about humility, and how, unlike Adam, Jesus did nottry to be equal to God. That is why the preceeding verse it tells usto "have the same attitude that was in Christ." Does that mean thatwe should try to cling to our equality with God? Of course not. Totranslate this verse in a way that promotes the deity of Christ robsit of its true force and meaning.The Jews were angry with Jesus and were looking for a reason/excuse tostone Him and that is what Jesus gave them at John 8:58. Theother "I am" statements could be seen as part of normal everyday speech but notthis one.
Reply: I agree this verse is different, as even many trinitariansagree, and rob it of it connection to the ANY "I am" statements byrealizing the force of the Present of Past Action Idiom:The Living New Testament: "The absolute truth is that I was in existence beforeAbraham was ever born." The 20th Century New Testament:"before Abraham existed I was." Noyes, G.R. N.T. (1878)_Jesus said to them, _truly, truly do I say to you, from beforeAbraham was, I have been.__Hanson, J.W. New Covenant (1884) _Jesus said to them, _truly, truly, I say to you, I am beforeAbraham was born.__Kraeling, E.G. Four Gospels (1962) _With another amen-saying, Jesus declares to them that beforeAbraham was, He (Jesus) is (hint of His preexistence). Parker, P.G. ClarifiedN.T._Jesus answered, before Abraham existed,I existed._ Cotton Patch Version (1970) _To this Jesus replied, _I existed before Abraham was born.__Ledyard, G.H. New Life Testament (1969) _Jesus said to them, _for sure I tell you, before Abraham was born,I was and sum and always will be._,, Dr. E.C. Dymond N.T. (1972) __Yes, indeed!; said Jesus: _He saw me in prospect. The fact is,that long before Abraham was conceived in his mother_s womb, thatindividual who I now am had been conceived in God_s mind: He hadcompleted the plan and specifications, so to speak, and therefore Hewas able to give Abraham a mental preview of me__. Good News for the World (1969) _Jesus answer, _I tell you the truth. I already was before Abrahamwas born.__ The New Testament, An American Translation by Goodspeed:"I tell you I existed before Abraham was born." The Complete Bible, An AmericanTranslation Goodspeed:"I tell you I existed before Abraham was born." New Believers Bible, New LivingTranslation:"I existed before Abraham was even born." The New Testament, C. B. Williams:"I solemnly say to you, I existed before Abraham was born." The Book, NewTestament:The absolute truth is that I was in existence before Abraham was ever born." TheLiving Bible:"I was in existence before Abraham was ever born." Lattimore:"Truly, truly I tell you, I am from before Abraham was born."The New Testament, From the Peshitta Text, Lamsa:"Before Abraham was born, I was." An American Translation, In The Language ofToday, Beck:"I was before Abraham." New Testament Contemporary English Version:

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