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Published by S.Omar Exoslius
Philosophical Principles and Search of the Initial Matter.
Classic Humid Way of Alchemy. 5 Didactic Units
Philosophical Principles and Search of the Initial Matter.
Classic Humid Way of Alchemy. 5 Didactic Units

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Published by: S.Omar Exoslius on Nov 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Didactic Unit num. 1
Philosophical PrinciplesAndSearch of the Initial Matter
Gallaecia Arcana Philosophorum G.A.P. ALCHEMY - I - Unit 1Author: Jose-Luis Ramos2
Welcome. As you have acquired this Didactic Unit you are inscribed as student of Alchemy in the Classic Humid Way. Prerequisites are not needed, only theinterest and love for our Art and a desire of knowledge and spiritual and humanelevation that we suppose when you has decided to take the step of contactingwith GAP. Allow us, however, to clarify some points of interest that we requestyou always has present in your alchemic travel under the care of our guide:
Infinity of books, treaties and documents, old and modern, exist aboutAlchemy. Many are erudite studies that don't possess knowledge neither realpractice of the Art. Others are deceiving libels or full of fantasy. There arewritings of true Teachers, full of metaphors, symbolism and distortions that arelent to multiple interpretations. All are worthy of being read (some thoroughly andreiteration), but in our courses GAP doesn't make reference to any text. We impartour teaching in accordance with our experience and knowledge, without supportnecessity neither external references. There are special chapters dedicated to thesymbols, emblems and alchemic terminology, but is the student who will try, withthese knowledge, to discover and to evaluate the writings of other sources whosereading and study, we reiterate, it is convenient and necessary. However, for theircertain interest and application, we will attach in each Unit some classic text asanalysis exercise.
Exist several philosophical schools that postulate the realisation of the GreatWork of Alchemy like a purely spiritual process, in which the primary matter andthe agents that modify it they are the body and the spirit of the own alchemist. InGAP we practice the Alchemy of laboratory (labora - oratory, ora et labora, solveet coagula...) in which the spirit and the alchemist's perception becomes purified,expands and perfects at the same time that the extracted vile and rude matter of the mine.
A great deal of the alchemic treaties (mainly those of medieval origin) make aconstant reference to God, in a Christian-Catholic context, perfectly accountablein the time in that it were written. They are also religious references in modern
Gallaecia Arcana Philosophorum G.A.P. ALCHEMY - I - Unit 1Author: Jose-Luis Ramos3
treaties. In GAP we don't postulate neither we attribute ourselves to any theologyand the name of God is not used in any moment (this will be the last time that willbe written it...). However, the Alchemy is not a materialistic science, a recipe orprocedure to transmute the matter..., its primordial purpose is to achieve thesymbiosis and the harmony of the operator with the energy that constitute theCosmos. It becomes unified all the religious beliefs and it recognises a SupremeEntity, a Cosmic Intelligence in which, at last, we should be integrated.
To carry out the Courses of GAP it is not indispensable to have studiedChemistry, Physics or anyone of the scholastic sciences. These knowledge arevery useful whenever we know how to do without of the dogmas establishedscientists and let us have a mind open to phenomenon and processes that are notcontemplated by the current science or they are had for impossible. Otherwise, itwill be an impediment, instead of a help.
The realisation of the Great Work is a personal and untransferable process.This course will only show you the road, but you should be who travel it, withbetter or worse fortune. We will try to clarify your doubts, but we don't guaranteethe good result of the processes. It doesn't imply it a surrender or irresponsibilityfor our part, but the verification of an apparent fact. In the alchemic processesmany factors intervene: the quality of the matters, the instrumental, theenvironment or laboratory, the climate, the seasonal and cosmic influences and,mainly, the spirit and disposition of the operator itself. As example, we have givento different students the same matters and glasses for the evolution and to some of them the process was with success and others didn't obtain the felt like result...
The Alchemy (it is believed or not...) it is a Sacred, perfectly protectedScience so at material level as spiritual. The Alchemists, Philosophers for the Fire,Servants of the Sacred Fire, are once it carried out the
Hermetic Oath
. We don'tknow anybody that has completed the Work without having carried out this rite of initiation, that is necessary condition (although not enough) to reach the level of transcendence of the Adept. This Oath doesn't allow us to pass over certain limitsas for the information and teaching that we can impart for a open medium. Wewill give to the student keys and hints so that he can discover for itself the initial

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