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Satprem Mother Agenda Vol 07

Satprem Mother Agenda Vol 07

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Published by ArcanaArcanorum

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Published by: ArcanaArcanorum on Jan 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mother's AgendaVol. 7Institut de Recherches Evolutives142 blvd du MontparnasseF-75014 Paris
January 8, 1966
(Mother reads aloud a letter by Sri Aurobindo which she intends to publishin the February issue of the "Bulletin":)
"The only creation for which there is any place here is thesupramental, the bringing of the divine Truth down on the earth,not only into the mind and vital but into the body and into Matter.Our object is not to remove all ‘limitations’ on the expansion of the ego or to give a free field and make unlimited room for thefulfillment of the ideas of the human mind or the desires of theego-centred life-force. None of us are here to ‘do as we like’, or tocreate a world in which we shall at last be able to do as we like;we are here to do what the Divine wills and to create a world inwhich the Divine Will can manifest its truth no longer deformed by human ignorance or perverted and mistranslated by vital desire.The work which the sadhak of the supramental yoga has to do isnot his own work for which he can lay down his own conditions, but the work of the Divine which he has to do according to theconditions laid down by the Divine. Our yoga is not for our ownsake but for the sake of the Divine. It is not our personalmanifestation that we are to seek, the manifestation of theindividual ego freed from all bounds and from all bonds, but themanifestation of the Divine. Of that manifestation our ownspiritual liberation, perfection, fullness is to be a result and a part, but not in any egoistic sense or for any ego-centred or self-seeking purpose. This liberation, perfection, fullness too must not be pursued for our own sake, but for the sake of the Divine."Sri AurobindoI find this admirable! And it should be repeated over and over and over again – to oneself and to others, every minute.It’s the perfect answer to the present condition.
That’s the point, isn’t it: it touches on the very crux of the difficulty
(Mother  pinches something tiny and very hard between her fingers).
Despite everything,even though you may give everything, surrender everything, there is something
(same gesture),
and that something always remains there, behind.Yesterday evening I was so glad to read this. I said, "There! This is what weneed."We must publish it and repeat it to each and every one.
***(Soon afterwards, Satprem, seeing the heap of papers on Mother’s table, proposes to take some with him to reduce the pile.)
 No, my difficulty isn’t that, my difficulty is that there are too many peoplehandling my papers. Curiously enough, it’s almost material: I’ll put somethingaway, and if nobody touches it, I’ll find it again; I don’t have to search for it: I’llfind the thing immediately. But even if someone takes it without disturbing it, theatmosphere is gone and I no longer know how I arranged it. And here, there arefour, five, six people handling my papers – seven. So
(Mother points to the stacksin every corner):
January 14, 1966
(Following a "tourist" trip Satprem had to make in India for certainreasons.)
Did you feel any difference?
What difference?
Between being here and being in Bangalore?
Oh, to me it was all infernal. All that is hell.
Oh, that’s the effect it had on you?
Oh, yes!
Then it’s all right.
Tourism and all that is hell. I did my job – not very well, but I did it.
Then it’s all right.To tell you the whole truth, that’s what you said to me,
but I wanted to know
if you had felt it outwardly. I knew it almost right away. And then there was between us a different contact from the one we have here, and it expressed ... whatshall I call it?
A lack of adaptation.
 Is it a weakness?
It was very pronounced, very pronounced. And there was in you an intensity
(gesture of clenched fists),
a need for things to change.
 Ah, yes! It’s pure hell. It’s Falsehood in every detail.
Yes, that’s right.
 It’s false.
False, false.
There was this sudden death of Shastri.
To me it was obvious. Strangelyenough, I was told (long ago) that they were to meet in Russia, and when I wastold that, I spontaneously answered, "If he goes there, he will die." (I never knewwhy, but that’s how it was.) Then it went out of my mind, and this time, I was toldthat the conference would take place, but I didn’t hear or they didn’t tell me (Idon’t know which of the two) that it would be in Russia, and so ... In between,someone met Shastri about my message
and he answered that for him it was theexpression of the truth, but ...
"What can I do about that? I am a small man." 
That’s what he said. After that I kept quiet, and when I was told about theconference, I thought, "We should at least get the ‘best’ out of it" – I "charged"him to the full. But I "charged" him as if he were a powerful man.... That’sdangerous!
But I knew the time at which they were in conference, and all of a sudden, inthe middle of the night, I was woken up with a start by someone calling for help – it was him.The next day, early morning, I was told he was dead. It didn’t strike me as"news"! I said, "But of course! It goes without saying, that’s how it is." And itseems (I heard all the details afterwards – long afterwards, in the course of theday), it seems the going was very tough and when the talks ended in what heconsidered to be a success (it was obviously the "best" (!) that could happenthere), he was exultant and quite happy
; then he went into his room and after afew minutes, opened the door and called for a doctor, and in no time it was over.That’s probably when he called. But it was decided a very long time ago.
There was nothing to be "exultant" about! They lost what littleadvantage they had gained during the war.
(Mother shakes her head).
It seems that was the best they could conceive.
 I find it sad.

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