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Satprem Mother Agenda Vol 05

Satprem Mother Agenda Vol 05

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Published by ArcanaArcanorum

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Published by: ArcanaArcanorum on Jan 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mother's AgendaVol. 5Institut de Recherches Evolutives142 blvd du MontparnasseF-75014 Paris
Undated, 1964
(Note from Mother to Satprem)
The old dreams of the past will turn into meaningful realities.
January 4, 1964
(Regarding the Tantric guru's visit)
There has been an interesting phenomenon.I had X told about a rather interesting encounter of mine with Ganapati
(quitea few years ago), and how he had promised to give me whatever I needed andactually gave it for quite a long time, certainly more than ten years, andgenerously so. Then everything changed in the Ashram. It was after the war, thechildren came and we spilled over; we became much more complex, much larger,and began to be in touch with foreign countries, particularly America. And Icontinued to be in contact with Ganapati; I can't say I used to do a puja to him (!), but every morning I would put a flower in front of his image. Then one morning Iasked him, "Why have you stopped doing what you had been doing for such along time?" I listened, and he clearly replied, "Your need has grown too large." Ididn't quite understand, because he has at his disposal fortunes larger than what Ineeded. But then, some time afterwards, I had this told to X, who answered mefrom the height of his "punditism," "Let her not be concerned with the gods, I willlook after that!" It was needlessly insolent. Then I turned to Ganapati and askedhim, "What does all that mean?" And I clearly saw (it wasn't he who answered, itwas Sri Aurobindo), I clearly saw that Ganapati has power only over those whohave faith in him, which means it's limited to India, while I needed money fromAmerica, France, England, Africa ... and that he has no power there, so he couldn'thelp. It became very clear, I was at peace, I understood: "Very well, he did his best, that's all." And it's true that I keep receiving from India, though notsufficiently; especially as since Independence half of India has been ruined, and allthose who used to give me a lot of money no longer do, because they no longer 
can – it isn't that they no longer want to, but that they no longer can.For instance, M. was greatly interested in my story about Ganapati, and I sawthat there was a connection between him and Ganapati, so I told him, "But turn tohim and he will give you the right inspiration." And since then M. has been perfect, really; all that he can do he does to the utmost of his ability. So all this isvery good.But there is a considerable difference between the real fact, that is, what this body [Mother's body] represents, and X's conception. He has always remained allthe way down. This is what, in fact, had ruined his health for a time. And the oddthing is that every time he was ill and CONSENTED to inform me, he wasinstantly cured – he KNOWS this, but still his first instinct is always to turn to thegods with his ordinary puja.It was the same thing with you – I saw that. He regards you like this
(gestureof looking down on Satprem),
and then, you're not a pundit (!), you haven't had thereligious education of the country – he regards you as a beginner, he isn't at allconscious of where your mind is, of where your mind can reach. I told him, buteven that he doesn't quite understand. But once, I saw (it was at the time when Iwas giving him meditations downstairs), he had made a remark that was quite preposterous on the fact that people here meditated with eyes closed and that I,too, had my eyes closed when I meditated. It was reported to me. That was longago, years ago. He was going to come and see me the next morning, so I said,"Wait, my friend, I'll show you!" And the next day, I meditated with my eyes open
(Mother laughs)
 – the poor man! When he went downstairs, he said, "Mother meditated with her eyes open, she was like a lion!"That's it, you understand, there's a gap.He is a very good man, but very ignorant – it seems funny to say that about a pundit, a great pundit who knows Sanskrit better than the head of the Maths[monasteries] of the South, but I say that he lacks this: the opening up above. Hehas a connection in a straight line
(gesture tapering off to a point above),
andindeed it's very high up, but it's a pinpoint – a sharp point that gives him anexperience which is his ALONE: he cannot pass it on to others. You understand, itisn't an immensity rising upward: it's a pinpoint.Last time, when he came to meditate, just before he came upstairs, all of asudden I felt the Lord coming (He has a particular way of becoming concretewhen He wants me to do something), and He became concrete with the will that Ishould take advantage of this man's goodwill to widen his consciousness. It wasvery clear. And He became concrete with a Power, you know, one of thoseoverwhelming Powers ... and a wonderful Love. It came like that, and he wascaught in the Movement – what he was conscious of, I cannot say. But when heleft the room, he said he had had an experience. And this time, he was quitesincere, spontaneous, natural, not trying to ...
to make a show.
It was very good. No, you might have gained something [with X], but it's a something youwould have found quite small; if you had felt it, you would have thought, "Oh,really, that was it!?"
But he has given W a new mantra – a mantra to Kali, with the sound of Kali!Yet W isn't on Kali's side,
not in the least! It's things of this sort that I don'tunderstand in X. Whereas I know so well the kind of force, the quality of power that not only influences but can be manifested by one person or another, here or there.... X seems to do it according to tradition: you must first turn to this divinity,then to that one, then ... regardless of the individual's quality. He doesn't seem tohave a very great psychological insight into individuals.When I sent him D. (you know, she is always ready to believe in anymiraculous power), she went to him in good faith. He made outwardly every blunder that was needed to make her withdraw! So she withdrew.Anyway, it doesn't matter. Now, let's hope you will ...
 But still, for years now he has been making me go round in circles.Will I eventually get hold of a little something?
But of course, it's traditional, mon petit! That's the way of tradition: you mustalways have people go round in concentric circles, and there are times when youmust drive them FAR AWAY to increase their aspiration. That's what tradition isall about – I don't believe in it.It's erudition, that's how it's passed down from guru to
[disciple],indefinitely. Now when I see a possibility in someone – bang! I fling it at him – sometimesit stuns him a bit! But at any rate, one goes faster.He thinks I act the way I do because I am incompetent.
(Satprem laughs in disbelief)
 No, I am not imagining things: I know! He said that thing (had Sri Aurobindo been here, he would have had a good laugh!), "Oh, the gods, she should let melook after them, I know better than she does"! You understand, when I was givingmeditations in the hall downstairs, they were all there: Shiva, Krishna, all the godsof the Indian pantheon were there, seated like this
(gesture in a circle)
to followthe meditation.Krishna ... sometimes I walked with him for hours in conversation. At night,when I was very tired from my work, he would come and sit on the edge of my bed, I would put my head on his shoulder and fall asleep. And it lasted for yearsand years and years, you know – not just once by chance.After that, I smiled.
Which Aspect or Force is most in affinity with what I am?
Ahh!Have you read
The Mother?
It's the first aspect.

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